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JUN 3, 2015
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P1 | Page 5 ·  Found: 728 news items | Search: EDUCATION
Tuesday, November 20, 2012
  • Teachers ‘face sack’ if they refuse to endorse gay marriageTuesday, November 20, 20122The Government has refused to promise that teachers won’t be disciplined if they say no to endorsing gay marriage in the classroom. Education minister Liz Truss offered no...
  • Thursday, November 15, 2012
  • US primary school kids watch play about ‘gay penguins’Thursday, November 15, 201215Primary-aged school children in America have sat through a play about ‘gay penguins’ raising a chick. The play is based on events told in a storybook, ‘And Tango Makes Three’,...
  • Tuesday, November 13, 2012
  • More campuses are adopting gender-neutral living options.Tuesday, November 13, 20125The University of Missouri's Residential Life Department is facing growing pressure to offer coed dorm rooms, in part to make life more comfortable for students who might not...
  • Thursday, November 08, 2012
  • Normalizing homosexuality in the public schoolsThursday, November 08, 20125Gorham Middle School in Maine (a state where voters approved same-sex “marriage” yesterday) holds an annual “Diversity Day,” in which homosexuals attempt to persuade children that...
  • Wednesday, November 07, 2012
  • Middle School Apologizes for Gay Youth Organization's Inappropriate TalkWednesday, November 07, 20122A middle school in Maine has issued an apology to parents after representatives of a support organization for young homosexuals spoke about sexual topics that were deemed...
  • Tuesday, October 30, 2012
  • New ads: gay marriage will be taught in schoolsTuesday, October 30, 201218Legalizing gay marriage will lead to it being taught as normative in elementary schools, according to new TV ads in three states where the issue is on the ballot. The 30-second...
  • After Winning Free Campus, Grand Canyon University Says 'No Thanks'Tuesday, October 30, 20121Five weeks after accepting a free, 217-acre campus in western Massachusetts, a for-profit Christian university has walked away from the gift. Grand Canyon University (GCU) of...
  • Saturday, October 20, 2012
  • Pro-Family Group Warns of Agenda Behind SPLC's “Mix It Up” DaySaturday, October 20, 20121The American Family Association (AFA) is warning parents about an upcoming “entry level” diversity program being promoted by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) under its...
  • Friday, October 19, 2012
  • Each $1 from bonds to cost schools $18Friday, October 19, 2012Rancho Cordova taxpayers eventually will pay $9.1 million to retire just $514,000 in capital appreciation bonds issued by the Folsom Cordova Unified School District – about $18 in...
  • Monday, October 15, 2012
  • Florida to measure student goals by raceMonday, October 15, 20123A plan by Florida to set goals for students in math and reading based on their race has educators and community activists furious in Palm Beach County and across the state. On...
  • Saturday, October 13, 2012
  • Azusa Pacific says political club is 'poor fit'Saturday, October 13, 2012A conservative Christian college in California is facing criticism from fellow conservatives after school administrators denied a student's request to start a chapter of Young...
  • Wednesday, October 03, 2012
  • School polygamy poster causes controversy in CanadaWednesday, October 03, 20124Canada, which has allowed same-sex marriage, is now embroiled in a row over a poster which promotes polygamy in schools. The poster declares: “Love has no gender” and shows a...
  • Tuesday, September 11, 2012
  • Teachers’ Strike in Chicago Tests Mayor and UnionTuesday, September 11, 20122CHICAGO — This city found itself engulfed on Monday by a sudden public school strike that left 350,000 children without classes, turned a spotlight on rising tensions nationally...
  • Tuesday, September 11, 2012
  • Students don’t cheat; they ‘collaborate’Tuesday, September 11, 20123Some students who grow up with a wealth of information at their fingertips — on smartphones, tablets and laptops — call working together on a test collaborating. Their professors...
  • Friday, August 17, 2012
  • Education Policy Expert on Threat of Common Core Standards to HomeschoolersFriday, August 17, 20122Good reason exists to believe that both home- and private-schooling will be adversely affected if the Common Core national standards continue to morph into a national K-12...
  • Friday, August 03, 2012
  • Obama backs race-based school discipline policiesFriday, August 03, 20121President Barack Obama is backing a controversial campaign by progressives to regulate schools’ disciplinary actions so that members of major racial and ethnic groups are...
  • Saturday, July 28, 2012
  • Some Christian Colleges on Financially Unsustainable PathSaturday, July 28, 20121About one-third of the colleges and universities in the United States are on a financially unsustainable path, according to a study conducted by Bain & Company and Sterling...
  • Wednesday, July 18, 2012
  • Effort fails at reversing Calif. gay history lawWednesday, July 18, 20121California's first-in-the-nation gay history law will remain the law for public schools after a signature drive aimed at overturning it fell short for the second time in a year....
  • Sunday, July 01, 2012
  • Half of German teens 'unsure Hitler a dictator'Sunday, July 01, 20122The widespread ignorance is described in a study called, “Late Victory of the Dictatorships?” conducted by researchers at Berlin’s Free University. “This is shocking,” said study...
  • ACLU: Give kids 'lesbian' book at schoolSunday, July 01, 20129When a kindergarten boy brought home a children’s book touting the joys of being in a lesbian family, his parents complained to Windridge Elementary School, sparking a petition...
  • Thursday, June 28, 2012
  • Confidence in U.S. Public Schools at New LowThursday, June 28, 20122Americans' confidence in public schools is down five percentage points from last year, with 29% expressing "a great deal" or "quite a lot" of confidence in them. That establishes...
  • ACLU Threatens Parental Rights With Same-Sex Propaganda DemandsThursday, June 28, 20123The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is working to usurp parental rights in Utah. The ACLU contacted the Davis School District and demanded that it allow children to access...
  • Wednesday, June 27, 2012
  • A Transgender Jesus Christ?’ Nebraska Sen Candidate Could Face Controversy With Ties to Progressive UniversityWednesday, June 27, 20124Bob Kerrey represented the people of Nebraska for sixteen years: six as governor and twelve as senator, before leaving office in 2000. Following a 12 year hiatus, the Democrat is...
  • Tuesday, June 26, 2012
  • 50 years later: High court's school prayer ruling still fuels religious liberty debateTuesday, June 26, 20121When Steven Engel and several other parents decided to sue the state of New York in 1958 over a state-composed prayer being recited in public schools, a culture war was ignited...
  • Friday, May 25, 2012
  • Arabic mandatory at city public schoolFriday, May 25, 20121An upper Manhattan public elementary school will be the first in the city to require that students study Arabic, officials said yesterday. Beginning next semester, all 200...
  • Saturday, May 19, 2012
  • Half of Florida high school students fail reading testSaturday, May 19, 201216Nearly half of Florida high school students failed the reading portion of the state's new toughened standardized test, education officials said on Friday. Results this year from...
  • Friday, May 18, 2012
  • Biola University clarifies stance on human sexualityFriday, May 18, 20121Less than a week after President Barack Obama announced his support for same-sex marriage, a small group of homosexual Biola University students came out on the La Miranda,...
  • Friday, May 11, 2012
  • 78% California 8th Graders Fail ScienceFriday, May 11, 20125About 22 percent of California’s eighth-graders tested on a national science test passed, ranking the Golden State among the worst in the nation, according to figures released...
  • Wednesday, April 25, 2012
  • 1,183,700 Violent Crimes Committed at Public Schools; Only 303,900 Reported to PoliceWednesday, April 25, 2012The Department of Education and the Department of Justice say that 1,183,700 violent crimes were committed at American public schools during the 2009-2010 school year, but that...
  • Saturday, April 21, 2012
  • Cornish schools to teach paganism in RE lessonsSaturday, April 21, 20124School children in Cornwall are to be taught about paganism as part of their religious education classes for the first time. The controversial move means that the youngsters will...
  • Friday, April 20, 2012
  • AZ Gov. Signs Bill Allowing Bible Classes in Public SchoolsFriday, April 20, 20126Over the past few years, Arizona has become a hotbed of domestic controversy. The ongoing debate over the state’s immigration policies will now be joined by an...
  • Wednesday, April 18, 2012
  • Security on hand as Ontario school board set to vote on Gideon Bible banWednesday, April 18, 20128Extra security will be on hand when a public school board in southern Ontario takes a final vote tonight on whether to ban free handouts of Gideon Bibles. Based on previous...
  • Friday, April 06, 2012
  • CFR’s Plan to Improve Education: Change NothingFriday, April 06, 20124The charge made by a report from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) that the country’s students score poorly despite U.S. schools spending more than schools in other countries...
  • Monday, April 02, 2012
  • Student Loans on Rise -- for KindergartenMonday, April 02, 2012It used to be that families first signed up for education loans when their child enrolled in college, but a growing number of parents are seeking tuition assistance as soon as...
  • Friday, March 30, 2012
  • Concerns grow over children using tablet computersFriday, March 30, 20125Electronic tablets like the iPad are a revolutionary educational tool and are becoming part of childhood, but should be watched carefully so that overuse doesn't lead to learning...
  • Monday, March 05, 2012
  • The Missing Factor in Higher EducationMonday, March 05, 20121The history of American higher education might have changed radically if Harvard College had pulled off an incredible feat when looking for its first president. The college's...
  • Friday, March 02, 2012
  • UNC Wants Christian Club to Let Unbelievers LeadFriday, March 02, 20129The University of North Carolina-Greensboro (UNCG) is saying a Christian student club isn’t religious—and because it’s not religious, the “Make Up Your Own Mind” club must allow...
  • Saturday, February 25, 2012
  • Madness after girl, 4, draws gun pic at schoolSaturday, February 25, 201235A father has been arrested, strip-searched and hauled in for questioning – all because his four-year-old daughter drew a picture of a gun at school. “I’m picking up my kids and...
  • Tuesday, February 21, 2012
  • Obama imposing national school curriculumTuesday, February 21, 201221A new report compiled by several former Education Department insiders for the Pioneer Institute warns that the Obama administration is imposing a national school curriculum, even...
  • Monday, February 20, 2012
  • Is Humanism a Religion?Monday, February 20, 20126The question we ask is important. For humanism is the world view of our educational leaders, of the textbooks they write, of the psychologists who counsel our youngsters on...
  • Saturday, February 18, 2012
  • Pioneers in Christian education in Pensacola retiringSaturday, February 18, 20121Dr. Arlin Horton and his wife, Rebekah, the devoted couple who built Pensacola Christian College, Pensacola Christian Academy and a Christian publishing company into national...
  • Friday, February 17, 2012
  • MI Education Official: Educators, Not Parents Know What's BestFriday, February 17, 20126It‘s a comment that’s causing quite the controversy in Michigan and forcing the question: Who knows whats‘ best for a child’s education? During a Michigan House Education...
  • No religious valentines, Sheboygan school tells 2nd-graderFriday, February 17, 20124In preparation for Valentine's Day, second-grader Dexter Thielhelm worked with his mom and siblings to create valentines of candy and a special message of love for his friends at...
  • Tuesday, February 07, 2012
  • Christians' new option: Fight fire with fireTuesday, February 07, 2012A long-fought battle at Hastings College in California ended up with the Supreme Court allowing enforcement of a requirement that campus organizations let all comers be members –...
  • Tuesday, January 31, 2012
  • UN Textbooks for Palestinian Children ‘Explosively Anti-Semitic, Anti-American and Anti-Israeli'Tuesday, January 31, 20123The textbooks used to educate Palestinian children who live in refugee camps came under fire at a briefing on Wednesday on Capitol Hill where experts said lessons of intolerance...
  • Thursday, January 26, 2012
  • Homeschoolers React to Obama's Education DemandThursday, January 26, 20127Tuesday night in his State of the Union address President Obama called on all states to raise their school compulsory attendance age to 18, a move that stirred verbal backlash...
  • Wednesday, January 11, 2012
  • National “Sexuality Standards” vs. Parental Rights?Wednesday, January 11, 20123The Associated Press is running a story in nationwide news outlets promoting the advent of “national sexuality education standards.” Upon examining these so-called standards, the...
  • Tuesday, January 10, 2012
  • New sex education standards: Teach Homosex to 5th GradersTuesday, January 10, 20122Young elementary school students should use the proper names for body parts and, by the end of fifth grade, know that sexual orientation is “the romantic attraction of an...
  • Friday, January 06, 2012
  • Want your kids to do better in school? Try exerciseFriday, January 06, 201210Children who get more exercise also tend to do better in school, whether the exercise comes as recess, physical education classes or getting exercise on the way to school,...
  • Tuesday, January 03, 2012
  • Children becoming 'addicted' to computersTuesday, January 03, 20123Barnaby Lenon, chairman of the Independent Schools Council, said young people’s reading and conversational skills were being put at risk by overexposure to modern technology. He...
  • P1 | Page 5 ·  Found: 728 news items | Search: EDUCATION

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