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Martin's 5 month pictures

July 2012

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Martin has a smile that lights up his face -- and our's.

Martin and Justin are budd­ies

Gett­ing ready for the heart cath­et­er­iz­at­ion and then the second open-h...

Mart­in, the night before his heart cath­et­er­iz­at­ion.

Here we are again... Charl­est­on, SC

Early Monday morn­ing at MUSC for Mart­in's heart cath­et­er­iz­at­ion.

Happy baby before his proc­ed­ure. Martin is a morn­ing baby!

Check­ing in..

Here we go again...

Right before the heart cath­et­er­iz­at­ion proc­ed­ure. Poor buddy does not...

Hand­ing him off. Crying starts.

Fin­ally get to see him again after 3 hours. IV was placed in both his...

The IV in his neck looked unc­omf­ort­able to say the least. Glad to fina...

Fin­ally get to leave at 3:45pm. Thankf­ully it was a sam­e-day proc­ed­ure...

Later that even­ing, Martin rec­ov­er­ing well and starts to smile. He enj...

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