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APR 24, 2014
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Sermon 认识神 7 | Paul Washer
Lynn Newell from Tillman County
"I listened to the sermon, though I don't know the Chinese langauge-..."
-59 min 
Sermon Spiritual Warfare | Phil Johnson
Janine Elizabeth from Louisiana
-2 hrs 
Sermon Until we Talk Again | Irfon Hughes
Mac Olson
-3 hrs 
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News Item9/1/13 10:29 PM
grateful servant  Find all comments by grateful servant
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John for JESUS wrote:
Grateful Servant...
How has CBS saved your life? Are there any harmful side affects?
CBS will only rot your brain!

Look up research currently being done in places like Israel on the many uses of CBD.

For me personally – I was on a toxic soup of medications for about five years. Half of the meds were to counteract the side-effects of the other meds. Liver function was about shot – in my late 20’s. Was told they had no more options and gave me about five years till I would have a heart attack. I tried high CBD cannabis and I felt better almost immediately. Within a couple of weeks I replaced about 15 meds with one plant and I felt like a human again for the first time in half a decade. It gave me a functioning life.

I take no routine meds now, problem free going on four years. I have zero doubt that if I would have continued on the medical course they had me on – I would be six feet under by now.

News Item9/1/13 9:07 AM
grateful servant  Find all comments by grateful servant
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John for JESUS wrote:
Are you "grateful" as in Grateful Dead? I do not endorse recreational drug use, but I would definitely try this if it could help my son. Thanks for the link.
No - grateful, as in, grateful, thankful,or appreciative. High CBD oil saved my life.

News Item9/1/13 8:43 AM
grateful servant  Find all comments by grateful servant
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Christopher000 wrote:
I would do what I had to for my child as well. My first thought on this though was that his lungs are developing and fragile. I think of the heavy smoke that will cause very serious damage. But...he has other very serious problems and they don't have a lot of options.
Christopher – I just wanted to point out that no smoking is required. The child will be eating the oil made from a plant high in non-psychoactive cannabidiol, or CBD. Just like it is possible to breed a tomato to be large, mild, and red or small, yellow, and sweet - it is possible to breed cannabis to be high in CBD and very low in THC.

The family will either buy an oil made from the plant or will make it themselves. They will carefully measure out doses and introduce the oil via food.

Here is another article from Colorado where a child’s seizures were virtually eliminated with a high CBD oil. They also had tried all pharma had to offer with no success.

News Item1/6/13 3:45 PM
grateful servant  Find all comments by grateful servant
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Woops - jPw - sorry!

News Item1/6/13 3:44 PM
grateful servant  Find all comments by grateful servant
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Neil - I'm not sure you should write off everything jbw says on this topic. It's like you would rather take the evolution approach to health and wellness. Believe me - their approach always goes in the wrong direction. Yes, as long as we have had dainties we have had people with over eating issues. I cant help but think of Eglon in Judges 3 and these verses from Proverbs 23:2-3 And put a knife to thy throat, if thou be a man given to appetite. Be not desirous of his dainties: for they are deceitful meat.

But the issue i see doesent end with how much you eat. Its a part of it - but it stands to reason if God made us and he made food for us - introducing a glutt of synthetic chemical flavors, preservatives, anti foaming agents and on and on....we would experence amplified health issues.

I have also recieved much health help from the weston price foundation and their work.

News Item1/5/13 2:38 PM
grateful servant  Find all comments by grateful servant
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Thanks, JPW. Fortunately, or unfortunately, they had already exhausted all known medication interventions and we had exhausted invasive interventions. They gave me one more experimental option that would have become a living nightmare - electric implants in my neck with wire leads going to a box outside my body. Can you imagine the horror if I or someone else accidentally pulled the wires and ends out of my neck? They warned it could cause permanent damage. Or......i eat a plant the Good Lord made and in a few all meds and pain free....

News Item1/5/13 9:54 AM
grateful servant  Find all comments by grateful servant
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Hi US - I wanted to make sure you knew one of the most important facts about cannabis. There are dozens of active cannabinoids that make up the plants chemical profile. Of these cannabinoids - only the THC produces a "high" and the others like CBD dont. But the THC is heat activated - if eaten raw the THC remains in an INACTIVE form of THCa (meaning acid). If eaten raw - the plant would be medicinal without mental effects. This is what cures and heals - eating. We have receptors for these cannabinoids in nearly every body system and it did it fact put into remission what had been years out of control. When others, when they had been smoking or vaporizing, switch to eating raw - medical miracles happen. It seems contrary to conventional wisdom - but then again - they are wrong!

Now on the topic of smoking and driving - yes, there is a degree of impairment. But you cant directly compare it to anything else. For example - for a period of two years they prescribed me 400mg of morphine a day along with many other meds and nobody batted an eye. I am much more concered about thoes that have multiple meds in their system causing a brew of toxic soup. I would look out for them - and in america - that is almost every car on the road.

News Item1/4/13 10:31 PM
grateful servant  Find all comments by grateful servant
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The key to the medicinal powers comes from eating the plant raw, not by smoking it. This angers me as i recieved healing by eating the plant raw. Meanwhile the finger gets pointed at the "pot heads" and christians accept the governments argument againt the plant. It is an herb in the truest definition of the word and should not be written off. I know enough people that tried the conventional route and endec up with fistfulls of medications that exasperated their conditions. Like me, medical interventions nearly killed them. Tylenol, for example, is toxic in sustained high doses. My labs reflected a struggling liver and i was told i had a one way ticket to the grave.

Please dont just look at smokers and think thats what its all about - eaten raw like the food that it is can heal cancers and many other "un-treatable" conditions like i had. Look into it.


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