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NOV 30, 2015
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Sermon Thank God for Everything | Arnold Brevick
Lauren Holladay from North Port Florida
"As Pastor Arnie takes us through Romans, I am blessed each and every week...."
-6 hrs 
Sermon How Do We Know We Are Believers | Scott Richardson
Timothy Spencer Horne from Statesboro, Georgia
-6 hrs 
Sermon He satisfieth the longing soul, and filleth the... | Pastor Chalan Hetherington
maureen from wigan england
-7 hrs 
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News Item7/13/10 6:16 AM
sowingintears  Find all comments by sowingintears
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Tony Lopez-Cisneros wrote:
"RANTISM".. and coming from Tony

Slandering the brethren again in your CAPS LOCK Mode, Tony

As counter wisely notes: "Four days ago you addressed Ralph Ovadal as your "brother" and you apologised to him.
Now you call him a Satanic-Vaticanist and a Jesuit.

In all charity, you need help.
You need Christ's help."

Pastor Overdal is a Baptist, Tony,...see any need to apologise once again for your insidious slur once again as an "accuser of the brethren"

News Item7/9/10 6:26 PM
Sowing in tears  Find all comments by Sowing in tears
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Tony Lopez-Cisneros wrote:
For Thou Art With Me
"The more fantastic the claims of the witness, the greater the quality and quantity of proof necessary to substantiate the claims."


Tony never provides any quality proof.

Why Can't Tony answer simple questions

News Item7/9/10 6:14 PM
sowing in tears  Find all comments by sowing in tears
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Tony Lopez-Cisneros wrote:
Full Well Did Albert Rivera Speak The TRUTH When He Said That The Satanic-Vatican "Jesuits" Had Successfully Infiltrated Just About Every Major So-Called "Protestant" Denomination & Group EXCEPT The "Pentecostals" !
Nice try, but you still sadly evade the obvious questions about your friend JV. Truth hurts, Tony?

Too many comic books Tony don't make a wise Christian. Rivera is a fake, that is why Sovereign Grace Baptists expose him. Try 'Rivera' in the search box and check the facts

Your ancestor would be able to discern...

Spanish Svengali

Have another try, Tony, and answer my original question about your other moniker and JV.

"The more fantastic the claims of the witness, the greater the quality and quantity of proof necessary to substantiate the claims."

Remember that Tony when you post.

News Item7/9/10 5:38 PM
sowing in tears  Find all comments by sowing in tears
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Tony Lopez-Cisneros wrote:
The Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth From YOU !
Tony's other moniker

When you explain your posts about JV etc and repent, maybe some will then take you seriously as a truth teller, until then you discredit and belittle not ONLY your own character, but also BIBLICAL CHRISTIANITY.

No one, Tony, takes you seriously....unless you FIRST repent then you need to be exposed, for why would 'a Bible Christian Who believes' stoop to such childish prevarication (evade the truth)?

John says: It seems that pentecostal t-l-c does not.

Assuming that even a sound in mind Pentecostal believes:

'In The Meantime, I'd Like To Continue Sharing With The Whole Wide World, Especially The Readers/Listeners Of This Sermonaudio Website, Just What The MESSENGER & WARRIOR Has Shared With Me On His Visits To HELL-FIRE:'

Check him out and wonder why such an one would want to name drop (Overdal and so many others) and then 'share' their fantasy unbiblical world on any comment thread that they know is largely Doctrines of Grace and sound doctrine

Something is not quite right is it

News Item7/9/10 4:14 PM
sowing in tears  Find all comments by sowing in tears
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Tony Lopez-Cisenrso wrote:
My Apoligies To "Ralph Ovadal" The Church That I Visited With Adrian Horien & His Wife, Theona, In 2004 Was An Assemblies Of God Church.
It Was In This Assemblies Of God Church
Mmmmmmmmmm, caught out again

You surely would have recalled and remembered Pastor Overdal as a Calvinist who identifies the Antichrist IF you sat under that godly Pastor's ministry

Tony sitting in his church is just too much!!!

Interesting that you have never mentioned Pastor Overdal before as he is mentioned frequently in the comments forum. You could learn much by listening to his ministry and how he deals with sinners without 'the satanic jesuitic' tirades.

Some sermons for Tony

Tony says: "What MANY "Protestants" & "Reformed"-Roman-"Catholics" Fail To Acknowledge, Believe & Understand Is That My Ancestor, Francisco Jiminez-Ximenes Cisneros.."

Was he 'A Bible Christian Who Believes' too?

News Item7/7/10 6:28 PM
sowing in tears  Find all comments by sowing in tears
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Tony Lopez-Cisneros wrote:
I Just Have To Laugh Out LOUD

I guess you also laughed yourself senseless when you were posting about your friend JV? Just like Adolfo Nicol√°s when he looks in his papal mirror?

Sad is it not for a 'professing' Christian?

Your preposterous posts are either nonsense or so provocative in labelling any who have discerned you, that maybe you are a 'Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor' (the buzz words of another conspiracy nut-Eric Phelps) infiltrating an Evangelical website with your hostility to virtually any real Christian poster! Recall your 'A Bible Christian Who Believes moniker' and your prevaricating avoidance when rebuked? Your sad tirade against DJC49 because he had Biblical Discernment to see what you are all about?

To be taking serious by any of God's elect...spend some time reviewing how a former RC and real KJV Protestant witnesses then compare your own posts, specifically under your other moniker

Berean Beacon

"hat's Where She Said She Was Floating/Walking Across A Field Of Beautiful Flowers.

Then She Came To The Presence Of This HUGH THRONE"

Please tell me you then woke up

News Item7/5/10 6:28 PM
sowing in tears  Find all comments by sowing in tears
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John UK wrote:
Appealing to the moderators and "true saints" around this website, as if they were supporters of this lunar tick's posts is yet another proof that there is something seriously wrong. It never fails to amaze me how religion can make someone so violent and ungracious, while they think they "do God service".
Well observed and discerned John!

It is time we all noted and marked 'Tony' and his posts-as my link. I believe he deliberately sets out to make 'Bible Christians' look absurd and ridiculous (JV, Hell, Alien posts). Maybe the Moderator should have a look at his posts.

He needs exposed and rebuked...never encouraged to carry on with his unchristian efforts.

He never gives an explanation when asked...which is a 'Jesuit' tactic in itself, the very label he puts on the rest of us

I see my post was removed..

The link provided the evidence.

News Item7/5/10 6:04 PM
sowing in tears  Find all comments by sowing in tears
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[Removed by]

News Item7/5/10 5:52 PM
sowing in tears  Find all comments by sowing in tears
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Tony Lopez-Cisneros wrote:
This Sermoanaudio Website, The Internet, The World-Wide-Web & ALL Of Cyberspace !
If you stand by some of your ridiculous posts, especially those as 'A Bible Christian Who Believes', then your very own multitude of words on 'Sermonaudio, Internet, world-wide- web CAPS' testify to all that your fruit is not from a good tree, the record is there for all my friend.

Your sad threats and tainting all, who expose your nonsense, as "The Satanic-Vaticanist "Jesuit(ic)s", Freemasons & Illuminati" suggests that you read your Bible upside down whilst spending far too much time on conspiracy nut threads, 'You-Tube'. and reading Jack Chick comics.

'Speaking the truth in love'...

Your posts edify no one.

Matthew 12:37
For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned

"Our Lord's meaning is, that not only works and actions, but words of all sorts, will come into account in the day of judgment, and will be evidences for, or against a man, to acquit or condemn him...."

Take heed my friend.

News Item7/4/10 7:35 AM
sowing in tears  Find all comments by sowing in tears
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Tony Lopez-Cisneros wrote:
Moderators & Saints: View This Video For Yourselves & Draw Your Own Conclusions:
Tony, only YOU seem to be obsessed with this. The saints do not need to 'view' these videos as it seems to be something that is only possessing your own mind and has absolutely no bearing on the Saints walk with Christ. You could spend all day on YOUtube and come up with a thousand videos that are anti-christian, but is there any real point? Like your Rivera comic books

Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Ephesians 5:16

There are far more important things to be spiritually discerned, eh?

Thessalonians 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.

1 Corinthians 16:14 Let all your things be done with charity.

James 3:18 And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace.

Interesting to read you are out sowing the precious seed of love...the gospel of Christ, and to see your consistant winsome charity displayed in your posts.

Charity suffereth long...

Bill Parker
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