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MAY 5, 2016
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FRONT PAGE  |  5/5/2016
Choice News TUESDAY, JUL 20, 2004  |  12 comments
Poll: Protestant majority in U.S. eroding
The United States will no longer be a majority Protestant nation in years to come, due to a precipitous decline in affiliation with many Protestant churches, a new survey has found.

Between 1993 and 2002, the share of Americans who said they were Protestant dropped from 63 percent to 52 percent, after years of remaining generally stable, according to a study released Tuesday by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago.

At the same time, the number of people who said they had no religion rose from 9 percent to nearly 14 percent, and many are former Protestants, the survey’s authors said. ...

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News Item6/26/06 11:02 AM
Greg | U.S.A.  Contact via email
One final comment for now. I want to encourage all who read this comment.
Stay in the word much as possible. knowing God's word is what we need to combat this ever increasing evil world and to keep ourselves from being deceived. we also need to band together with other true Christians.
John, I like to continue corresponding. For now I have some work to do around the house.

News Item6/26/06 10:51 AM
John | UK  

Interesting, brother. I remember seeking to join a Baptist church many years ago which described itself as reformed and evangelical. When I asked to see a statement of faith and practice they said they didn't need one as they had the Bible. I did join, and it took me two years to realise that they were neither reformed nor evangelical. It turned out to be a cult that was charismatic and believed in a salvation by works.

Ah! How much simpler it would have been if they had produced a document declaring openly their beliefs! I would never have joined and wasted more years of my life.

p.s. In England, the title Protestant is synonymous with something bad. The Jesuits and their minions have been infiltrating churches and making out that it's the Catholics who are the good guys. Very few now will still hold to being Protestant in the sense of rejecting the RCC as the whore of Babylon and antichrist.


News Item6/26/06 10:47 AM
Greg | U.S.A.  Contact via email
I don't have a problem idetifying myself as a protestant. The point I was making is that it is more important to identify ourselves with God rather than man. Here in the U.S. there are an extremely large amount of protestant churches that are becoming or already are feel good churches. Get the masses in and keep them in by some other way rather than the Gospel. So simply identifying yourself as protestant might need further explanation.

News Item6/26/06 10:45 AM
John | UK  
John Yurich

You may find this hard to believe, but there are very very few Christians in England now who would describe themselves as Protestants. The RCC has done an excellent job of perverting the minds of Christians. This is so that eventually, all Christians will go back to pappa and the mummy church. Except me, and a faithful remnant, who have only one thing to say about the devious and erroneous RCC -


News Item6/26/06 10:37 AM
John Yurich | USA  
Why would anybody not want to identify themselves as a Protestant if they attend a Protestant Church? Why would they want to identify themselves as just a Christian? All churches that are not Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox are classified as Protestant Churches.

News Item6/26/06 10:31 AM
Greg | U.S.A.  Contact via email
Joining the church I belong to is just about that simple. We do have a new members class to see if the potential member is genuine and that they really do hold to the truths of the bible as being the inerrant Word of God. This is to avert potential future problems. They are shown with God's Word what we believe so they do not have to make a blind decision. There are many who claim to be Christian but later their motives show that they are not there to glorify God or edify others which in a nutshell are the two greatest commandments.

By the way John, I went through and read some of your previous comments.
Sounds like you have a real heart for God. You are right in your comments that God looks on the heart.


News Item6/26/06 10:07 AM
John | UK  

That is most interesting your post. It truly is a shame we cannot simply be "Christian" but tend toward man-made labels. I also could be described as "Independent" and "Baptist". But!

Could I, as one who believes the Bible as my statement of faith, become a member of your church on that confession? Is it really that simple?


News Item6/26/06 9:54 AM
Greg | U.S.A.  Contact via email
Peter From Australia could not have said it better. When asked what religeon I am I reply Iam a Christian. It is funny how we try to identify ourselves by something manmade instead of by the Lord God.
By the way I go to an independent baptist church for worship.
I attend this church not because it is baptist, but because this is a church I found that taught the Word of God, which is also their doctrine. The church did not feel the need to add their own doctrine since God's Word is sufficient in itself.

News Item7/23/04 11:45 PM
peter | australia  Contact via email
Protestants and Catholics are at war in NI. They use guns and bombs not the gospel. They are just terms that tell you what tribe they belong to in the conflict and may not indicate church attendance even. Christians are able to take part in any sphere, including government positions, but they cannot force others to become Christians because they rule the political scene.
How many protestants are that in name only and do not know the LORD? A Christian is a child of God and they are usually counted as Protestants because of the Pagan nature of other religions of men including Rome, but many Christians are loathe to identify themselves with what is called Protestantism today.
Surveys look at what a man says, but God looks on the heart and at the good works that His children do that He has prepared for them beforehand.
This trend also indicates the downgrade that Spurgeon spoke against and the effect of many theologians accepting Evolution and teaching Genesis as a myth. Can we wonder that many will continue to dissociate themselves from a group that preaches a feel good gospel of good works and self-praise? That neglect the consequences of the fall and the judgement to come due to sin. They don't need a Saviour and so the people don't need to be any religion if all are sinless.

News Item7/21/04 4:43 AM
Lance Eccles | Sydney, Australia  Contact via email
This may be largely a matter of definition.

Most of those people who ticked the "Christian" option would probably agree that they are Protestants. The article doesn't say what percentage chose this option.


News Item7/20/04 1:43 PM
Jim | Nebraska  
Thomas, you are quite right. The churches of this country were in big trouble, when they started going down the liberal path in the 1920s. This trend actually could then seen much earlier than that. One can always wonder if we ever had a majority of Christians in this country, but we can be sure that it has been years since we have had one. The main line churches have been dead for 80 or more years.

News Item7/20/04 1:01 PM
Thomas | Pennsylvani  
Surveys like this only prove how foolish surveys like this are.

The ONLY way true Bible believers stop being counted in such surveys is by dying and going to glory. If some "former protestants" aren't counting themselves as protestants anymore - the only thing you can be sure is: They aren't now (and never were) united to Christ. And, frankly, if you're not united to Christ it doesn't matter WHAT label you wear.

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