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Disney December 2007 Trip

December 2007
Some photos of our recent trip to Disneyworld in Florida (December 2007). It was nice to get away for this week and we were thankful for good weather.

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Cind­er­ell­a's Castle in Dec­ember 2007.

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Calvin was not happy to have been kissed by one of the princ­ess­es. :)

This was Calv­in's abs­ol­ute fav­or­ite ride.

We had dinner at the Lib­erty Tree Tav­ern.

Calvin obv­iously enj­oyed the pool. :)

Justin at 9.5 months.

The castle was so amaz­ing with all the Chr­istmas lights and dec­or­at­ion...

This is the house we rented for the week.

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