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DEC 27, 2014
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Sermon The Answer For Anxiety | Richard Caldwell Jr.
Fay from England, UK
"This is an excellent sermon for people struggling with anxiety. I've been..."
-20 hrs  18 
Sermon Days of Noah: The Last Days | Mike Hoggard
-21 hrs 
Sermon Valuable Lessons learnt from the Tower of Babel | Pastor Chalan Hetherington
Delivered from The Word of God
-22 hrs 
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Sermon12/16/14 10:32 AM
Me  Find all comments by Me
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“ Great Sermon! ” Church archive

News Item12/13/14 9:20 AM
me | here  Find all comments by me
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Kentucky:cover up of American Indian history:

Bruce Malone has a video
The Red Record

The Delaware Indians have a detailed record of their ancestry extending back to the origin of humanity. An original document was given to a medical doctor in the earlier 1800’s, translated by a linguist genious over a twenty year period before the civil war, and essentially lost for the next hundred years, resurfacing in the last few decades. This document reveals an astounding confirmation of the Biblical account of early earth history – including creation, the entrance of death, and the worldwide flood.

The lecture includes intriguing references to the post flood ice age, and other details of earth history while recounting the discovery, the translation, and the preservation of this remarkable, yet little known, Native American document. The Red Record also provides a fascinating confirmation of the Biblical model for ice age mysteries – such as why mankind traveled into North America and how millions of woolly mammoths became “quick frozen” in the Siberian and Canadian tundras

American Indian records such as
give lots of points in favor of the FLOOD
being true history.

News Item10/22/14 12:05 AM
ME | florida  Find all comments by ME
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Under pressure during the Protestant Reformation the Vatican moved some of its most graphic works they call "art" into the Louve and the Borgia apartments. It is not rocket science to look at the Sistine chapel and know that is blatant gay porn.

News Item8/2/14 2:29 PM
Me | USA  Find all comments by Me
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Jim L.
You conveniently forgot to mention George Soros. Selective memory on your part?

News Item7/1/14 10:10 AM
me | US  Find all comments by me
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Antichrist! Antichrist! Antichrist! Why do none dare preach this doctrine anymore? No wonder the churches are empty when the Pastors fail to stand to the truth. When a man knows Christ.. he also knows ANTICHRIST!

News Item11/15/13 1:10 AM
me  Find all comments by me
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Amen Ken! Sanctification comes after salvation, not before. otherwise you'll be a pharisee. :-)

News Item11/13/13 8:13 AM
me  Find all comments by me
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Mintal thanks for judging me. Especially like you know me.
You're not me- I am. Get your own moniker

News Item11/12/13 7:13 PM
me  Find all comments by me
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Does it really matter who I am? Really. Like I said I'm no theological historian like you on any board whatsoever like you, not trying to trash people like you , showing how Christian and full of head knowledge I have because unlike you I am nothing. Not smart, not successful , not the super christian scholar you've made me out to be. I can't live up to your expectations as to what a Christian should be . Unlike you , you're greatness , I'm a wretch who God should have slaughtered because of my vileness but He had mercy on me . So unlike you I try to do the same . I didn't realize an honest comment would ruffle some feathers of the super spiritual Pharisees . It's people like you that cause the lost to stay away from churches. Instead of insulting people here's a new concept for you to try ... Having mercy and loving others as you would like. To be done to you. I will pray for you.
Will you pray for me too?

News Item11/1/13 3:45 PM
me  Find all comments by me
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Grow up people...exalt the Lord of Glory and take all your cares to Him not some sermon board.
Your assumption being that we are all childish? Thanks "Christian".
Your next assumption being that we don't pray? Thanks "Christian".

Your whole post is judgmental which is an interesting opinion to be made behind the brick wall of computer obscurity. But then you are perfect and the rest of us as you know are .......!!!

I guess you have already diagnosed that your judgmentalism stems from the me.. me.. me.. attitude which you describe.

Discussion on the board may come from 2, 3, 4, or 50 different positions that does not mean they are not Christian by anybodies standards - it simply means that God provided us with different experiences and thus views in HIS providence. Even Christians the world over do not all totally agree with you. Now that is surprising eh?

Mat 7:3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

God Bless.

Sermon10/8/13 6:01 PM
me | AZ  Find all comments by me
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False Profession
Rev. Roger Higginson
“ Great Sermon! ”
Excellent....should be listened to by all who name the name of Christ!

News Item10/8/13 12:41 AM
Me | Az  Find all comments by Me
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Amen to that WAM!!

Sermon10/5/13 11:57 PM
Me  Find all comments by Me
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What Porn Does to the Brain
Trevor Hammack
“ Fascinating material ”
What was so amazing about this was that this was a secular source, with evolution and crass-humor, and yet the message was clear: porn rewires the brain and science proves this.

News Item7/22/13 12:40 PM
Me  Find all comments by Me
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Some woman from Wisconsin,
Please forgive my attempt at humor.
I truly am sorry to have caused you pain.

News Item7/22/13 2:46 AM
Me  Find all comments by Me
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Why do women get married in white?
So...they can match the kitchen appliances.

News Item5/1/13 2:07 PM
Me | There  Find all comments by Me
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Rufus wrote:
Thank you for your advice. I do not however, need the original languages. God promised to preserve his Word and when I hold my Holy Bible in my hands, I have the word of God in my hands. This Holy Bible is sufficient for all matters of faith and practice and every word is pure. If he wanted to be known as Yahweh, Y'shua et al, he would have included this in his word. Instead, he says his name is Jehovah or Jesus among other precious names.
Further, when Moses broke the tablets the Israelites were not instructed to try to piece together those broken bits to figure out what God said. Instead, they were to read and believe from what God recreated and preserved.
Finally, this Yahweh business is from Pagan Babylon and is a construct of Kabbalists. As I consider Kabbalists to be witches, I do not follow them, nor their doctrines. If you're game, I would pose the same question I posed to my friend TheWayPA. If I tell you a name of God is Jehovah, I can tell you what foundation I base that on and precisely where you can turn to. If you say his name is Yahweh what source would you cite for this? What book may I put in my hands that declares this?...
Remarkably deficient reasoning, but on par with most KJV-onlyists!

News Item5/1/13 1:50 PM
me | here  Find all comments by me
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Amen Rufus!!

News Item12/28/12 2:17 PM
me | midwest  Find all comments by me
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Anyone who studies early Christianity knows that Christmas is simply a Christianized Version of the Roman holy day called saturnialia. It was made easier for Roman Christians to celebrate by changing the pagan names to Christian ones. The latain church did this with many things. Yes folks Christmas is certainly not Christ's birthday.

News Item9/26/12 2:31 AM
me | who knows?  Find all comments by me
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Finally a phobia I can respect.

Blog9/23/12 12:37 AM
me  Find all comments by me
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was just talking to my husband as we were leaving a funeral today. My soul is so grieved because even though Jesus has defeated sin and death...we still experience it. I know that the saints that go before us will be with our king. But when I was singing "death where is your sting" tears rolled down my face because I and many individuals I love were feeling its sting. At that point I guess I was joining the saints in asking how long lord until you come and defeat death in every way.

Just finished reading the blog entry of revelation and as I came to Rev 19-22 I burst into hope filled tears. Turns out Revelation is not gloom and doom and filled with fear. Instead tonight I found HOPE and Peace in the plan and the word of the Lord. He will rescue his bride and death and sin can NEVER touch her again. AMEN!!!

Sermon2/6/12 1:48 AM
Me | Birmingham  Find all comments by Me
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The Answer For Anxiety
Richard Caldwell Jr.
“ Great Sermon! ”
Sat on my deck with glass. If wine and fine cigar, and WOW, great message and greatGod
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