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Myrtle Beach Trip 2005

June 2005
Photos from our trip to Myrtle Beach.

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First stop .. the aquar­ium!

Katie was fasc­in­ated with the big fish!


I found Nemo Mom!


In front of the jelly fish..

Katie abs­ol­ut­ely adored the "nice shark!"


Bye bye "nice shark!"

Unp­ack­ing at our hot­el..

The weather and ocean were great for these two days

Another view from our room

The kids LOVED play­ing in the sand!

Kat­ie's first time on rides!

Fun at first..

.. but didn't end up liking this ride. Daddy doesn't like boat rides e...

A view from the ferris wheel

Katie loves the good ol' merry-g­o-r­ound

What's this one Dad?

Katie didn't like this ride too much

A view from the top!

The beach at night was so nice. The moon was really red that even­ing a...

C'mon Dad!

Breakf­ast in the hotel was good.


Kat­ie's not sure about this stat­ue..

Still loves that merry-g­o-r­ound.

Hi Mom!

What's down there?

Hungry (big) fish!

Feed­ing the fish..

Gaping mouths.

Taking a short break.

On the trip back hom­e... That was fun.

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