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Martin's Second Surgery Photos

August 2012
Martin's second open-heart surgery (Glenn Procedure) in Charleston, SC.

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Walk­ing thr­ough the halls of MUSC at 5:30am on #2 surg­ery day.

44 photos | in this album:

The children saying goodbye to Martin before we leave for Charl­eston f...

Here we go again -- check­ing in the day before Mart­in's big surg­ery.

Gett­ing ready for all the pre-­op­er­at­ion proc­ed­ures the day before the...

We got thr­ough all proc­ed­ures pretty well but as usual they had a bit...

Taking a quick walk on the beach before the next day's surg­ery.

Martin and Mommy!

Not sure about the ocean...

Having some fun with Daddy

Taking in the sunset along the beach of Sull­iv­an's Island the day befo...

What a funny Baby Martin

Surg­ery day at MUSC 5:30am -- on our way.

Wait­ing for the anesth­es­iol­og­ist before the big surg­ery..

Changed into his hosp­ital gown.

Tagged and ready. Deja vue.

Talk­ing with the nurse. Martin not too happy.

Martin adm­ir­ing the "Martin Heart" neckl­ace made esp­ec­ially for him by...

Fell asleep right before they took him away. He is in the Lord's hands...

Some of the surg­ery team! Dr. Kav­ar­ana on the left.

Our first look at Martin after his surg­ery.

Martin sed­ated after surg­ery.

He sudd­enly opened his eyes -- just min­utes after being rolled in! Too...

The dreaded EKG. Even sed­at­ed, it seemed Martin didn't like it. :(

Martin was ext­ub­ated in record time!

Keep­ing him calm is the curr­ent chall­enge. Needl­ess to say, he's proba...

Start­ing to smile?

Slowly making a rec­ov­ery. Start­ing to look like his old self.

Martin is gett­ing bett­er, str­ong­er. We can start hold­ing him now.

Our exit from the PCICU!

On our way to the step-d­own unit. Next stop, home!

Martin in the step-d­own unit. He's gett­ing there!

The children loved seeing their little brother again.

Martin sitt­ing up and gett­ing str­ong­er.

Fin­ally got rid of the nasal cann­ula! Tubes and lines are dis­app­ear­ing...

Guess who's start­ing to smile again? Faint, but we'll take it.

Martin is super exc­ited to be leav­ing the hosp­ital soon!

Saying goodbye to the 4th floor of MUSC!

In the car ready to leave the hosp­it­al. Martin knows exactly what's go...

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