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JUL 5, 2015
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Sermon Great Love | Marvin Stalnaker from Despres76
-21 hrs 
Sermon EBI-05 - New Testament Gospel History | Dr. John Barnett
Carl E from Australia
-23 hrs 
Sermon Which Bible Should I Use | Theo Hikmat
John Duerwaechter from Sheboygan, WI
-23 hrs 
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News Item5/19/15 5:04 PM
Anthony | Thailand  Contact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by Anthony
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You have said well. Sadly the whole world will be in mourning for the coming wrath.

Sermon4/10/15 5:39 PM
Anthony | Georgia this week  Find all comments by Anthony
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Separated At Birth
Dr. Andy Bloom
“ Great Sermon! ”
Dr. Bloom will probably receive some negative comments since he has attacked Satan and sin in a Biblical, true, and forthright matter. This is needed for every local church to hear. People will hate it who are worldly. Thank you for standing in the old paths, Jerry 6:16. Oh the ashamed among brethren at HIS appearing. But AL least they're better off than those in the lake of fire, even if the carnal Christian's works burnt, at least they're saved.

News Item9/15/14 9:40 PM
Anthony | California  Find all comments by Anthony
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He is truly one of my Heroes of Faith! He deeply expressed that the sinner must turn to Christ Jesus our Lord in order to be saved! We must never forget how powerful his messages were about Apostasy and true spirituality of The Triune God...
I especially loved how he showed no compromising with the Pope and the Roman Catholic church.

News Item9/10/14 7:16 PM
Anthony  Find all comments by Anthony
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2 Peter 1:1-15 NASB
Simon Peter, a bond-servant and apostle of Jesus Christ, To those who have received a faith of the same kind as ours, by the righteousness of our God and Savior, Jesus Christ: [2] Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord; [3] seeing that His divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and excellence. [4] For by these He has granted to us His precious and magnificent promises, so that by them you may become partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world by lust. [5] Now for this very reason also, applying all diligence, in your faith supply moral excellence, and in your moral excellence, knowledge, [6] and in your knowledge, self-control, and in your self-control, perseverance, and in your perseverance, godliness, [7] and in your godliness, brotherly kindness, and in your brotherly kindness, love. [8] For if these qualities are yours and are increasing, they render you neither useless nor unfruitful in the true knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. [9] For he who lacks these qualities is blind or short-sighted, having forgotten his purification from his former sins. [10] Therefore, brethren

Sermon6/23/13 4:40 PM
Anthony | New Jersey  Find all comments by Anthony
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Principles of Courtship
Paul Washer
“ Good stuff ”
I've always heard about the idea of biblical dating, but I've never taken it seriously until recently. Even if things don't go your way with your partner of interest, you still learn and grow a lot and get something out of it.

News Item6/16/11 1:59 AM
Anthony | California  Find all comments by Anthony
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Please continue to exercise your right to freedom of speech in remarkably creative ways.

News Item11/24/10 3:36 AM
Anthony | Thailand  Find all comments by Anthony
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That is why Jesus said that one must DENY HIMSELF!

He never denied himself, so his sin remains.

Sermon11/7/10 5:53 PM
anthony | Missouri,Humidity,allergies  Find all comments by anthony
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Enoch Walked with God
Wayne Joyce
“ Great Sermon! ”
God Blessed Enoch,I am not asking to zap straight into heaven but that would be nice I just want Gods enemies and satan to not be turned against me but to stay defeated and I would like to walk with God rather than being tortured daily.I may not be Enoch But PLEASE someone Pray that God will find similar favor in me and bless me as he did Enoch rather than letting a rejected fallen angel (satan) take cheap shots at me and my family.Please lord Love me as you do Enoch.

Sermon2/2/10 5:54 PM
Anthony | SoCal  Contact via emailFind all comments by Anthony
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(This sermon is no longer available)
“ Much Needed Sermon! ”
Short, sweet and to the point was this message on hermeneutics. The church needs to hear more of this and there would be less false doctrine being spread. Thank you, John MacArthur!

Sermon11/22/09 3:43 AM
Anthony | SoCal  Contact via emailFind all comments by Anthony
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What to Look for in a Pastor, Part 1
Pastor John MacArthur
“ Thank You! ”
Thank you, Pastor for this message. My church is currently seeking a full time pastor and I'm afraid that the person the search committee has chosen, is NOT the type of pastor you describe. It saddens me, but it also encourages me that I need to stand strong against the seeker type of pastoring, even if 95% of the church disagrees with me.

Sermon10/31/09 12:42 AM
Anthony | SoCal  Contact via emailFind all comments by Anthony
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“ Life Changing Sermon! ”
This sermon slapped me upside the head tonight! I'm a political person and speak out against our leaders every chance I get when they don't agree with what the Bible says... Thank you for showing me Proverbs 21: 1 and how I should be handling these issues as a Christian. I was slapped upside the head with this sermon.

Sermon10/23/09 4:51 PM
Anthony | SoCal  Contact via emailFind all comments by Anthony
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Except Ye See
Jeff Arthur
“ Great Sermon! ”
I loved this message. The very last minute of the broadcast was probably my favorite when the pastor summed it up by saying "You can't base your salvation on a dream, or vision or sign". God Bless pastor Jeff, keep on preaching my friend.

News Item6/1/09 8:11 PM
Anthony  Find all comments by Anthony
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Sex Crimes And The Vatican

Rev 17:3 So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.
Rev 17:4 And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:
Rev 17:6 And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.

Vatican Control Through Civil Law

News Item12/25/08 6:24 PM
Anthony  Find all comments by Anthony
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Whilst it is easy, for those of our modern day to let roll of their lips and pens the words "Merry Christmas", yet for those who lived at the time when the saints were put to death for rejecting the Roman Catholic "mass" which involves the worship of their false "Wafer Christ" wishing someone happy Christmas was rightly understood as approving of the most detestable abomination! The substitute of the True Christ with the false Christ of popery!
Let the saints of God resist this abomination unto death!

Mat 28:20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you:

Rev 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

News Item11/15/08 6:29 PM
Anthony  Find all comments by Anthony
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Prince Charles spoke of his "fond and special memories" of meeting the Pope in Rome and Britain in the 1980s.

"The Prince of Wales' wedding to Camilla Parker Bowles has been postponed until Saturday, to allow him to attend the Pope's funeral in Rome."

Charles like his mother is a traitor and is no faithful protestant. Both are friendly to the biggest criminal organization in the world the Papacy!


The Monarchs as part of the British law take an oath to uphold the law of God.

They ought to read about King Josiah in 2Kings chapter 22 and 23 to see an example of this in action.

"a person who is a Roman Catholic or marries a Roman Catholic
,is excluded from inheriting, possessing or enjoying the Crown, and in such case the people are
absolved of their allegiance"

"every king or queen must make, subscribe and repeat.....that he or she is a faithful protestant, and will, according to the true intent of the
enactments which secure the protestant succession to the throne, uphold and
maintain those enactments to the best of his or her powers according to law"

May all who keep the commands of God, resist the beast that is being ridden by the whore!

News Item11/15/08 7:37 AM
Anthony  Find all comments by Anthony
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Despite the lying and duplicitous words of George Bush, The fact is he is a skull and bones Jesuit controlled papist, committed to the destruction of all who do not submit to his papal master!

His real belief is the same as the celebrated papist theologian Thomas Aquinas

“The Pope, by Divine Right,
hath Spiritual and Temporal Power
as Supreme King of the World . . .”

Every heretic and Protestant is condemned to death, and every oath of allegiance to a government which is Protestant or heretic is abrogated by the [Fourth] Council of Lateran, held in 1215 [by the demon Pope Innocent III].” As qouted in Vatican Assassins by Eric Phelps

News Item11/15/08 7:15 AM
Anthony  Find all comments by Anthony
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Global society, with the pope as the king of kings, to get a picture of what this is like review the dark ages, Or review world war 2. What was it it like to live under Ante Pavelic? Adolf Hitler? Benito Mussolini? Fransisco Franco?

"Adolf Hitler, son of the Catholic Church, died while defending Christianity. It is therefore understandable that words cannot be found to lament over his death, when so many were found to exalt his life. Over his mortal remains stands his victorious moral figure. With the palm of the martyr, God gives Hitler the laurels of Victory". -Spanish dictator (Francisco Franco, Knight of the Order of Christ) published on the 3rd of May 1945, the day of Hitler's death. ("Reforme", 21st of July 1945.)

Secular authorities, whatever office they may hold, shall be admonished and induced and if necessary compelled by ecclesiastical exterminate in the territories subject to their jurisdiction all heretics pointed out by the Church..

Twelfth Ecumenical Council: Lateran IV 1215

News Item4/18/08 9:02 PM
Anthony  Contact via emailFind all comments by Anthony
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..try to make right what is is wrong... ... it is a sign of time.. natural value is no longer the the value to adhere...given the right to choose? chooes the right value and ways to follow.. otherwise ..time for the truth to overshadow the sinful value the trying to potray....

Survey12/14/07 10:09 AM
Anthony  Find all comments by Anthony
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Rom 5:1 Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ:

Rom 8:33 Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God's elect? It is God that justifieth.
Rom 8:34 Who is he that condemneth?

Why justification by faith?

Because it is by faith that we acknowledge our guilt before God and Identify with Christ the mediator, whose sacrifice propitiated God!

By faith we say I deserve to die for I have transgressed thy law, yet you have sent your son to die for me, he is my substitute and you have promised to pardon me on account of his suffering!

It is God that justifieth for it is he that provided the substiute for his elect!

It is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us.

Rom 3:24 Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus:

Survey12/14/07 9:30 AM
Anthony  Find all comments by Anthony
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I have not seen any evidence that I did not adress JD's comments to DB or Yamils comments to R. K. Borill therefore if any one is guilty of being of topic it is JD and Yamil!
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