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JUL 24, 2014
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Sermon Looking Unto Jesus - Who Else? | Barry Reed
Okiakama. Te
"Great Sermon .Very good sermon really helped myself at this point of my..."
-3 hrs 
Sermon Til He Appears | Mark D. Campbell
Nancy Ruth from Texas
-5 hrs 
Sermon Galatians: What Paul Really Said in Galatians... | Joe Morecraft III
Matthew Maxwell-Carr from Wales
-6 hrs 
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Sermon7/22/14 2:03 AM
Princess | Maryland  Find all comments by Princess
• Posted 55 hours ago
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“ I hear you ”
and I feel you. Even in this too, our hope must be in the Lord. So many. Keep sounding the alarm. In Christ Jesus

Sermon7/11/14 9:00 AM
Princess | Maryland  Find all comments by Princess
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Biography Of Leonard Ravenhill
E. A. Johnston
“ Thank you ”
May God continue to bless you. Moving forward in the Lord. Maranatha!

Sermon6/9/14 5:59 PM
Princess | Maryland  Find all comments by Princess
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“ Hmmmm ”
The great commission is to "make disciples of all nations" —meaning to PREACH the gospel to all peoples. The Holy Spirit will make disciples as the Pastors (called to the ministry by GOD) preach the Word of GOD in all the world. The problems inside Christianity today are man-made disciples have gone out into the world making disciples like themselves." The chickens have come home to roost." And it continues to this very day by way of church planting — so called Pastors planting other churches like themselves, thereby making disciples like themselves.

Sermon6/9/14 3:00 PM
Princess | Maryland  Find all comments by Princess
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“ Right on point ”
The difference is there are many "professing" Christians, but only a few whose nature has been changed by God - meaning they are the genuine Christians. You will know them by their fruit. So to be clear, "professing" Christian husband and "professing" Christian wife.

Sermon6/9/14 10:18 AM
Princess | Maryland  Find all comments by Princess
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“ Another spirit ”
A "reformed" Christian? No, she is a "professing" Christian just like most who "profess" Christianity in this nation and abroad. As I listen to the discussion, sounds like she did not experienced the New Birth according to the Word of God. Remember? Sean- God Is holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy....... No understanding of her sin - even her good works are like filthy rags before holy God? If it was the Spirit of God in Christ Jesus who visited her, she would be sharing how much she was forgiven and all that of the New Birth. Time will tell. Also, she felt that the Holy Spirit 's visit was like an invasion??? No, the Spirit of God did not come upon her. That was a different spirit - not of God for the purpose to grant her salvation. She has not been born again. Just another person "professing" Christianity. The Spirit of God will complete His work in the one God called to repentance. Whenever man adds his two cents it just brings more confusion. God's Word Is true and amen.

Sermon6/7/14 4:25 AM
Princess | Maryland  Find all comments by Princess
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“ way of media outlets ”
Demons can and do become visible to the child of God walking in the Spirit of God for the purpose of testing. But like you said, they cannot inhabit a person born from above. As far as those two 12 year old girls, they're to young to be charged as adults. They probably hadn't even started their period. Why isn't something being done about all the satanic activities taking place on TV, in movies, video games, phone apps, in schools, etc. Yes, whatever it was that those girls were involved in was satanic. Folks are being brainwashed daily. Those girls weren't demon possessed. Smh.This is just the beginning. Charge all the kids as adults? How about going after the suppliers, distributors, etc.

Sermon5/23/14 1:47 PM
Princess | Maryland  Find all comments by Princess
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“ ”
Obama's connection to the Muslim faith is his Father. His love for his father... Only God can fill the whole he has in his heart for the love of his father. Pray for him.

Sermon5/23/14 12:54 PM
Princess | Maryland  Find all comments by Princess
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“ Reply to Bill ”
Matthew 7, Jeremiah 29 How are they so not, Pastor?

Sermon5/20/14 6:39 PM
Princess | Maryland  Find all comments by Princess
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“ No Excuses ”
Familiar with their (church and school) practices. Apostate! I will not excuse them. Just because they "profess" Christianity means nothing -- many do the same. Examine the fruit and the fruit isn't based on what they put in their books. Anyone can write a "Christian" book. There is something seriously wrong in the churches today and shame on anyone, including myself, who are not able or willing to forsake all others and follow Christ Jesus.

Sermon5/18/14 10:17 PM
Princess | Maryland  Find all comments by Princess
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Future Grace Impacts Us Now
Sean E. Harris
“ I hear you ”
They don't understand because they are "professing" Christians. So therefore they sit like bumps on a log. Churches today are filled with mostly bumps. Preach to us sheep please. Preach the Word and leave the rest to GOD. Feed His sheep.

Sermon5/14/14 1:24 PM
Princess | Maryland  Find all comments by Princess
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10 Men Women Should NOT Marry
Sean E. Harris
“ Great List! ”
Speaking from experience, ditto from 1 - 10. The person who came up w/this list is right on. Spread the list to every woman because I was a "naive" Christian woman for a time. I have scars to prove. But, by God's great mercy and grace, I can speak about to others who are willing to listen - which not many are ready to hear. Great discussion.

Sermon5/14/14 10:25 AM
Princess | Maryland  Find all comments by Princess
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The Sad State of Evangelism
Dr. Paul J. Dean Jr.
“ Many are deceived ”
The same thing that's been done with getting people to raise their hand in church to receive Jesus and that makes them a Christian is the same as trying to get "professing" Christians to evangelize. If they have not been born again from above, then it's done in their own strength. This is what Christianity is mostly made up of today -- and many don't even know it. THIS is what the world sees - "professing" Christianity.

Sermon5/14/14 10:07 AM
Princess | Maryland  Find all comments by Princess
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Atheists Prepare for Battle
Dr. Paul J. Dean Jr.
“ Discern ”
[The truth is] the BIG picture when it comes to the world's Christianity is that there are actually two groups. One group is made up individuals "professing" to be Christian and the other are they who have been born again by the Holy Spirit. Most we hear about in the news are speaking of people "profess" Christianity, but again, they not been born again. Jesus is a stumbling block to "professing" Christians as well which is why there is so much confusion in the "professing" Christian churches all over the world.

Sermon5/14/14 3:04 AM
Princess | Maryland  Find all comments by Princess
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“ Good Discussion ”
It can go either way when it comes to parents not wanting their children to date outside their color group. My mother was a "professing" Christian and she did not want her children to marry a white person. I didn't mind one way or the other just as long as they "loved" each other I thought. But I also wasn't where I am today - born again from above by power of the Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord. I've traveled many places and only but a few times felt the sting of racism. Each time when it occurred I felt sad for the other person because they didn't know - me. But as I grew in the Lord by the power of His Spirit, I understood the problem was the condition of their heart. What is in a person's heart will spill out - whether it be the fruit of the Spirit or fruit of the flesh (i.e., a hardened heart). I had compassion for them. I just left a church I attended for two years. The pastor was white and much of what he preached was what I considered hate speech towards blacks -- cloaked in his sermons. I never in all my life been subjected to this kind of abuse spilling out from the pulpit. Just about every Sunday he reminded the few there that we were black. He seemed to be bothered - always having something negative to say about black folk, their churches, Democrats, the President,

Sermon5/13/14 3:31 AM
Princess | Maryland  Find all comments by Princess
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“ Sign of the Times ”
I stopped watching HGTV about a year or more ago because I saw what they were doing. It's a form of mental conditioning that will eventually lead others to accept a behavior. It's happening more and more on TV, in movies, and inside the Public Schools (e.g., Gay Straight Alliance Club - All are welcome.) Living in scary times. Thank you for covering the topic.

Sermon5/13/14 1:55 AM
Princess | Maryland  Find all comments by Princess
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“ Why compete? What for? ”
It was somewhat painful hearing the sermon. Why are we trying to be like the world when we are just passing through? There are serious problems with the so-called Christian movies that were mentioned. With all the "professing" Christians all over today, why is there so much confusion and division happening the church and amongst "professing" Christians? So then who are making the movies? Why are we wanting to compete with the world? Most of what I heard is how we can help God by making movies that will bring more people in so that they might one day be saved because it was a good "professing" Christian movie. Well I guess if we think God needs our help then yeah, let the world show us where we are going wrong when it comes to box office hits. Sounds like humanism to me coming from an Arminian point of view. God calls His people to be separate. Why are we trying to compete. Either God is in absolute control or He is not. I have not heard one word about the Holy Spirit. Moving forward in The Lord.

Blog10/15/09 3:51 PM
princess  Contact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by princess
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Great post.

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