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MAR 26, 2015
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FRONT PAGE  |  3/26/2015
Choice News WEDNESDAY, NOV 22, 2006  |  56 comments
Transfer Agent v5.4 -- Unattended Media Downloads!
Attention all PLUS and FULL members:

A new Windows-based utility is now available for our paying members (for more information about our services, please click here). We call it the SermonAudio Transfer Agent. This latest tool combines three previously separate tools into one! You can now do the following from a single, convenient program:

  • Download multiple MP3s or Videos completely unattended to your hard drive! Download an entire series of messages overnight while you sleep and listen to them the next day on the go! The downloaded files are now conveniently saved with the sermon's title!

    Only those sermons that have been tagged as "My Favorite Sermons" will appear in the Transfer Agent for batch downloading. Click here for help on adding sermons to your favorites list.

    New! Download via protected podcast feed! You can now use your favorite podcast program (ie: iTunes, Zune) to download all of your favorite sermons and videos as an alternative to the Transfer Agent! Learn more about this..

  • Upload multiple photos at once instead of having to upload one photo at a time. You can also easily add captions to each photo and preview the photos. Images are resized and thumbnails are generated automatically!

  • Upload AUDIOS, PDFs, or VIDEOS to your sermons on SermonAudio without the use of a web browser. This is only available to FULL (broadcasting) Members. This is the recommended method for uploading media to the site.

    New! More File Formats! You can now select more audio and video file formats to upload. MP3, WMA, M4A, WAV, WMV, MP4, M4V, F4V, MOV, MPG.

This tool is available only for PLUS and FULL members. For more information about becoming a member, click here. Enjoy!

If you are running Windows 2000/XP with IE 5.5+ installed, then download the following link and try running the utility! The ZIP file only contains the executable and so the filesize is fairly small..

Please note: This link will also be suitable for those who have already downloaded the full setup and are needing simply to UPGRADE to the latest version. Be sure to copy just the new EXE into your existing Transfer Agent folder.. (ie: C:\Program Files\ (77k)

However, if you are running with a prior version of Windows or if the above link does not work for you, then try installing the complete package by downloading from here (you will still need at least Internet Explorer 5.5 installed in order to use this program): (2MB)

Please let us know right away if you're experiencing any difficulties so we can fix any problems. Thanks and let us know how it goes. We certainly hope you'll continue to enjoy our services! And please consider supporting us through the PLUS or FULL membership services!

Linux Version Available: Paul R. Thompson has graciously created a 'simple command line Sermon Audio Transfer Client' for the Linux Operating System. At the moment you can only download sermons with it, but if you are interested in trying it, e-mail him at or download it here..

Linux Version 0.5 Available! An updated version of the Transfer Agent for Linux has been released which now allows one to also download VIDEOS as well as UPLOAD MP3 sermons (for broadcasters). You can download it at


3/10/14 - Version 5.4b is a very minor update which now eliminates the extra space found in the downloaded filename to keep it consistent with the download filenames from the website itself.

8/10/12 - Version 5.4 is a minor update supports many more allowable video formats for upload including M4V, F4V, MPG.

3/4/11 - Version 5.3 is a minor update that supports the M4A audio format.

10/27/10 - Version 5.1 is a minor update that now supports broader audio and video file formats for uploading including MP3s, WMAs, MP4s, M4Vs, etc.

8/14/07 - Version 5.0 is a major new release with little visual change but a significant back-end change that now supports uploading HIFI MP3 and Video content for HIFI-enabled broadcasters.

7/27/07 - Version 4.3 allows you to upload WMV video files that are encoded at the new higher supported bitrate of up to 340kbps.

1/8/07 - Version 4.1 is a minor change but a necessary one as a communication protocol has changed to match our evolving server back-end. You will not notice any difference visually, but it's something we needed to do. We apologize for the inconvenience of the necessary update. (Version 4.2 fixes a bug found in 4.1).

11/22/06 - Version 4.0 is a new major release with support now for batch photo album DOWNLOADS. This is ideal if you have a portable media player (such as the Zune or iPod) and you wish to take your photos with you on the go! The Transfer Agent will download all photos from selected albums and automatically create the necessary folders to keep things organized.

7/10/06 - Version 3.1 now includes support to save the login information so you don't have to type in your user/pass every time.

5/5/06 - With the upcoming support of VIDEO on SermonAudio, version 3.0 of the Transfer Agent is a major new release which supports VIDEO for multiple (batch) downloads in addition to the regular MP3s. Additionally, Full Members can now use the Transfer Agent to UPLOAD (and RE-upload) PDF and VIDEO files to their sermons along with the MP3 files. Other enhancements include improved stability and bug fixes. (v3.0a includes a number of minor bug fixes, v3.0b includes a fix for people with the "unexpected error" message).

6/14/05 - Version 2.6 introduced a minor cosmetic change upon request that now has a WIDER sermon selector for uploading the MP3 sermons (Full Members Only) so as to make it easier to read long sermon titles.

7/13/04 - Version 2.5 upon request has added two new minor features. First, there is now a way to "Select or De-Select All" items in the list for downloading with one click. Second, we've changed the way the downloaded MP3 files are named to make it even more beneficial for you to organize sermons with ease. The way the file is now named takes on the following format:

Year.Month.Day.EventCode SermonTitle - SermonSpeaker - SermonID.mp3

So for instance, '2004.05.23.E The Return of Christ - Rev. John Greer - 52304165925.mp3'. This naming convention will allow the files to be properly ordered on your computer by date preached. The "EventCode" field reflects the following codes:

A - AM Sunday Service
E - PM Sunday Service
M - Midweek Service
P - Prayer Meeting
R - Radio Broadcast
X - All Other Types

3/30/04 - Version 2.3 now includes the Sermon ID in the downloaded MP3 filename. This is necessary so that we can uniquely identify whether or not that particular sermon has already been downloaded. If it has, then the Transfer Agent will skip it in order to save your time and our bandwidth!

3/1/04 - Version 2.2 is a necessary "technical" change which contains minor enhancements to operate with SermonAudio's slightly-modified server infrastructure. There are no visible changes in this version but it is necessary nevertheless.

6/19/03 - Version 2.1 now supports optionally downloading from the mirror server if available. Please click here to read about the new mirror download server for our MP3 sermons.

3/31/03 - Version 2.02 now properly names and numbers the MP3 sermons downloaded so as to maintain the correct sequence. For example, if you are downloading a series of messages, it will now prefix the filename with numbers (ie: '001', '002', '003', etc) to keep the correct order.

1/20/03 - Version 2.01 is a minor upgrade which now allows you to select or un-select proxy authentication and provides slightly more informative debugging in case of errors.

8/9/02 - Version 2.0 did not undergo any visual change but an important technical change was made in order to support proxy authentication which a number of our users had requested. If you are behind a proxy or firewall that requires authentication for web access, you can now use the Transfer Agent!

7/2/02 - Version 1.16 now allows you to select an entire folder when uploading your photos into the photo album. Previously you could only drag-and-drop your photos into the Transfer Agent.

6/22/02 - Version 1.15 now provides support for uploading announcement clips (applicable for Full Members). You can include an announcement clip with your sermon if you wish. This must only be used for general church announcements and should not be any more than 5 minutes long.

6/1/02 - Version 1.14 now does not force you to specify a caption for each photo you wish to upload. Simply drag-and-drop your pictures, and upload them all instantly! Should help speed things up a bit!

4/10/02 - Version 1.13 now remembers the last download folder you selected so you don't have to select the same folder every time. This version also fixed a problem when trying to download multiple sermons with the same title. It now renames the title appropriately if this is the case.

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•  SermonAudio Tip: SermonAudio App v2.6 for Android Mobile Devices
•  SermonAudio Tip: New HIFI Support for Higher Bitrate Audio+Video!
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· Page 1 ·  Found: 56 user comment(s)
News Item3/8/15 8:30 PM
Larry Crawford | Arizona  Find all comments by Larry Crawford
I greatly appreciate your service but have a slight problem. I can't figure how to delete sermons from my favorites list in the Transfer Agent. I have hundreds of sermons in the TA and it makes it difficult when adding new batches to download.

I would appreciate your help clearing out the favorites file.

Larry Crawford


News Item6/17/14 1:07 PM
Ivan Zec | Saylorsburg, Pa  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by Ivan Zec
i am a plus member and i downloaded to my favorites list but can't transfer them to my i-pod.. please help

News Item7/20/13 1:29 PM
Victor Triana | Brea, California  Protected NameFind all comments by Victor Triana
Any way something can be released for Mac OS?

News Item4/30/13 12:45 AM
W B McCarty | Orange County, California  Protected NameFind all comments by W B McCarty
The Transfer Agent did not initially show my favorite sermons. I determined this was due to not having logged in. It seems that my password, chosen for security, included some special characters that confused the Transfer Agent. I changed my password to a shorter, less secure password and all was well. If you're skeptical concerning whether my problem was actually a typographical error, be advised that I use a password manager and so I never actually typed my user ID or password. It looks to me as though it may have been percent signs (%) in my password that confused the Agent. Whatever, all is well. I hope this breadcrumb is helpful to others. Blessings,

News Item4/24/13 9:47 PM
victorhugo | bahia blanca  Contact via emailFind all comments by victorhugo
quiero bajar las predicas en pdf de sugel michelen

News Item12/19/12 3:02 AM
Jason Robert Schuiling | Pacific Northwest  Find all comments by Jason Robert Schuiling
Looking for a Mac supporting version of the TranferAgent, anytime soon?

News Item11/6/12 11:38 AM
K Nabeta | Transfer Agent  Contact via emailFind all comments by K Nabeta
I can not transfer files in batch. Individually is fine. My system is running Windows 7 starter sercive pack 1 on an acer netbook. Any settings changes?

News Item9/12/11 6:13 PM
Andrew F Taravella | Renfrew PA  Protected NameFind all comments by Andrew F Taravella
I can not get Tranfer Agent to work the two messages are Not responding or time out

News Item8/27/10 1:47 PM
Raf | Glendale  Contact via emailFind all comments by Raf
Koko Kefteian wrote:
How can I download multiple MP3's or Videos completely unattended by using a Mac?
KOKO! email me! I need to talk to you!


News Item3/17/10 8:33 PM
max  Contact via emailFind all comments by max
Koko, its Max, i was with you in Apod, Mahoney.

call me 818-745-7041


News Item7/7/09 4:43 AM
Susan Wallace | Scotland  Find all comments by Susan Wallace wrote:
Certainly! The basic idea you need to keep in mind is that the Transfer Agent works in conjunction with the "My Favorite Sermons" list on SermonAudio. You will need to tag sermons to your favorites list in order for them to show up in the Transfer Agent. You can learn more about this by clicking here...
Yes, I have done that successfully, however, I don't know what to put in the file path at the bottom of the Transfer Agent. I downloaded them into - Previous iTunes Libraries - which worked - but when dragging them into iTunes most of them registered as - could not be found. Not successful I'm afraid. Any further advice?

News Item7/7/09 12:46 AM  Protected NameFind all comments by
Susan Wallace wrote:
I am in need of the same help. Thought it would be easier! Can anyone give me a sort of ABC of filling in the file path address - PLEASE!
Certainly! The basic idea you need to keep in mind is that the Transfer Agent works in conjunction with the "My Favorite Sermons" list on SermonAudio. You will need to tag sermons to your favorites list in order for them to show up in the Transfer Agent. You can learn more about this by clicking here...

News Item7/6/09 4:27 PM
Susan Wallace | Scotland  Contact via emailFind all comments by Susan Wallace
Juan E. Saldana wrote:
IDK how to put the file path address in the Transfer Agent. Is there an example that someone can give me?
I am in need of the same help. Thought it would be easier! Can anyone give me a sort of ABC of filling in the file path address - PLEASE!

News Item5/16/09 10:22 AM
Juan E. Saldana | Brookshire, TX  Find all comments by Juan E. Saldana
IDK how to put the file path address in the Transfer Agent. Is there an example that someone can give me?

News Item5/2/09 3:11 PM  Protected NameFind all comments by
chip wrote:
I receive the weekly email and have often downloaded mp3 sermons in the past. but now when I try I only get acceptemail.asp. I have cookies enabled. I looked for a place that I could sign up for another email (since maybe my cookie was lost) but cannot locate one.
Please be sure you are not "right-clicking" on the initial Download Link. Simply "click" on the initial Download Link and that should work for you. If you're still having trouble, take a look at some more help tips here.

News Item5/2/09 12:43 PM
chip | North Texas  Find all comments by chip
I receive the weekly email and have often downloaded mp3 sermons in the past. but now when I try I only get acceptemail.asp. I have cookies enabled. I looked for a place that I could sign up for another email (since maybe my cookie was lost) but cannot locate one.

News Item1/26/09 11:52 PM  Protected NameFind all comments by
We are now operating at 100% again. We apologize for the inconvenience but we can assure you that not a moment was wasted in recovering a "downed" server. Thank you.

News Item1/25/09 7:36 AM
uk too  Find all comments by uk too
Yes I have same problems. You can click on play and a few sermons will do so but most will not, so maybe it is a problem at sermonaudio end rather than server-hope this is helpful and that whatever the prob it will be soon fixed, thank you

one example of click on play that doesn't work

My Presence


News Item1/25/09 7:12 AM
Les, Su and Catherine Booyse | England  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by Les, Su and Catherine Booyse
I am having some serious problems downloading mp3 files from your site. About half of the files that I have placed in my Favorite Sermons are failing. I have even tried using a download manager that works really well, and it is unable to download those files that fail in Trandfer Agent.

This is one of the 'broken' mp3 files:
One Way to Heaven by Phil Fernandez

Some help, please?


News Item5/6/08 4:45 AM
ggsmit | johannesburg, south africa  Find all comments by ggsmit wrote:
To do this, go to the "My Favorite Sermons" section on SermonAudio and click on "Remove All" to clear out the list and start adding more.
Thank you VERY much - it is wonderful not to be able to get enough of God, EVER!
There are a total of 56 user comments displayed | add new comment |Subscribe to these comments
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