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NOV 28, 2015
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Sermon The Empty, Swept & Garnished Room | Paul Mahan
barb from North Carolina
"Excellent message, Brother Paul. Thank you for the richness of it. A..."
-7 hrs 
Sermon Drawn to Joseph's Table | Clay Curtis
joe hakes
-9 hrs 
Sermon The Tribulation is for Israel | Dr. David Peacock, Pastor
Mrs. Ricky Gouda from The Netherlands
-10 hrs 
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News Item11/27/15 7:24 PM
pennnned  Find all comments by pennnned
• Posted 5 hours ago
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Dolores wrote:
Hadn't thought of that
careful the information you share dear friend.

John UK, you still have time now, will make our witness more effective because people are not understanding what is happening around them. you know, people beat themselves up too, was just thinking, we always talk about truth here, but its not just the truth dimming, there's less love in the church too, reminds me of the scripture that their love will grow cold. Guess that's part of the spiritual battle too?

News Item11/23/15 9:46 AM
pennnned  Find all comments by pennnned
• Posted 5 days ago
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pencil man wrote:
Because God Always Translates Perfectly
The words "translate" and "translated"
this is heresy.

May the Lord open your eyes.


preface of KJV employs same techniques of critical analysis that is done today by our scholars.

and original KJV had the apocrapha. (is the apocrapha God's Word now, it was taken out in the 1800s?)

and the original KJV is different than the one we use today.

its all an illusion.

God has preserved His Word.

But the words are not worshipped as if the words themselves hold power, that is what kabbal is, mysticism.

and you'd have to go to mysticism if you've rejected the berean pursuit.

KJV is a good translation, but no translation is perfect.

And the original Greek manuscripts by the Roman Catholic Monk Erasmus might have been influenced by Latin translations as the few Greek copies were a thousand plus yrs after Christ, and they only had Revelations in Latin, not Greek(Romanized). Besides... the primary source was bishops bible. in the preface it is called one of many good translations.

Christ is great enough to save even those bound up in teachers that would put you in a box. God's word does stand up to challenge.

News Item11/20/15 1:10 PM
pennnned  Find all comments by pennnned
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as much as I admire his bravery, it seems that he is just playing right into their hands. the collectivists are waitng on the side with even more surveillance, controlled society based on fear (like the old comm regimes) and... with the internatl treaties of global warming conferences, erasing of borders and nationalities and family and religion to a one world order -- by saying this is "all islm" he is baited to their wores, which is what they wanted in the first place.

although I agree that islm is a false religion and is used as a ramming rod on society, we should also examine more closely these internatl funded groups, there are multiple sects, and not all are the agressors in this... doesn't make them innocent, but to lump it all together is for the west to declare wore against the east, which from observation seems to be exactly what the collectivists want.

the secular west is under the rule of their collectivist leaders.

Christians better wisen up to the wiles of the devil, they were played like a fiddle by the previous admin with their futurism.

if not understand the fiddle playing of before cannot understand now.

not even to say that there is a solution, because of mass confusion and deception, but men of God put the name of Christ on these things.

News Item11/19/15 10:15 AM
pennnned  Find all comments by pennnned
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agree with you Get Real.

I've always said, quit intruding on them and let them not intrude on us. these "services" obviously have other agendas, and are disregarding the humanity of their own people and the globalist shenanigans that displace people in the first place.

News Item11/18/15 6:14 PM
pennnned  Find all comments by pennnned
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Brussels now isis capital? police cannot enter into these territories? they pull European women in and assault them and nothing is done?

any surprise the EU capital is where this happens?

News Item11/18/15 1:23 PM
pennnned  Find all comments by pennnned
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John UK, Lurker, McC, enjoying your discussion on idols.

all men have idols.

some come out of them in Christ.

many carry them and try to mix their idols with Christ. I'll let God sort that one out.

those who put all the focus on RCC might be fooling themselves into thinking because they do not have a crucifix, that they do not have idols.

Protestants have used this as an excuse for Darwin and frued and other idols in white coats, and many other examples already mentioned.

because the source of idolatry is the human heart.

we are to come out of our idols to follow CHrist alone.. all things go to His feet and if they do not measure up need to be cut away.

News Item11/18/15 10:42 AM
pennnned  Find all comments by pennnned
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an internl globalist coup. using marxst tactics on the west (and the ME). is this what we are seeing?

was reading that Merkel is good with closing down concerts and such? makes one wonder why she would be opposed to closing the borders (except of course when globalists are convening in Paris for internal treaties with the excuse of carbon credits or global warming or whatever other farce they come up with)

News Item11/15/15 9:47 AM
pennnned  Find all comments by pennnned
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Dave wrote:
Gday pennnelope,
We're ( the beloved ) becoming more and more persecuted by the hour,
I shrink in horror of the stance taken by our governments towards Christianity and Judaism, reminiscent of the late 30s and early 1940s Nazi Germany
Brother I do not equate Christianity with any other religion. The world abuses each other, and no group is innocent. Christ stands alone and is above all.

Yes, regards to your post... Christians are being persecuted and the innocent being harmed. I also think much of the Bolshevics and the Christian sweep of Russia. Praying for the beloved.

News Item11/13/15 10:03 PM
pennnned  Find all comments by pennnned
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Wick lit wrote:
a New Age Movement grew in popularity during the 1970s
and Erasmus was a Roman Catholic Priest, and King James a persecutor of Christians.

The words you spoke there may have some truth but they are not true.

God hasn't preserved His Word?

News Item11/13/15 9:50 AM
pennnned  Find all comments by pennnned
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zuck. was caught on a live mic. telling merk@l facebok would censor her people. she was confronting him for not censoring them. and it appears that the one to run the monitoring would be a former stasi agent and Jewish activist named kahane? (this is females doing this to Germany, seems identical to the lobbying work of Barbara Spectre)

News Item11/12/15 9:24 AM
pennnned  Find all comments by pennnned
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commnst sweep

happening before our very eyes, if we want to accept it or not.


News Item11/11/15 6:59 PM
pennnned  Find all comments by pennnned
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s c wrote:
Penn,your charges against King James are only germaine if he had written the Bible...which we know he didn't.
my charges against King James are documented history.

the pilgims left because of him. the Anglicans were burning Anabaptists at the stake.

his name is on the bible. he led the project and led how it was put together. his influence is there.

now if you have read my posts you know that I like to look more closely at things. what are the details? I believe the biblical mandate is to be a good berean of all things.

however, the kjvos (I mean those who call greek scholars heretics, not those who read the kjv as a reliable bible), they lump everyone into romanist categories, and by their defintions.... Erasmus was a romanizer and James an ecumenalist Christian persecutor...

by your definition, the KJV bible is a romanist bible, because Erasmus was a roman catholic monk.

the teachers that I follow who have put 20-30-40 yrs of personal research into the scriptures, who can read the languages fluently and have taken personal loss for standing against heresy and pop theology -- they have more credibility to me.

News Item11/11/15 10:48 AM
pennnned  Find all comments by pennnned
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they are getting ready for the climate summit in paris where their intent is to create interl law, next step with TPP for oligarchs to rule over regions of the world, in step with sweep of Europe. why is merkel going against her own people? - for this reason. they are on a time table.

News Item11/9/15 10:16 AM
pennnned  Find all comments by pennnned
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you have the SBC with Russell Moore demanding that Christians bow to non authorized law out of thin air, "getting along to go along"

so Christians do not see the results when sodomites take over abortion agencies (after evangelicals are kicked out) and Godly parents come in to adopt to find they must give credence to "alternative" (sexual predatr) lifestyles.

how about how older men whoo the boys with gifts and adulation?

what is this sodomite world we are talking about, so you have a friend into these things and you share the gospel with them, that is one thing... its like yes, I can share the gospel with a prostitute, that is God's will I do so.... but does this make the whole scene something we can live with as legally protected class??

SBC is making their people into eunichs.

guess its ok for the foster system to send out young boys to men who have traded in their natural affections?

these things need to be talked about. why are Christians ashamed of the truth?

have any of you ever lived among a group of sodomites in a dorm or such? its hades on earth, folks, masochistic unbelievable things if I descsribed my post would be deleted.

here it is folks, they want to do these things openly with protected status. they are an abusive/self abuser minority.

News Item11/6/15 2:02 PM
pennnned  Find all comments by pennnned
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this doesn't mean money isn't being given to them, just means employees of state aren't giving additional funds for "charity"

slaughtering children certainly isn't "charity"

"charity" is a scriptural term for love.

why leaders in our communities are not able to arrest those who take the lives of the unborn is beyond me.

I agree we need to influence the culture through the gospel, but majority will always be swayed. it is our responsibility to influence law as just.

everyone in society benefits from just law

News Item11/1/15 9:57 AM
pennnned  Find all comments by pennnned
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they don't want independent gardening, people using their land to trade and sell, only want Americans on gm corn and soy as they die off and are on synthetics from the disease it causes. the abortionist I talked with was all aboard for the depopulation, said everyone would be on gms and would be sick all the time and on synthetics. they consider us useless eaters, but underneath it, the sending out of jobs, the propaganda age, its all been about taking away Nat'l identity... see Europe being taken over now, there will be no nations to argue back, borders erased. all happening. we need pumpkin farmers. pumkins are good for food and traditional to this hemisphere. they are part of the harvest that God has provided.

News Item10/31/15 1:16 PM
pennnned  Find all comments by pennnned
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Christopher, that wore on drugs was about federalizing the police. sorry you haven't seen through the lingo on that, your info is probably way overexxagerated... I am against MJ for recreational use as I am against people getting drunk or poisoning themselves with aluminum and mercury. But you might want to research hemp, as being one of the largest crops in the Midwest as recent as WWII, that it is grown in Canada right now for industrial and food use, good for the economy, better for the land and an antidote to the King Corn. Not sure if you learned about the separation of powers and the constitional position of the sheriff in American society. its the same issue as the one here, the state is supposed to define and control education, but the feds come in and force things, usually through money.... in this case a boy can now go in and take showers with the girls. in the case of the wore on drugs, they overrule the local sheriff and on top of that came in same time as our prisons were privatized, people invest in making money off of prisoners, whole economies built off of it, the wore on drugs provides the filled cells. (similar to PP creating markets around fetal parts) -- parasitical economies

News Item10/29/15 9:44 AM
pennnned  Find all comments by pennnned
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Christopher000 wrote:
Penny or anyone...if a food, say a package of rice, or whatever has GMO's, will it be listed in the ingredients or on the package, box, etc, anywhere? If not, is there any way to know?
good question. problem first...

you might watch "King Corn" on youtube, its a documentary on US subsidized gm corn... in overall terms it and soy are the king crops.

so whenever you see high fructose corn syrup in your juice -- that's gm.

or soybean oil in your soup... that's gm.

beet sugar.... beets they use are gm.

and all your non organic, grain fed meats, all the animal meats were fed on the junk. (they have to slaughter early and give high amounts of antibiotics to them because of acidosis, they aren't meant to eat only corn, especially gm corn, and they also sometimes add animal parts,... are cows carnivores??)

you have to search out not to eat it.

what are the mental and health effects on a nation? huge. have many other nations rallied against this? yes. why haven't we? because we are where it comes from and gov subsidizes it.

News Item10/27/15 10:10 AM
pennnned  Find all comments by pennnned
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B. McCausland wrote:
"Ye shall eat the blood of no manner of flesh: for the life of all flesh is the blood" Lev 17:14
I've been looking for this verse, thank you.

life of all flesh is the blood...

something to think about when one is putting aluminum, mercury, fetal cells, bovine cells, egg cells and viruses into their blood for health.

don't think many today observe the idea that life is in the blood and should not be defiled. makes sense from a medical point of view, a defiled blood poisons the brain. (toxins that enter digestive track should not enter the blood but are passed out, toxins that enter the blood have a fast track to the brain) -- no wonder we are a nation with so many on psychotropics. all of these things put together paint a picture of a people devolving spiritually and physically.

News Item10/25/15 3:15 PM
pennnned  Find all comments by pennnned
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John UK wrote:
literally would be different, and the Sabbath would be mentioned
to everyone, I don't want to muddle this discussion, but I would like to add what I've been studying on this. People say wed, thurs, fri? which day? Mourner has explained that Wed would work timewise.

Reading through John 19-20, I noticed they had to take our precious Savior's life before 6pm because before high Sabbath. My understanding of this is that it was a Sabbath WITH the holy day of Passover.

would've put crucifixtion at Friday, 3:00, the same time they would have been sacrificing the Passover lambs for the feast that evening (6pm Friday night would've been the beginning of Passover/Sabbath)

To add to this the Feast of Unleavened Bread would've been the day before.

With this timing, Christ was sharing the bread at communion during the Feast of Unleavened Bread and would've been sacrificed at the same exact time the Passover Lamb was sacrificed.... thereby showing the completion of the atonement of sins through the shedding of His blood.

Then he was laid to rest for the day of Sabbath, rose third day, Lord's day, His Resurrection brought new day, a high Sabbath now fulfilled by the Messiah, our rest in Him.


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