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JAN 18, 2017
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Sermon Live For God | Don Fortner
Gary and Janey Hollback from Wheelersburg church
"Thank you again for another wonderful message, and God bless"
-18 hrs 
Sermon Lord, Spread Your Kingdom Yeast Everywhere | Mark Vander Hart
Ryan from Illinois
-19 hrs 
Sermon Your Personal Walk In the Garden With Jesus... | Evangelist, David Bennett
Mips1 from NY
-20 hrs 
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Sermon9/15/13 11:46 AM
Warren | New Hampshire  Find all comments by Warren
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Awesome. Very clear. This was a great help and blessing.. Thank you.

Sermon2/11/12 12:10 PM
warren | phoenix, az  Find all comments by warren
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I was on my way to listen to Joyce Meyer this morning but turned around for several reasons. Partly, it is because I was late and find it hard to be on the third tier even with big screens. I have attended Calvary Chapels who believe she is a false teacher. I have watched her often on television and even gone to her conference in the past. What I think about while I listen to this audio message is that Jesus told one the thieves that he would be with him in paradise that day. No mention by Jesus about having to take a detour in hell for some more suffering. My question is what do I do about the church who hosts her conference here in Phoenix. Recently, I have started attending this church and am giving my tithes to it. It is hard for me to accept that all the 'good' done by Joyce Meyer and this hosting church is negated by this seeming heretical teaching. But I have more questions than answers at this point.

Sermon5/26/11 10:22 AM
Warren | Sacramento, CA  Find all comments by Warren
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Marriage...After the Fall
Rev. Paul Ipema
“ Grace for Troubled Marriages ”
Thank you for teaching us about God's grace addressing the strained relationship between husbands and wives after the fall.

News Item1/20/07 3:48 PM
Warren | KS  Find all comments by Warren
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"During my memorable journey I showed repeatedly the respect the Catholic Church has for Islam and the esteem in which the Pope and the faithful hold Muslim believers"

GG, Lance and Yurich John

I hope you guys are adhering to this new dogma.

News Item1/5/07 4:46 PM
warren | netherlands  Find all comments by warren
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why do you caractise catholics and mormons with moeslims that is 2 different religions.and what precicely do mormons do wrong,

News Item12/12/06 4:09 PM
warren  Find all comments by warren
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I dont need a window I just look at the fruits of the person ,now you have focust on my sins ,

News Item12/12/06 4:00 PM
warren | holland  Find all comments by warren
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Niel what do you mean

News Item12/12/06 3:47 PM
warren | holland  Find all comments by warren
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THE whole bible is all built up around Jesus and his caracter and how you get to know him and to have hime live in and direct the heart,and if tou dont have love you have nothing ,yes love your enemies yes learn to forgive the terorists who try to terrories Gods loved ones revenge is mine says the lord and the pride will be broken down ,the big tree will be choped down. the word is dead its the spirit of christ which gives life One can know the bible back to front and have know idea who Jesus Christ is and what he came to do.

News Item12/12/06 3:24 PM
warren | holland  Find all comments by warren
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Well ive been reading these commentry sights for a few weeks now ,and alot of the comment are about judging the other and what is wrong with its church ,if its a christian church it belongs to christ,but its not for us to judge ,\ive also heard alot about things which priests have done wrong etc etc etc ,please people dont forget these are christian brothers of yours and mine whom Christ died for ,nobody is perfect now we see a poor preacher who has b ecome tempted by the world and its lusts ,and all I hear is hardness from you people who comment.Pray for the man he is in danger of hell fire and we stand here critisising him and that makes us feel like good little christians makes us all feel better with ourselves and we should be trying to snatch him out of the fire ,by prayer and love it wont happen by scorning him Today a evengelical priest made a mistake tomorrow a catholic priest wil stumble and the next day a baptist pastor will stumble .Pleas I beseach you ,go and take the stick out of your own eye by listening to peole who give you constructive critism ,I am not saying these things to break you down but to help you grow spiritualy ,Im so sick of competition ,critisising,judging,hatingif you cant love a christian who falls how on earth are you going to love your enemy.

News Item12/3/06 7:55 AM
warren | holland  Find all comments by warren
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This is a reply to Wayn,well I suppose I did seem to defend the pope,as we are all sinners and deffended by our Lord Jesus Christ,to answer your question how does one get to heaven,well there is only one way and that is believe in Jesus and what he did for use on the cross washing away our sin.I would als also like to add why the catholic has statues of saints and Jesus and paintings in the church those relics and statues arnt worshiped in the church but they are there to bring a kind of atmosphere into the building you could see that art as a kind of door into a holly atmosphere,Kind of what the evangelical churches do with there staged music also the kind of music and instroments they choose to use to bring a kind of woship atmosphere into the building which is also art to open the door to a spiritual atmosphere.The one church uses musical rituals and the other art rituals but what does itn matter our goal is to draw near the the lord Jesus and which manerism one uses is left to personal taste

News Item12/1/06 12:31 PM
warren | Holland  Find all comments by warren
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I would just like to add ,that the pope has never claimed to be God but does as I believe have the holy spirit in him ,I myself am a member of the babist church and agree that the catholic curch has done many evil things in the past,but the penticostal church etc are missing out on alot of wisdome from early church saints and fathers ,its a shame that many christians are narrow minded and full of judgment and anger and claim to follow christ and dont even know him

News Item12/1/06 10:19 AM
warren | Holland  Find all comments by warren
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Well ,Jesus did say we must love our enemies and forgive them,and that judging we must leave to God as we are not rightious and indeed Jesus did eat with sinners because its for them he came ,died and arose But if they do not want to hear this great news then they must dust there feat and move on ,

Jim Byrd
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