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NOV 22, 2014
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Sermon Get Rid of the Meet and Greet Time | Sean E. Harris
Lauri from Baltimore MD
"Some churches approach the meet-and-greet time like a sorority rush week,..."
-8 hrs 
Sermon Simply Church - A Plea For a Simple Church Model | Jason Cooley
Alina from Canada
-9 hrs 
Sermon Five Things I Fear The Most | Brandon Lake
Bro. In Christ from Ontario
-9 hrs 
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Sermon10/10/14 11:06 AM
Dennis | South Dakota  Find all comments by Dennis
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“ WOW ”
If a sermon is meant to stir up emotion, this nailed it. I know our government lies about pretty much everything but this really took me by surprise. Thank you for the information.

News Item8/12/13 10:31 PM
Dennis | California  Find all comments by Dennis
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Chuck Phelps has been off the radar and out of the news for a while. We left our IFB Church because of things happening like this a lot and no one ever gets punished or ousted for such actions. It is very upsetting that this bus crash happened.

We do not agree at all with what Chuck Phelps did but we are sad for what the Phelps family is going through.

News Item2/4/13 5:56 PM
dennis  Find all comments by dennis
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Bro. James wrote:
xplain how it is that we do not have free will?
Prior to being born again and thus born of the Spirit, (John 3:6) we are under the dominion of sin. Sin holds power over our will it is therefore not free.

Note, "In which ye also walked some time, when ye lived in them" Col 5:7. - What Paul is alluding to here is the sins (see v5,6) we used to walk in before being saved. So he identifies the two phases of life, once under sin, the other under grace.

Grace helps us to overcome sin, whose power remains with us (see Rom 7:14ff), and thus releases us from its bondage, even though it still tempts us and overcomes us sometimes.

After regeneration we are under grace and so is our will.

See also Eph 2:2,3 - in dominion of sin
V5 - Under grace.

News Item2/4/13 2:43 PM
dennis  Find all comments by dennis
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John UK wrote:
Why would Christians want to choose Margaret, even if they did have a free will?
Because she was the best man in Westminster - and she is a woman. Which says a lot for the rest of them.

ps: If Jim Lincoln used the KJV he would know a great deal more about Scripture, truth and politics.

News Item2/4/13 2:27 PM
dennis  Find all comments by dennis
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Margaret Thatcher wrote:
And, as I understand it, the right to choose is the essence of Christianity.

How can Christians "choose" Margaret they don't have a free will?

Sermon1/29/12 1:25 PM
Dennis | New Jersey  Find all comments by Dennis
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Following the King
Rev. Arnoud T. Vergunst
“ Excellent ”
This is a very crucial and timely message for each of us to carefully consider on a daily basis.

Sermon6/22/10 2:41 PM
Dennis | Spanish Town, Jamaica  Contact via emailFind all comments by Dennis
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Choosing to Love
Dr. Greg Mazak
“ The GREATEST Sermon on Love ”
Thanks for your teaching. It is the best for all who plan to get married and those who are already married whether there exists marriage counseling or not.This will build up the Church of Christ. God bless you and your family and your work. Thanks again.

News Item4/26/09 10:36 PM
Dennis | Washington, DC area  Contact via emailFind all comments by Dennis
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The reason we do things or don't do them is because of God's commands. That has been the response of the Reformed as to why do evangelism when God is in control. Carey's 'apology' of the use of means in reaching the lost is an example. Similarly, we provide an apology because the Bible gives us example (Paul at Mars Hill) and command (Always be ready to give a reason for the hope that lies within you...), not because we 'feel' it will win a lost soul, but because God tells us to. In giving that reason, which should rest on scripture, the gospel, the Character of God, and His touch on my life (my 'witness'), God's Word will go forward and it will accomplish that for which He sends it. 'Nuff said, and all we need to know about the subject.

Sermon2/18/09 12:52 AM
Dennis | Northern California  Find all comments by Dennis
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Fundamentalism vs. Apostasy
Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley
“ Great Sermon! ”
Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! May continue to strengthen us with such powerful preaching! To God be the glory for ever and ever. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

News Item6/2/08 2:54 PM
Dennis | Breda  Contact via emailFind all comments by Dennis
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Does anyone know in Schotland who the Antichrist is ? According to Dr. Beeke the reformers TO THE MAN said the pope of Rome was THE antichrist. However Dr. Beeke and Dr. David Murray (former minister Free Church of Scotland Continuing) believe in a future antichrist. No wonder that God in His Providence has been destroying al this unfaithfulness and backsliding, and still with so much apostacy the so called reformed and presbyterian do not repent or start cleaning their own house before going out laying burdens on others they do not carry themselves !
Revelation 18v4 KJV

Sermon5/21/08 7:40 AM
Dennis | Breda  Find all comments by Dennis
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Porn in the Hotel Room
Kevin Swanson
“ Shocking ”
Shocking to hear so many people living alone in the USA, and so many people living outside of marriage. I am glad that there is one spot in the USA where this is not so, namely in the home of mr. Swanson. Perhaps mr. Swanson might consider that the reason the marriage in the USA has been broken down so much, is because of the work of those who say they are ministers of Christ but are not. This because when the demograf of the church is the same as in the world, and at a pastorsconference the adultviewing went up, the problem lies with the leadership not with those who struggle day by day to make the best of life by Gods Grace. Mr. Swanson might also consider that he himself is included in the leadership. How long will the leadership in the churches of the USA continue to act if they are righteous before God when their whole country has become a pigs breakfast when it comes to christian witness ? May I remind Mr. Swanson that in April the pope of Rome (=THE antichrist) visited the USA, seen nationwide, and was called a 'minister of the gospel' by both Bush and Cheney PUBLICLY !

News Item2/16/08 6:22 AM
dennis | alabama  Contact via emailFind all comments by dennis
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Muslims do not believe Jesus is God.This means they are "Antichrist". We are not even to wish them well to say nothintg of co-operating with them.II john:9,10..

Survey11/1/07 9:47 AM
Dennis | Australia  Contact via emailFind all comments by Dennis
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When a sermon like 102407719534 runs for 87 mins how can it fit on a CD 700mb it is hard to share it others, is it possible. Thank You

Institution of Marriage
Rockingham, Western Australia
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