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JUL 30, 2016
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· Page 1 ·  Found: 500 user comments posted recently.
Blog7/28/16 4:08 PM
Uchenna  Contact via emailFind all comments by Uchenna
• Posted 43 hours ago
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Most suitable tribute to pay my late mom. Pls permit me to pick few lines from this...

Blog7/25/16 5:16 AM
SELAM  Find all comments by SELAM
• Posted 5 days ago
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Blog7/23/16 1:48 PM
Eve | Under the Cross  Find all comments by Eve
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You ever feel like you're being followed?

Blog7/23/16 1:40 PM
Eve | Under the Cross  Find all comments by Eve
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Hanukkah is equivalent to Christmas.

It seems as though our Lord's silence at
this time of the "Feast of Dedication" was
equally fitting a when Pilate asked "What
is truth?"

He had opened the eyes of one who had been
blind from birth. They knew it and yet
refused to come to the true Light.

Hanukkah is no different than the man made
Christmas celebration. There is only one
Light that has any significance in eternity.

All who place any importance in these days
and then attached the name of Jesus to it
have failed to see that he does not endorse
such folly.

Blog7/13/16 10:47 AM
Mark mcculley | United States  Find all comments by Mark mcculley
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I find it interesting that these very same
preachers who are teaching “eternal election
is eternal justification” so that “election
is salvation” are the very same people who
also like to say that “non-election is not
condemnation”. But when they say this, they
have to change their soundbites so that
“election is not salvation but only unto
salvation”. They they quote CD Cole
—“Election is not the cause of anybody going
to hell, for election is unto salvation (2
Thessalonians 2: 13). Neither is non-
election responsible for the damnation of
sinners. Sin is the thing that sends men to
hell, and all men are sinners by nature and
practice. Sinners are sinners altogether
apart from election or non-election. It does
not follow that because election is unto
salvation that non-election is unto
damnation. Sin is the damning element in
human life. Election harms nobody.”

Those who refuse to give explanations like
to have their cake and also eat it. On the
hand, they like to reduce salvation to God’s
sovereignty and equate election with
justification ( and don’t talk about
justification or Christ obtaining
righteousness by being imputed with guilt).
But on the other hand, when it comes to
explaining the non-salvation of the non-
elect, these same preachers don’t want to
talk about God’s so

Blog7/12/16 4:16 PM
steven | london, england  Contact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by steven
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the lord uses you mightily Richard, I thank Him and praise His name

Blog7/12/16 12:02 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
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comments "A recent discovery by the Israel Antiquities Authority in Jerusalem’s City of David may finally reveal the answer to one of archeology’s most enduring mysteries: the location of the Greek Acra citadel.
¶ The exact spot of the famous stronghold that Antiochus IV used in the second century BC to control Jerusalem and monitor activity on the Temple Mount has long been unknown due to a paucity of architectural remains that can be traced to the Greek presence in the capital." etc.

Blog7/7/16 9:54 AM
Cornerstone Church | Savannah, Georgia  Protected NameGo to homepageFind all comments by Cornerstone Church
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As an aside, you can see a few of the little
things that God blessed our church with in
these videos. First, we have video for each
of these messages: we didn't have it for the
entire length of the previous sermon series.
We also now have a pulpit provided from
another church for free. We were still
using the old Cornerstone "C" to cover the
mounting holes until we got the cross.

Blog7/6/16 11:49 PM
Nosey | SA  Find all comments by Nosey
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Mike, you are so right on. Thanks for
correcting our brother Bob.

Blog6/19/16 8:23 PM
Scott Anderson | Fargo  Find all comments by Scott Anderson
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Works well and is very well done!

Blog6/19/16 11:50 AM
Lita | Crest Hill, Illinois  Find all comments by Lita
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I am really appreciating the sermons on the live stream and those
being saved. I visit your church with my Dad when we are down
there to visit at The Hearth. My sister who usually goes with me love
the service with old hymns and good Bible teaching. The good old
hymns in a church service and a Sunday night service are hard to
come by in this Chicago area. My Dad and I will often discuss the
sermon on a Sunday phone call. Thank you for being such a
blessing to all our lives!92

Blog6/13/16 2:57 PM
Sabrya | United Kingdom  Find all comments by Sabrya
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Please pray for my Closr friend Joshua who is 16 and hope that he
receives the Lord some time in his life soon as he can be distracted
by life. Also please pray for my Auntie Carmen also that she might be
saved and truly receive the Lord. She is Catholic and I ask that you
pray that she is able to discern what's true from the Bible and what
isn't from her catholic faith. God bless you all


Blog6/9/16 7:33 AM
Bob Faulkner | Illinois  Protected NameContact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by Bob Faulkner
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Generally speaking, God abhors mixing that which is good with that which is not. Jesus' story of the tares points this out also. I think your point and mine can both be made from the idea of the mixed multitude. And there is no question that they did cause some problems along the way.

I think also of the mixed multitude that first came to America's shores. Some to worship God, some to find gold. Like the mixed bag that has been called Christianity through the years.

Think of all of Rome's unholy additions to the purity of the Church.

You correctly point out that God saves a mixture of people. I was making the point that evil has been sewn in the midst of God's people.

As for your comment about Jews, since "Jew" is nothing more than a short form of Judah, and Judah has already come and gone in the story, I think it is fair to anticipate the name Jew. But I understand your point.

I do take seriously, if not painfully, your suggestion of bias in my writing and speaking. I have strived to be biased only by Truth as found in Scripture and the Son of God. May God have mercy on me if what you say is true.

Thanks for your observations, and attempting to keep the old guy sharp.

Bob F

Blog6/9/16 6:41 AM
Mike | U.S.A  Find all comments by Mike
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Hello Bob,
I listen to your pod casts and thought to comment on the most recent
one. You misspoke calling the people of the Exodus "Jews". They
were Hebrew-Israelites also called the children of Israel, but not
Jews. The word Jew, Jewish, Judaism etc etc are not found in the
five books of Moses because there were no Jews back then.
As to the "mixed mulititude" comments, you erred saying they were
abhorred in God's eyes. They are a OT picture of the Church. God's
people mixed with Gentiles but all living as God commanded.

God allowed for this mixed multitude under certain conditions. See
Exodus 12:48,49 and "the stranger law" God added to include these
people not exclude them for just one example. Remember it was
Aaron, Moses brother who made the golden calf and lied about it to
We must discipline ourselves to not bleed in our own thinking and
bias when teaching God's word.! Galatians 1:3 to you .

Blog5/30/16 9:16 PM
Nosey | SA  Find all comments by Nosey
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Why is this not posted on SA's main Comment

The only reason I chose to look at the "blog"
is because I became bored with repetitive, non-
substantive, comments.

Blog5/27/16 4:24 AM
assignment writer | California  Contact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by assignment writer
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Love to see this great and awesome post this is really interesting for me, thanks for sharing this.

Blog5/25/16 7:25 PM
Dave Schwigel | West Allis, Wisconsin  Contact via emailFind all comments by Dave Schwigel
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Praying for you Mike. Appreciate and am blessed by your ministry. Please check out my ministry @ We would love to feature your materials in our online library, a project that will be coming soon. God bless you and your family.
In Christ, Dave.
P.S. If you get any skinnier there might be nothing left of you! Lol.

Blog5/25/16 7:13 PM
Dave Schwigel | West Allis Wisconsin  Find all comments by Dave Schwigel
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Blog5/25/16 3:49 AM
Donte Grundy | USA  Contact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by Donte Grundy
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He is in urgent need of another PC keeping in
mind the end goal to do the photography and
videography altering for the service that
should be finished.

Blog5/24/16 2:47 AM
pay to write an essay  Go to homepageFind all comments by pay to write an essay
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When I was more youthful my father regularly said, The hardest part is simply getting out the entryway. What's more, that might be the most critical lesson of all: it's too simple to get careless at home and on the off chance that you aren't no less than somewhat uncomfortable, you presumably aren't learning anything. On the off chance that you've officially voyaged widely, you may get a kick out of this. In the event that you haven't, here are a few reflections, tips, and counsel about long haul go on my one-year commemoration of life out and about.
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