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JAN 18, 2017
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Sermon Live For God | Don Fortner
Gary and Janey Hollback from Wheelersburg church
"Thank you again for another wonderful message, and God bless"
-15 hrs 
Sermon Lord, Spread Your Kingdom Yeast Everywhere | Mark Vander Hart
Ryan from Illinois
-16 hrs 
Sermon Your Personal Walk In the Garden With Jesus... | Evangelist, David Bennett
Mips1 from NY
-17 hrs 
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Sermon6/26/16 6:29 PM
Jerry | Gainesville, VA  Find all comments by Jerry
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How to Get Victory Over Temptation
Dr. Kenny Baldwin
“ Great Sermon! ”
Pastor Baldwin you are a blessing

News Item12/4/15 8:50 PM
Jerry | Maine  Find all comments by Jerry
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Joshua 8:3 (KJV) So Joshua arose, and all the people of war, to go up against Ai: and Joshua chose out thirty thousand mighty men of valour, and sent them away by night.

News Item11/7/15 8:17 AM
Jerry | Texas  Find all comments by Jerry
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A diseased tree cannot bear good fruit. Woe to the one who causes a child to stumble.

News Item9/10/15 8:15 AM
Jerry  Find all comments by Jerry
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Trying to find a commentary on Galatians 6 1 thru 10 or 12 that I hear d and didn't get to hear it all. It was a man that had a Scottish or Irish accent it may be under MartinLuther section. I know it's like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. But it was good .Could you posted in comment section I will look and see if you could get something on that,than you.

Sermon7/7/15 7:13 PM
jerry | canada  Find all comments by jerry
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“ Conference July 10-12, 2015 Same Topic ”
Very informative for many to hear. Pr Don Green has a conference this weekend - July 10-12, 2015 "The Bible and Homosexuality" Truth Community Church

Sermon4/2/15 5:58 PM
Jerry | ohio  Contact via emailFind all comments by Jerry
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Washing the Disciples' Feet
Henry Mahan
“ Great Sermon! really enjoyed this ! ”
Really enjoyed this message brother, I could feel your love for the Lord and His people

News Item12/30/13 7:47 PM
jerry | United States  Contact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by jerry
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The Pastors of our nation have become cowards preaching feel good sermons instead of preaching the truth in order to keep their comfort zone and Christians have become accustomed to their comfort zones also.
2 Chronicles 7:14
"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land"
[Judgment begins in the house of the LORD]

Sermon9/6/13 8:50 PM
Jerry | Florida  Find all comments by Jerry
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Batman, Movies & Murder 1
Joey Faust
“ Thank You ”
So good to hear a pastor conversant with the church fathers: he quotes from Augustine and Tertullian, and the historian Josephus. I wish more pastors were willing to read these men and quote them from the pulpit. He also mentioned one of my favorite pastors, Charles Spurgeon. Good job!

Sermon7/21/13 6:14 PM
Jerry | Namibia  Contact via emailFind all comments by Jerry
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What a Man is Not
Paul Washer
“ Great Sermon! ”
The absolute truth. Enjoying your sermons tremendously. Food for thought. Open invitation for visit to Namibia. Thanks Jerry/Anneke

News Item3/2/13 2:44 PM
Jerry | Santa Fe N.M.  Contact via emailFind all comments by Jerry
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Mr. O'Reilly professes to be a Catholic so I understand his comments. I was raised in a Catholic family I do not believe the teaching of the Catholic Church are based on the Bible.

News Item1/1/12 8:29 PM
Jerry  Find all comments by Jerry
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[Removed by Moderator Alpha]

News Item12/19/11 9:11 PM
Jerry  Find all comments by Jerry
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Bibb Graves, former Govenor Alabama in the 1920's a & Grand Master in the KKK & Backed by them was a personal friend of Bob Jones Senior. Bob Liked him so much, he named a Dorm Hall after him and not to much later Bibb was on the board of trustees. Check out Bibb Graves on Wikipedia Google BJU & Bib Graves, the plack proves the conenction. Jesus never taught to hate Black people so why would BJU even send someone to Africa to mission to is confusing, isn't it? Since they Bob Jones III apologized in the 1995 for their racist nazi past, how does this sound like Christian love or Christian Doctrine from the hearts of those who claim to love the biblical Jesus.

Look up Bibb Graves in Wikipedia. Look up Orange Order which Ian is a Past Leader of and read at the bottom how it is known that KKK & Orange Orders are a Mirrored equivalent concept.

Look at you tube type in Secrete Orange Order Royal Arch York Rite Mason Part 3 of 7. Watch 1:40 & 6:10
the later to see Ian P. Masonic hand Shake w/ High level Mason Politician.

All oders including Orange Order, KKK Order Are All Secrete Society Orders. Only truth that is not evil has a need to be secrete. Who rules evil? Hmmmmm?

News Item12/19/11 2:10 PM
Jerry  Find all comments by Jerry
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Please, look around. Of course he wants it hidden. Believe me, they Ian and Bob Jones are not proud openly in the regular public or on line as being apart of Free Masonry and Luciferianism. BUT THEY FOR SURE ARE.

Keep looking you will find enough about what the Orange order teaches.

They are part of the same team with the Catholics. It only looks like the leaders are not together. That is to fool the people.

News Item12/19/11 7:56 AM
Jerry  Find all comments by Jerry
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Yes, these two are admitted high level Masons. Why else would communist country's take them in and the Billy said, Oh the Church is being taken care of so well here in Soviet Russia or North Korea of all places.

Bob Jones Masons were really mad when Billy left their cult ring. Say good bye to Ian Paisley another High Level Mason (Orange Order in Northern Ireland Google That) that knows Bob Jones & The University Board of Trustee's well.

There all Masons. They worship Lucifer in secret and our God and the only in public.

News Item12/14/11 10:22 PM
Jerry  Find all comments by Jerry
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Basically Bob Jones" ism", and or Fundamentalism, is a political system embodied in a form of a close likeness of Christianity but with a hierachy system that is for bidden by Christ but must be obtained and enforced to keep the cult alive.

Imgaine no ruthless leaders like, Cjuck Phelps and the board of BJU that can't find a problem with a 44 year old pastor that can't drive 10 minutes to fill ou...t an actual police report on a little raped girl in his church but he can move heaven and hell to hide, lie and ship off the broken package 2,000 miles away.

So you now can see what should be evident all along as if Bob Jones & a few other Fundies think that they bought the rights to God's word and the Image of Christ and so now they can dicatate what they want to be true, who they want to be guilty, who they feel deserve to be free and mostly victums of their system can be punished indefinitly.

That is why you shake your head as I do, on all of these bad and I mean crazy bad decision that are frequentley made and why they come from what you thought were Godly men and women. Leaders in a system like this as well as the past the peple we know about called Pharasees by Jesus can do the opposite of Christ because they think and act as if they own God.

A real system of Christ

News Item12/6/11 8:41 AM
Jerry  Find all comments by Jerry
• Thread closed
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[Removed by]

News Item12/4/11 5:40 PM
Jerry  Find all comments by Jerry
• Thread closed
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I have heard from very, very reliable sources and can prove it in court of law if necessary, that the man who may have started Colonial Hills Baptist Church had an(Ernest willis Experience)on the level that Ernest confessed to having at confession night with a well know woman currently in his church.

This man is also on the board at BJU, he is very old now and he pretty much installed Chuck Phelps in his position as Pastor even though, the Deacons did not really know what happened, in that Chuck was being installed and so they rubber stamped the deal.

The woman, that the supposedley the Founding Pastor of Chuck's Church, also has been said to of had an Affair with, still goes to this Church. She is pretty much alone in this church because her family has been splintered over this situation.

I can understand why the pastor that had this experience with this woman did not want to have confession night. So he is still able to hide from this truth but it is widley known at this point, with in the church members, that have been their for say 20 years or more, it's just that no one wants to ever talk about it much.

The woman, I am convinced would not have had the affair if this pastor we are speaking about did what his University and his leader would have said but

News Item12/3/11 10:32 PM
Jerry  Find all comments by Jerry
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I cant believe this is going on. Please pray for our country. This is just worng but God can do anything.

Sermon11/6/11 10:36 AM
jerry | Earth  Contact via emailFind all comments by jerry
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Good clear msg. Your presentation is on the level of Andrew and Rebekah. All should be able to hear! The Lord has truly blessed you. I pray that He will use you for many generations.

News Item4/24/11 2:50 PM
Jerry  Find all comments by Jerry
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Seems many do not like terminology, but I did listen to Dr Masters sermon and he was very clear on each point (including particular redemption)and likewise Spurgeon was happy to be labelled a 'calvinist' and say that was his doctrine and that was what he preached. Seems that the label is thriving in China and who knows but one day soon it might be a Chinese evangelist sent to our dark avenues and streets of our western world.


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