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APR 23, 2017
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Friday, April 07, 2017
  • Govt: ‚ÄėMake it easier for trans people to change sex‚ÄôFriday, April 07, 20174The Government has committed to making it easier for transsexual people to legally change sex, as part of a review of the Gender Recognition Act. A spokesman said that Ministers...
  • Survey: Majority of Americans Value Bible but are Too Busy to Read itFriday, April 07, 201712A recent survey has revealed that the majority of Americans believe the Bible is important, but much fewer actually make time to read it. The survey was released by the American...
  • TGC celebrates Reformation's 500th anniversaryFriday, April 07, 201726Some 8,500 people -- including a significant contingent of Southern Baptists -- celebrated the Protestant Reformation's 500th anniversary at The Gospel Coalition's National...
  • Thursday, April 06, 2017
  • NHS Scotland: ‚ÄėDitch boys and girls, kids can be gender fluid‚ÄôThursday, April 06, 20178Schools should move away from the distinctions of ‚Äėmale‚Äô and ‚Äėfemale‚Äô, according to transsexual guidance for Scottish teachers. A new 30-page policy document endorses ‚Äėgender...
  • 24 Abortion Clinics Closed in Texas in the Last 5 YearsThursday, April 06, 20174A Texas law overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court last year saved thousands of unborn babies‚Äô lives while it was in effect. A research study in the ‚ÄúJournal of the American...
  • Norway Evangelicals Withdrawing From Franklin Graham Festival Because of Trump Support?Thursday, April 06, 201726Franklin Graham's backing of President Donald Trump and his policy stances on refugees and immigration have offended conservative evangelical groups in Europe. Leading...
  • UN LGBT Czar on Indoctrinating Children: "The Younger the Better"Thursday, April 06, 201715Pro-family groups hoping the United Nations would quit pushing homosexuality and gender confusion on children under new UN Secretary-General Ant√≥nio Guterres are going to be very...
  • UK Church leaders accuse government of imposing cruel 'two-child limit'Thursday, April 06, 20171From tomorrow, 6 April, anyone with two or more children who has any more children will not be eligible for further Child Tax Credit support. In addition to the two child limit,...
  • Out-of-control grammar Nazis ruining English languageThursday, April 06, 201714Northern Arizona University English major Cailin Jeffers is getting a first-class education ‚Äď not in the facts as they are, but as professor Dr. Anne Scott and the MLA (Modern...
  • Professor Who Opposes Gender-Neutral Pronouns Denied Grant FundingThursday, April 06, 20174Professor Jordan Peterson at the University of Toronto, who has been a strong opponent of proposed Canadian legislation (BC-16) that would make it a prosecutable offense to refer...
  • Wednesday, April 05, 2017
  • Trump praised for cutting funds for U.N.'s forced abortionsWednesday, April 05, 20174An activist who has testified before Congress, issued warnings to the United Nations and created programs that battle the Chinese government‚Äôs force abortions is praising...
  • Jeff Sessions Presses Shift at Justice DepartmentWednesday, April 05, 20171Attorney General Jeff Sessions‚Äôs decision this week to review concessions by local police departments accused of misconduct is part of a seismic shift at the Justice Department,...
  • Evangelical church in France faces arson attackWednesday, April 05, 201710An evangelical church in France has been the victim of an arson attack, the second incident against the church in just over a week. Flames erupted in the Armenian Evangelical...
  • Gas attack in Syria reportedly kills dozensWednesday, April 05, 20175World leaders expressed shock and outrage Tuesday at reports of a suspected chemical attack in northwestern Syria that killed scores of civilians, with one UK official suggesting...
  • Raids continue on house church meetings in GuangdongWednesday, April 05, 20175According to local Christians, police officers recently raided two house churches in China‚Äôs southern Guangdong province. More than 10 government personnel interrupted a group of...
  • Paul Washer Released From HospitalWednesday, April 05, 201711Fans of beloved HeartCry Missionary Society founder Paul Washer, who suffered a massive heart attack at his home in Virginia last month, are now praising God since his release...
  • Tuesday, April 04, 2017
  • Bit by bit, Trump methodically undoing Obama policiesTuesday, April 04, 201710Amid the turmoil over staff shake-ups, blocked travel bans and the Russia cloud hanging overhead, President Donald Trump is steadily plugging away at a major piece of his agenda:...
  • How Uber Uses Psychological Tricks to Push Its Drivers‚Äô ButtonsTuesday, April 04, 20171Uber‚Äôs innovations reflect the changing ways companies are managing workers amid the rise of the freelance-based ‚Äúgig economy.‚ÄĚ Its drivers are officially independent business...
  • Terrorism suspected as at least ten are killed in Russian metro explosionsTuesday, April 04, 201715At least 10 people were killed today and around 50 injured when explosions blasted two train carriages at metro stations in St. Petersburg, Russian authorities have said. The...
  • Is Leftism Now a Religion?Tuesday, April 04, 201710The philosophy underpinning of these eruptions have the marks of a kind of religious faith, argued Jonathan Haidt, author of The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided By...
  • Percentage of LGBT staff at BBC six times higher than in populationTuesday, April 04, 20176Benson Kua The BBC employs a disproportionate amount of LGBT people and bases its employment quota on the notoriously flawed Kinsey report, it has emerged. A freedom of...
  • Gatestone Institute: 423 New Mosques, 500 Closed Churches in LondonTuesday, April 04, 20179The Gatestone Institute reports Sunday on the striking rate of closures of churches in the United Kingdom‚Äôs capital city, a trend mirrored elsewhere in Europe, and the blooming...
  • Monday, April 03, 2017
  • Montana Democrats Vote Against Bill Banning Sharia LawMonday, April 03, 201712Democrats in Montana have opposed a bill banning the use of foreign law in its state courts on the grounds that such legislation would target Muslims. Senate Bill 97, introduced...
  • Mattis gets earful about lesbian nominee to academy postMonday, April 03, 20176Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, in addition to the job he has cleaning up the U.S. military following eight years of neglect under Barack Obama, is having to deal with the...
  • Critic warns 'Shack' author openly promoting universal salvationMonday, April 03, 201716It‚Äôs no longer up for debate. ‚ÄúThe Shack‚ÄĚ promotes ‚Äúuniversal reconciliation,‚ÄĚ a heretical doctrine that claims everyone in the world will eventually be saved by God and therefore...
  • Video: Badger buries cow carcass in Utah, shocks science worldMonday, April 03, 20177University of Utah biologists have caught a badger doing something that scientists have never observed before: burying a meal much bigger than itself. The university released its...
  • Growing Number of Americans Love Jesus but Don't Go to Church, Barna FindsMonday, April 03, 201768While an increasing number of Americans are reportedly abandoning the institutional church and its defined boundary markers of religious identity, many Americans still believe in...
  • Sunday, April 02, 2017
  • VP Pence's marital integrity draws criticismSunday, April 02, 20175A Washington Post reporter's claim that Vice President Mike Pence never eats alone with a woman who is not his wife has drawn a storm of criticism from opponents but praise from...
  • Lord Carey: Donald Trump is a 'Good Samaritan' president who speaks for the 'left behind'Sunday, April 02, 20175President Donald Trump is a 'Good Samaritan' for the American people, according to former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey of Clifton. Carey, who preceded Dr Rowan Williams as...
  • PETA Says Milk is a ‚ÄėSymbol of White Supremacy‚ÄôSunday, April 02, 201730PETA‚Äôs shenanigans vary from the absurd to the downright offensive. From likening rape survivors to pigs and cows, to calling Pok√©mon a form of animal cruelty, PETA‚Äôs efforts to...
  • Trump Revokes Obama Executive Order Awarding Contracts to Companies With LGBT PoliciesSunday, April 02, 20176President Donald Trump has revoked an Obama-era executive order that banned federal contracts from being awarded to companies and nonprofit organizations that do not have sexual...
  • Appeals Court Panel Upholds Injunction Against Undercover Pro-Life VideosSunday, April 02, 201710In a 2-1 decision, the panel ruled Wednesday to maintain an injunction by a lower court barring the Center for Medical Progress from releasing tapes purporting to show the...
  • Saturday, April 01, 2017
  • Abortion in America: Kentucky‚Äôs Last Clinic Saved From ‚ÄėImminent Closure‚ÄôSaturday, April 01, 20172The only clinic that provides abortions in Kentucky has been saved from imminent closure after a judge filed a temporary restraining order on Friday afternoon. The EMW Women‚Äôs...
  • Meet the 105-year-old doctor who is still hard at workSaturday, April 01, 20173Britain's oldest working doctor still contributes to journals and consults people about their allergies. He even requires a secretary to run his busy diary and he only gave up...
  • Police in Sudan Arrest Christians at SchoolSaturday, April 01, 20172Police accused staff members of a Christian school in Sudan of obstructing the work of a Muslim-owned business trying to take it over, sources said. Police in Omdurman, across...
  • Pence casts tie-breaking vote to allow states to defund Planned ParenthoodSaturday, April 01, 20178Republican legislation letting states deny federal family planning money to Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers squeezed narrowly through the Senate Thursday, rescued...
  • China: Students 'should not be allowed to study at home'Saturday, April 01, 201712China‚Äôs communist government over the years has restricted religious practice, political speech, assembly and other practices regarded as rights in the West. Now it is cracking...
  • Research: The internet is destroying societySaturday, April 01, 20173Some of the root causes of our online corruption are no surprise. Experts cited in the Pew report blame the rise of trolling, artificial intelligence bots spewing fake news, and...
  • Friday, March 31, 2017
  • Feedback Friday for 03-31-17Friday, March 31, 2017The director of a large Bible institute was speaking in a church when a woman who attended the school shared with him how one particular professor‚Äôs teaching was really changing...
  • New Law Could Eliminate Informed Consent for Human Experimentation With Vaccines and DrugsFriday, March 31, 20174They‚Äôre talking about a bill here, they‚Äôre talking about Section 3024 of this bill and they‚Äôre talking about informed consent, and I will play for you what they had to say having...
  • Putin‚Äôs War on ChristianityFriday, March 31, 201740Russia has been in the news nearly every day lately, mostly for the possibility of the current U.S. presidential administration‚Äôs connections to the country and its president...
  • More older women are drinking hardFriday, March 31, 20177More older American women than ever are drinking ‚ÄĒ and drinking hard, a new study shows. Most troubling was the finding that the prevalence of binge drinking among older women is...
  • Christian Flight Surgeon Punished For Biblical Beliefs on SexualityFriday, March 31, 20173A United States Air Force colonel who has served in the military for 26 years says he was unfairly punished by a commanding officer because of his traditional Christian beliefs on...
  • Laughing Planned Parenthood Abortionist: It ‚ÄėTakes More Force‚Äô to Dismember Some BabiesFriday, March 31, 201710Newly-released undercover footage from the Center for Medical Progress captures a Planned Parenthood abortionist laughing about how much force is required to dismember babies when...
  • Britain‚Äôs abortion laws are a ‚Äėlicence to kill disabled people‚ÄôFriday, March 31, 20174Conservative Peer Lord Shinkwin has hit out at Britain‚Äôs abortion laws, which he describes as a ‚Äúlicence to kill for the crime of being disabled‚ÄĚ. In an article for The House...
  • Philippines fisherman tells of deadly two-month ordeal stranded at seaFriday, March 31, 20172A young fisherman flew home to the Philippines on Wednesday after being given up for dead at sea, battling hunger, thirst and despair for nearly two months on a tiny boat that...
  • Thursday, March 30, 2017
  • Former Obama official admits: We spied on TrumpThursday, March 30, 20174A former Obama official appears to have inadvertently confirmed the former president‚Äôs administration spied on then President-elect Donald Trump‚Äôs transition team for political...
  • Ethical Guidelines on Lab-Grown Embryos Beg for Revamping, Scientists SayThursday, March 30, 20176or nearly 40 years scientists have observed their self-imposed ban on doing research on human embryos in the lab beyond the first two weeks after fertilization. Their initial...
  • Report: China Aborted 336 Million Babies Since 1971Thursday, March 30, 20178China recently released statistics that reveal that there have been 336 million abortions performed in the country over the past four decades. According to The Gospel Coalition,...
  • Felony charges for 2 who secretly filmed Planned ParenthoodThursday, March 30, 201721California prosecutors on Tuesday charged two anti-abortion activists who made undercover videos of themselves trying to buy fetal tissue from Planned Parenthood with 15 felonies,...
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