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APR 17, 2014
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Sermon I Will Glory in the Cross | Brian Borgman
Janine Elizabeth from Louisiana
"Excellent. Thank you. (and, congrats on Calvin Owen. Enjoy and may He..."
-6 hrs 
Sermon God Is Righteous, Immutable | Dr. Derek Thomas
Aileen Willoughby from Hudson Florida
-7 hrs 
Sermon The Olivet Discourse - When Will These Things Be? | Brian Borgman
Janine Elizabeth from Louisiana
-7 hrs 
· Page 1 ·  Found: 13 user comments posted recently.
Sermon9/28/13 5:50 PM
Billy  Contact via emailFind all comments by Billy
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2 Peter (1): Grace and Peace
Jerry Marcellino
“ Great Sermon! ”

News Item9/4/13 9:48 PM
Billy | Fl  Find all comments by Billy
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I will just say we have the most ignorant leaders running this country n its a 5 yr old daughter could budget this country better than bush n Obama.mccains just another idiot in my opinion.y'all can comment on my comments all u want,I'm from the south n i tell it how i feel!

Sermon7/23/12 7:00 PM
billy | u.k  Contact via emailFind all comments by billy
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God's Plan For Man
Bryan Denlinger
“ Great Sermon! ”
in a nutshell great stuff thankyou..

Sermon3/20/12 10:47 PM
billy | huddersfield  Contact via emailFind all comments by billy
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Spiritual Emergencies
Dr. Peter Masters
“ Great Sermon! ”
true to the word off our saviour and lord jesus thankyou for the food amos 8v11 has arrived

News Item5/11/11 4:04 PM
Billy  Find all comments by Billy
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steve newtownabbey wrote:
Is R C Sproul still in full communion with the PCA? If so is it not time he came out from amongst them
This article is about PCUSA.
The PCA is a different Church.

PCA website

PCUSA website

Blog3/5/11 5:36 PM
Billy | Your town  Find all comments by Billy
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I would love to read the rest of this article... Why is it not available in the app?

Survey10/15/08 3:40 PM
Billy | Bible  Find all comments by Billy
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rogerant wrote:
Yes Christiana, if were are to use a consistant hermeneutic with the words "all" and "world" we are left with two possibilities.
Universal atonement that saves all of creation, or particular atonement of the elect. There is no middle ground.
That is why when you are outside of these two positions, the results are a multitudinous rainbow of doctrines.
Ever hear of contextualization?

News Item9/18/07 2:36 AM
Billy | Wilson, NC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Billy
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Funny Ain\'t It wrote:
Can someone please show me \"hate the sin, love the sinner\" in the Bible?!!?
My Bible says that the wrath of God abideth on those outside of Jesus Christ.
And that\'s exactly what Sodomites need: More wimpy Christians hiding under the guise of grace!
No, it used to be that preachers heralded forth that God was against sin and sinner alike... and that except the sinner repent of his sin... he was bound for hell fire!
Today, it\'s little more than: \"I\'m okay, you\'re okay - God loves you just the way you are.\"
Listen: It\'s time for God\'s people to once again speak of judgment upon those who are against God and God\'s word!
Choose you this day - who is on the LORD\'S side!??!
The Bible says that ANYONE who is a friend of the world is the enemy of God.
Pick a side and get on it!!!!
thank you!!!! We need to bring back old-time God-fearing preaching sermons and stop being so tolerant of these sodomites.

News Item9/18/07 1:21 AM
Billy | Wilson, NC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Billy
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kenny wrote:
"The solution is to offer funerals, baptism, and marriage only to the church members. That way, the sodomites can't say they are being singled out for discrimination."
Who cares if the sodomites feel that they are being 'singled out for discrimiantion'? Discrimination is not a sin. Some people and some things clearly need to be discriminated against-especially reprobates who wallow in their filth and then expect everyone to approve and accept it.
People who engage in the activities these people choose to engage in (and then actually flaunt!) OUGHT to be discriminated against.
thank you Kenny. Well spoken comment. I've enjoyed and agreed with all of your comments, especially this one. Sodomites should be labeled as just that, not some other term. I also believe that discrimination should also be encouraged in this case. Their sinful and repulsive lifestyle should never be tolerated.

News Item1/27/07 3:57 AM
Billy  Find all comments by Billy
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which part of the great love of allah would make someone worship him?

or wich part of scientific accuracy in the koran would make someone believe it?

there is no love from the moongod allah and the koran is filled with contradictions and false statements (like the devil spends the night in the upperpart of your nose) and there is no salvation in islam except when you kill jews and christians, but well, germans off course have quite an extensive band of experience in that area....

News Item1/15/07 7:05 PM
billy | so cal  Find all comments by billy
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It might be held against you. I would play it safe and keep it on the coffee table

News Item11/5/06 2:48 PM
billy | holland  Find all comments by billy
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its special when politicians back_up Gods Word. but it will surely cost him a lot of votes from non-believers and so-called christians that dont believe the Bible

Survey10/31/06 4:42 PM
Billy  Find all comments by Billy
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there's only one thing to do about it, and that's:
Local independent churches, and Biblical seperation!

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