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JUL 25, 2016
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Sermon Likewise Ye Husbands | Darvin Pruitt
For a good cause from North Carolina
"This message was a great blessing. I know during the message, Darvin..."
-2 hrs 
Sermon The Inspired Infallible King James Bible (2... | Gregory A. Miller
Christopher K. from Corpus Christi, TX
-2 hrs 
Sermon Creation vs. Evolution #1 | Ferrell Griswold
Hank, Deerfied Beach from Florida
-3 hrs 
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News Item6/13/16 11:17 AM
stephen rushton | UK  Find all comments by stephen rushton
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They need not worry most assemblies even those so called Christian assemblies lack one important element Christianity.

News Item6/13/16 5:25 AM
stephen rushton | uk  Find all comments by stephen rushton
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I always thought that Bishops did not have the vote. They don't in general elections.
May be they have changed the law for this referendum?
Some Biblical reasons why to vote to leave.
God alone gives nations their national boundaries and sovereignty.
The book of Proverbs warns us not to be surety for others debt.
The whole E.U project is to revive the Holy Roman Empire with the Pope as its religious head. The fact that he as no real power at this time does not mean it will always be that way.
Christians must make their chose not on the state of the economy and even because of immigration both will continue to fluctuate whether we are in or out, Scripture must be our guide.
Is there any who have scriptural grounds for staying in?

News Item4/7/15 2:18 PM
Stephen Rushton | UK  Find all comments by Stephen Rushton
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Ugh wrote:
You did not offend me at all.
I just wanted you to know that I was not posting such vile posts to you.
God Bless you my friend.
Thank you

News Item4/7/15 1:50 PM
Stephen Rushton | UK  Find all comments by Stephen Rushton
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Ugh wrote:
Stephen R. from UK,
This is the real poster Ugh.
The person who has hijacked my moniker, I believe, is one who I have reported to the SA moderator for his /her vile, filthy, immature posts.
If you hit the spy glass by my posts that I have posted in the past weeks, it will be quite clear to you.
Please forgive me if I have in anyway offended you, I am clearly very naïve in such things. One of the reasons I don't post very often is because I don't know whom I am talking with, but I do try and avoid offence. So once again forgive any I might have given you.

News Item4/7/15 1:06 PM
Stephen Rushton | UK  Find all comments by Stephen Rushton
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Ugh wrote:
I think the real cowards are the ones who are trying to hide their mass ter bayshan sin while accusing others of sexual sin.

The only person accusing anybody on here of sexual sin is you

When I used the term sin I was speaking of mankind's fallen nature which we all still have even after conversion 1John1:8

Which can only be sufficiently dealt with by the blood of our saviour Jesus Christ.

Which is also able to cleans homosexuals and those fond of attacking others who they know nothing about, but seam to take delight in throwing accusations at.

I would like to ask the moderator Alpha to put your post back up, so we can all see how ungracious you are to others.

News Item4/7/15 3:56 AM
Stephen Rushton | UK  Find all comments by Stephen Rushton
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Ugh wrote:
Stephen, is there some personal sexual sin that you would like to confess?
If there was I would not confess to somebody who is such a coward like you that they hide their true identity.

John Yurich asked a question rather than abuse him like many do and you did to me I answered his question with the scriptural answer to his often asked question.

Which is the same reason you thought it amusing to abuse me.

News Item4/6/15 5:05 AM
Stephen Rushton | UK  Find all comments by Stephen Rushton
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John Yurich USA wrote:
Why would the Colorado Civil Rights Division rule it is not discrimination for a "Gay Bakery" to refuse to make anti-gay cake? That is hypocrisy, which fruitcakes are noted for.
The answer to your question is SIN.
All men are dead in trespasses and sins Eph2:1. That is spiritually dead.
No man can or will obey Gods commandments Rom8:7.
Only grace can deliver men from their spiritual deadness Eph2:5 &:8-9.

News Item3/19/15 6:18 AM
Stephen Rushton | UK  Find all comments by Stephen Rushton
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John UK wrote:
If you want to lose your faith, go to any Bible College for a few years. You'll come out not believing your Bible is the inspired and inerrant word of God, and that will so infect your thinking, that when you come to pastor a church, you will infect your new flock with unbelief also, and thus, another church heads down the apostasy road.
There are still some which hold to their Reformed and confessional faith, even if they are despised by the majority of the church world. The Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland and the Protestant Reformed Churches of America, if you don't hold to the sufficiency and infallibility of Scripture you would not be allowed to teach or study with either.

News Item7/30/13 5:19 AM
Stephen Rushton | UK  Find all comments by Stephen Rushton
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This poor man thinks he gets to choose where he spends eternity.He also calls our Holy God homophobic, which shows he neither knows the God of scripture nor believes those scriptures.
He has no saving grace, Christian charity requires that we pray for his conversion but I fear after being in the Anglican ministry for many years and still does not know the true God or the true faith it might be too late. Yet our God is a merciful God slow to anger and can still save even a dying sinner.
May we not lose sight of Gods grace to us and that salvation is all the work of God in us, even this blind fool could yet be an object of Gods saving grace.
Sadly on this site people are too quick to vent their wrath against such people Like Desmond Tutu and slow to seek their spiritual good.which is after all a gospel requirement.

News Item9/30/12 6:58 AM
stephen rushton | uk  Find all comments by stephen rushton
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John Yurich USA wrote:
It is time that the homosexuals are stopped from pushing their lifestyle choice onto everybody. That will only happen if Obama is replaced by a Republican president. But some of you Evangelical Protestants on here don't care if Obama is re elected. If some of you Evangelical Protestants did care then you would not be against Romney. The fact is an Independent presidential candidate stands zero chance of winning the presidency. Only Romney has a chance of winning over Obama. If Obama is re elected then the Judgment of God against the United States will continue to increase. How come some of you Evangelical Protestants don't care if God's Judgment comes upon the United States? If you guys don't want God's Judgment to come upon the United States then you would want a Republican president so that the homosexual agenda and every other perversion agenda is stopped and morality is brought back to the United States.
John the fact that both the USA and the UK have no real godly men to elect to be our leaders shows that both nations along with the rest of the world are already under Gods judgment for turning away from His Son our Lord Jesus Christ.only the preaching of the gospel can bring us back from the wrath of God that is coming

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