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AUG 29, 2015
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FRONT PAGE  |  8/29/2015
Choice News SATURDAY, JUL 7, 2001  |  8 comments
Evolution fraud in current biology textbooks

Haeckel presented this embryo board in 1866. The embryos drawn by him resemble each other. On this drawing, Haeckel creates "biogenous desks of Basic Law"

One of the most popular and familiar pieces of evidence used to bolster the theory of evolution – reproduced for decades in most high school and college biology textbooks – is fraudulent, and has been known to be fraudulent for nearly 100 years.

Most people have seen those drawings of developing human embryos next to developing animal embryos, and they look virtually indistinguishable. (The Haeckel embryo sequence shown purported to show – left to right – a hog, calf, rabbit and human). This has long been said to demonstrate that humans share a common ancestry with these animals and thus prove the theory of evolution.

These pictures were designed by German zoologist Ernst Haeckel. What few people know – and one of many surprises in the evolution debate reported in the current edition of WorldNet magazine – is that they were fakes. At Jena, the university where he taught, Haeckel was charged ...

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News Item12/18/10 2:31 PM
jpw  Find all comments by jpw
the thing is that Darwin's evolution theory and Haeckel drawings are PRE-DNA studies.

Science is SOOO beyond this in their university programs, that it to me is like a dumbing down of the public.

They now know that the DNA of each species is unique. There are variants in every generation within that species. Then there's viruses and protein chains that can interfere with the structure of organisms.

This is exactly what Creationists believe.

Evolution, in the way that it was originally taught, with diagrams of white people "evolved" after darker skinned people, that with the idea that mold, is a sudden manifestation of the right ingredients, instead of a simple-cell organism that was in the air, should be repudiated.

So now over hundred years later, CHristians need to study DNA, and get hold of the concept. Deadly organisms, such as borrelia (Lyme) and others are being genetically mapped. Salmon has been crossed with another species, to make them huge, the GM frakenfish would wipe out natural salmon within generations. The whole GM corn and wheat industry is based off of this, the DNA is changed, then the company owns/patents the seeds of the earth. Then there is transhumanism, where they think they can "evolve humans" by merging them with other animals.


News Item12/18/10 2:01 PM
deya luv | n. lauderdale  Find all comments by deya luv
the bible which no man could possibly written it is so multilayered geniuses cant figure it out only those with sincere hearts are granted understanding, says,god is seen in the things percieved,sunsets trees from acorns,birth all after there kinds,breathtaking scenes ,bats that taugh us sonar, all our so called inventions come from created nature ,our whole recorded history in the bible shows mans stupidity in rejecting their creator just as they do today, why not ask GOD and then listen.Pray for truth and then be open to it you may hear something youve never heard before.

News Item1/9/04 12:13 PM
Robert Perry | Chaska MN  Contact via email
Blair, why don't you share your sources here? The sources that I've just looked up indicate that Haeckel was a major proponent of evolution, started his own monist church, and his work is even linked to genocide.

For the purposes of this discussion, the following fact will suffice; Haeckel's "drawings" of various embryos are at variance with reality. Although this became known before 1915, his drawings are still being used today.


News Item1/9/04 11:36 AM
Neil | Tucson  Contact via email
Mr. Reynolds, are you therefore saying that Haeckel's drawings are biologically accurate? Please offer evidence. That is the point at issue, not whether there are creationists with phony PhDs, which is a fallacious ad hominem distraction.

News Item1/9/04 6:19 AM
Blair Reynolds | Fairbanks,AK  Contact via email
You are way off base on Haeckel. There is no hard evidence that he faked anything. You creationists are fond of saying he was tried by his university. Complete fib! Richardson, who got this thing started, has retracted this claim. Also, Haeckel was neither a Darwinist nor an atheist. Indeed, his doctrine of God come right out of the pages of St. Thomas Aquinas. If you are concerned about frauds, why don't you takea good hard look at the credentials of the icons of creation science: The folloiwng have only bogus, mill-degree doctorates: McMurty, Purchase, Patton, Baugh, Hovind, Ham, Bergman , Slusser. Setterfield has no doctorate whatwoever, is not even enrolled in a doctoral program. Yet creatinists continually refer to him as "Dr." Why? They are trying to puff up the credentials of their prized idol. Setterfield fudged much of his data, including the letterhead (SRI) he used for his "definitive" paper. Bergman got canned from his teaching position at Ball State because he faked data on his resume. Blair Reynolds

News Item4/24/03 12:52 PM
Robert Perry | Bloomington MN  Contact via email
Heather, your comments on the diagrams should probably be directed to the original source, WorldNetDaily (

You do make a good point; the relevant question, though, is not whether the pictures are distorted or not. It is whether diagrams following Haeckel's logic are still used. My biology textbooks used 'em, for example. Can you comment?

For "Buffrin"; good question. The 2nd Law really applies most readily to thermodynamics, not biology (duh?). The principle more applicable to biology would be one of Augustine's reasons for the existence of God; a design implies a designer.

To wit, despite an incredibly messy "primordial soup" woodshop, nothing remotely of use has come out of it without my intervention.

The application of the 2nd law would be along the lines of another of Augustine's arguments; that if there is no start to time, then everything that could have happened should already have happened.

Entropy works with this principle this way; if the entropy of a closed system always increases, then the entropy of the universe (a closed system) must also increase. The end result at "time infinity" is that no transfer of energy is possible--i.e. we're all a great mass of warm vanilla pudding.

Since we are posting notes to this web site, we can safely conclude that we are not a large mass of vanilla pudding, and therefore the universe has a starting point. Hence, there is a creator.



News Item4/23/03 11:08 PM
Buffrin | ca  Contact via email
Hi, I believe in Creationism and until seeing the website at
I believed the odds of evolution were not possible. I still believe in creationism but now I am unsure of whether or not the odds are against it or not. Can someone who understands these scientific laws discussed in that website on therdonamyics and entropy please either refute the article or admit errors in teh creationist argument and show why or why not evolution is still not probable even if this website were true? I'd like to know what the answer to this website would be that would still show why evolution could not have occured if it were true.

feel free to visit my website at


News Item7/9/01 8:35 AM
Heather Cox | Greenville  Contact via email
I am a biologist and a creationist, but must point out an error in your article. I own a copy of the text "Molecular Biology of the Cell" (Third edition) and I referenced the diagram above (which occurs on page 33 of my text) and they are not the same diagrams. The diagram that you show at the beginning of your article is greatly distorted. More so than I have ever seen in any of the college Biology texts that I have used. Please make sure that you double check your sources before you release an article to the public.
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