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SEP 22, 2017
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Sermon The Worship, Safety & Gospel of Jesus Christ | Gary Hendrix
Janine Elizabeth from Louisiana
"Thank you for preaching the exclusivity of the gospel of the Lord Jesus..."
-14 hrs 
Sermon The Bible vs. Political Correctness | Shawn Davis
Janine Elizabeth from Louisiana
-15 hrs 
Sermon A Tale of Two Sons: With A Never Heard Before... | Pastor John MacArthur
Tim Raymond from Muncie, IN
-16 hrs  15 
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News Item3/10/13 1:25 PM
goodbooks  Find all comments by goodbooks
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Christopher000 wrote:
Thanks again for the links, reviews, etc..
Thank you, brother! Kind of you.

You may be interested that Spurgeon's Old Church has a Pastor with 'A READ FOR THE LORD' scheme.

He states: "Read and be challenged"

"Your first priority throughout life is to read God’s Word. Other reading must never raid Bible reading time. Only the Word is infallible and authoritative, and all other books are good only as they promote Bible understanding and application."

His recommendations are in two lists:
"Start Up List/Sequel List"

I suspect the poster 'with respect' will have a coronary, but I am happy to by-pass his strange comments.

If the Baptist Confession 1689 is biblical then 'sound' books have to be the consensus of more than one mere individual like feeble-minded me!

We know that one can never read books & hold to the infallibility of Holy Scripture, yet still be unsound and wrongly apply scripture.

Good books are simply that..GOOD BOOKS!

A Presbyterian might disagree with the books on Baptism!

News Item3/8/13 5:05 PM
goodbooks  Find all comments by goodbooks
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With respect wrote:
In pilgrims progress what books did pilgrim have...He travelled light & carried just the one book that mattered!
Yes and the author John Bunyan also said:
'God, in Whose hands are all our days and ways, did cast into my hand (one day) a book of Martin Luther’s; it was his Comment on the Galatians...Now I was pleased much that such an old book had fallen into my hand, the which when I had but a little way perused, I found my condition in his experience so largely and profoundly handled, as if his book had been written out of my heart...I do prefer this book of Martin Luther upon the Galatians (excepting the Holy Bible) before all the books that ever I had seen, as most fit for a wounded conscience.' Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners (Paragraphs. 129-130).

William Holland, a commercial painter, called on Charles and ***gave him a copy of Luther's Commentary*** Read how Holland was converted and Charles and John Wesley were challenged (converted?) by the same "a very precious treasure that I had found."
good book

I was speaking about good books for a 'Christian'- whether already convinced or not would such a gift, in God's mercy, be profitable?

News Item3/8/13 8:59 AM
goodbooks  Find all comments by goodbooks
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With respect wrote:
It is after all the Bible which is called the sword of the Spirit, not Pink, or Ryle or Spurgeon.
Though these men may be of help along the way, being fallible they may also hinder your understanding, if you do not check critically everything that they write.
I agree, just as much as you or I or any poster on SA might unintentionally hinder others.

But because they 'might' hinder...that wouldn't stop me sending a sinner to the Metropolitan tabernacle or a fundamentalist Arminian, either!

Granting these men might be a help along the way, what makes you think that they can not be an instrument of help BEFORE someone has considered a particular aspect of Holy Scripture?

You know they can, in God's wonderful Sovereignty.

So we agree! Do you check critically your own Pastor when he preaches. I know you do! How about several years ago when you were just a little lamb? Did Pastor ever bring up something from scripture that you had never previously considered or you had wrongly divided the word of Truth?

I know your Berean spirit would have searched the word AFTER! So God uses instruments BEFORE you thought about such? Yes, we agree at last

Thanks John!!

News Item3/8/13 8:43 AM
goodbooks  Find all comments by goodbooks
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With respect wrote:
this now colors how you think the Lord should deal with everyone else
Methinks you must like a debate, brother; did I really suggest the above or that the Bible is not all sufficient in my posts ? Or certain other things you implied.
I believe many Biblicists post mini-sermonettes(some could fill a book!)on SA as they believe they are Bible Based helps. We have sound pastors and teachers who preach the word and write extended sermons themselves as helps in book form.
I believe you are illogically mistaken if you do not believe a sound book will not challenge an individual BEFORE they have even considered an aspect of a particular doctrine. Just like sitting on a pew and Pastor introduces something you had not previously considered.
To clarify I posted to Christopher suggesting books that might be a help on the Sovereignty of God. I did mention to be a berean and that we need God's we agree that even Biblicists require God's grace to open our eyes. God in His Sovereignty often chooses to use books which are scripture sermons too. I am sorry we disagree and thank God that He has given you much insight and understanding of His word.

I gave a personal example as God will always care for His feeble lambs.

News Item3/7/13 6:24 PM
goodbooks  Find all comments by goodbooks
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Note the reviews on the books mentioned and how folk were 'challenged'.

1991 I was sent some Protestant tracts witnessing to Roman Catholics and a book called: Five English Reformers by J C Ryle. Having been converted in 1990 I had no idea about Romanism, but wept as I read the chapter 'Why our Reformers were burned'. I mentioned the tracts to my Pastor at my FIEC Evangelical Church, he told me he had better fellowship with the local RC Priest than Calvinists and that Catholics were saved. He told me to 'throw the tracts on the fire'. Little did he know how God was working in my heart through that book chapter! So does God speak through sound Christian books. Ryle showed me the blasphemy of the mass and caused me to search the scriptures. God used the book FIRST then brought his child to the BIBLE as Berean.

A Journey in Grace

Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts

The Sovereignty of God

News Item3/7/13 4:17 AM
goodbooks  Find all comments by goodbooks
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With respect wrote:
Let's jack in our bibles


You seem to have a bee in your bonnet, brother. Where did I argue against the Bible or have a low view?

Why bother listening to sermons, we do so BECAUSE THE BIBLE IS BEING TAUGHT. People come to a conviction on matters without seeking such, but ALWAYS by being faced with issues. Some times by reading books, which are no more than extended sermons.

So you presume I don't read or study the Bible Why?

The books I recommended are books that have helped many. It sounds like you don't want Christopher to read such and compare scripture with scripture and then make up his own mind? I REPEAT they have helped 'many' so why take such a high stand against me?????

You said: When I have an issue to consider, the Bible is my first resort'


But let us say you read the Bible but belonged to the Charismatic Jesus Army for a couple of years, you were none the wiser about the charismatic movement, BUT I gave you an extended sermon-A BOOK-by Dr Masters (who some recommend on here)...could that BOOK and its bible teaching FIRST poke you into seeing the errors of your way?

Of course That was and is my point about books and no more. Just like sermons from sound teachers!

News Item3/6/13 7:30 PM
goodbooks  Find all comments by goodbooks
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With respect wrote:
to see how they challenge your understanding.
So good books can not FIRST challenge one's understanding? A good book will contain much scripture and the insights of good men who have pastoral calling and well able to teach. No different to a sermon as they are seeking to open up the Bible! If the book is sound then why do you think it couldn't help a person to reach a sound scriptural conclusion even when that person hadn't been seeking such?

Was Pilgrim's Progress a good book-many first come to see sound doctrine through such a read?

So many testimonies of so many converted through commentaries on the book of Galatians! So many helped to reach a biblical conclusion through the aid of God's instruments-TEACHERS who preach sermons and sometimes write books!

With you REALLY deny that good books can help one to reach a sound biblical conclusion?

What about a charismatic reading a popular Reformed book challenging the Charismatic Movement? I know of many not seeking any conclusion but then being convicted as the HS worked as they read that book!!

Some reading ONLY their bible never seem to reach sound conclusions, so good books by good men can be very useful as History certainly proves.

News Item3/6/13 6:38 PM
goodbooks  Find all comments by goodbooks
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Christopher000 wrote:
I know there are just a lot of things that are difficult to comprehend ...


There is a good book by Baptist Richard P Belcher: A Journey in Grace a Theological Novel.

Easy to read, but so helpful!

Jerry Bridges 'Trusting God Even when Life Hurts' see recommendation

A great book on suffering and the Sovereignty of it as you will benefit, for we all face 'suffering' some time in our family and personal life.

The classic The Sovereignty of God A W Pink. A bit harder to read, but worth it as an excellent work on God's predestination, the doctrines of grace and free will!

All 3 proved very beneficial on a personal level, but only God's grace can convince and convict of the Biblical truths that these books seek to helpfully explain. I suspect Amazon will have all 3

I am sure you would be blessed by them!

Steve D. Pettit
The Outpouring of the Spirit

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