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SEP 15, 2014
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Sermon Gospel Of The Kingdom vs Gospel Of Grace | Dennis Dills
Tom & Holly S from Ca
"Great bible study!! much blessed"
-9 hrs 
Sermon The Law and the Gospel | Marc Monte
Lisa from Wales
-10 hrs 
Sermon Women, the Word, and the Ministry | Jim Butler
Beverley from CANADA
-11 hrs 
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News Item1/5/14 7:29 PM
abideinthevine | no cal  Find all comments by abideinthevine
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ladybug wrote:
Once more, I reiterate; the doctrines of grace did NOT originate with Calvin.
It is clear, from a careful study of God's word, these essential doctrines originate with God himself. Calvin gets no credit for what God has already spoken. Sadly, most reject what God states because of pride and ignorance. To rob God of all glory due Him in the saving of a soul is sin.
Very important point.
Those in Christ are led of His Spirit and of the Bishop and Shepherd of our souls, Lord Jesus Christ.
The doctrine of Christ.
Some (say) I am of Apollos, I am of Paul,
one could add, I am of Calvin, but let the true Christian say, I am of Christ who alone was crucified who alone is
Messiah, Immanuel, God with us, come in the flesh, risen, alive, coming again.
The saints will be taken up and will judge the nations, for they have already been judged and ransomed by the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ who paid for sins of His people, every sin; for being God He alone has power to 'while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."

News Item1/5/14 7:15 PM
abideinthevine | no cal  Find all comments by abideinthevine
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In re: judgment of all on the last day;

Praise the Saviour Jesus Christ our Lord,
He stood in our place for judgment at Calvary. It is finished.
Those who are His people whom He came to save (Matthew 1:21 And they shall call His name Jesus for He shall save His people from their sin) have passed from death unto life in Christ. At the appointed time, all sheep belonging to the Good Shepherd, will be brought in.
Not one will be lost whose sins have been paid for.
So, on the last day, only the unsaved face judgment for they have been reserved unto that day.
The beauty of the Word of God made flesh will not change. One Saviour, One Lord,
one body, one faith.

News Item10/13/13 5:33 PM
abideinthevine | california  Find all comments by abideinthevine
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"They mean to tell us all was rolling blind,
Til accidentally it hit on mind."
words of a real journalist, Robert Frost.

News Item6/30/13 9:37 PM
abideinthevine | Northwest  Find all comments by abideinthevine
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The One True Living God is a God of Covenant, Order and Law.
His Covenant of Mercy in Lord Jesus Christ is sure, because God cannot lie.
The people of God should judge righteously and lawlessness is against God.
For that reason, true Christians will support lawfulness as a blessing to a nation. To support and reward lawlessness is a curse to a nation. Though many are not saved in the USA, it is still a mercy to encourage in every way adherence to those things which reflect Eternal God.
His faithfulness is demonstrated in His keeping of His word. We should support those manmade laws that are not against the Lord. Lawful immigration is not against the Lord. Lawless infiltration is contrary to the Lord.

News Item12/10/12 12:43 AM
abideintheVine | western US  Contact via emailFind all comments by abideintheVine
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Carbon dating is severely flawed. See the evidence related to Mt St Helens eruption for how the reality of rapidly the remains of cataclysmic events assembles into what can appear to look like it took many many years to assemble.
God said it. I believe it.
6 days, literal: ..'and morning and evening were the first day'...and so on.
The problem is not the evidence. The problem is unbelief.
Only the Lord God can give faith (Ephesians 2:8,9)
For by grace are ye saved through faith, and that not of yourselves, it is a gift of God, not of works lest any man should boast.
In the beginning is really the beginning.
Without any outside references, one can see through the Bible the confined space of time since the beginning.

News Item9/30/12 7:51 PM
abideintheVine | western US  Contact via emailFind all comments by abideintheVine
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This 'evangelical Christian' group is ECINO (ev in name only).
These leftist fake groups have sprouted all around on Christian leaning websites to hijack the Christian voice from the town square.
Do not be deceived, God is not mocked,
whatsoever we sow, we will reap.

Stand firm Hobby Lobby.
Even your rights as a citizen of Rome,
as it were, (USA in this case) allow you to have your accusers confront you in an open court. Those signatures mean nothing if they would support the very unBiblican and non Christ like statements made by their representative, a hireling calling him/herself a 'pastor'.

News Item8/19/12 5:56 PM
abideintheVine | western US  Contact via emailFind all comments by abideintheVine
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Once again Canada leads the way toward destruction.
First, they silence the gospel on their public airwaves: "Becasue the law worketh wrath: for where no law is, there is no transgression." Romans 4:15
The US should take heed. The removal of the 10 Commandments, though we cannot obey them, (yet they are a mercy to restrain sin)and, by God's grace to lead a sinner to repentance.
IF you visit western Europe you will find a desert where the word of God once flowed. The enemy succeeded in confiscation, removal, and now ignorance of the general population of the word of God. Then it is easy to
delude people as in Canada, to call good evil and evil good. Woe is that people who cannot discern it, and who do love to not discern what is good before God.

News Item4/8/12 7:13 PM
abideintheVine | western US  Contact via emailFind all comments by abideintheVine
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to "good news" quoting you:"until every last abortion clinic is put asunder, Jesus will continue to weld Evangelicals and Catholics evermore inseparably together."

What do you mean by this statement?
Lord Jesus came to save His people from their sins. He will never contradict His Word which says how can two walk together except they be of one mind. Evangelicals and Catholics are not of one mind. They can never even walk together let alone be welded together.
Again, what do you mean by that statement?
THe anti abortion movement does not signify a welding of true Christians with anyone including with papists.

News Item12/18/11 7:51 PM
abideintheVine | western US  Contact via emailFind all comments by abideintheVine
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km is correct.

News Item10/16/11 8:13 PM
abideintheVine | western US  Contact via emailFind all comments by abideintheVine
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Thanks, Street Preacher, for setting the record straight.
I have first hand experience of jesuit
'institutions of education'
Street Preacher is correct; Satanic is the nature of the education. They twist the Scriptures, are not qualified to instruct anyone in the Word of God as they do not believe in the True Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible.
They teach and believe a false Christ who is unable to save to the uttermost and needs dead people to be summoned
(necromancy forbidden by God) to help accomplish a form of salvation.
The jesuits and all roman catholic schools are confused, dangerous to our children, often bullying of families who are stuck in generational addiction to manmade religion.
The rc's believe evolution; they worship Mary, confer authority on a mere man, practice satanic rituals and
have historically corrupted the Word of God at every turn, even killing, as in burning at the stake, true believes such as John Hus. If you want to follow the purpose of this film, follow the money; why not homeschooling? While agreed on the corruption of public education, why isn't a Godly education a mission of true Christianity rather than a money making sideline? Because many protestant denominations have just followed rome all the way to the bank;

His Name -- The Mighty God
Jim Byrd
The Lamb and His Wife

Sunday, March 10, 2013
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First Baptist Church
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