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APR 24, 2014
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Sermon Godward Focus - The Puritans Got it Right | Dr. Joel Beeke
Myron King from Northern Ireland
"Absolutely right. May God incline my heart with such a desire. Set your..."
-6 hrs 
Sermon 10 Rules for Teaching the Text of the Bible | Sean E. Harris
Nikki from Georgia
-11 hrs 
Sermon The Biblical Doctrine of Forgiveness Part 7:... | Albert N. Martin
Katharine from New Jersey
-11 hrs 
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Sermon12/23/13 5:34 PM
WayneUK | Northumberland  Find all comments by WayneUK
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Rap and Hip Hop Discussion
Trevor Hammack
“ Great Sermon! ” 'The Apostles, who when they went out to minister to the Gentile world and confronted pagan culture, didn't resort to employing practices found in that same pagan culture to present the gospel to these pagans. They remained faithful to the methods God had ordained. The preaching of the cross of Christ was 'foolishness' to the Gentiles, 1 Corinthians 1:23, but it was blessed of God to the saving of souls and the separating of a people out from among pagan culture to live for and serve the living and the truth God. Surely it is best and Scriptural to remain true to what has the blessing of God upon it!'

News Item2/21/13 6:03 PM
WayneUK  Find all comments by WayneUK
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Must read!

Good one for my friend John UK and a must read for UK believers as the council fails to stop gospel witness

News Item2/19/13 10:46 AM
Wayneuk  Contact via emailFind all comments by Wayneuk
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kenny wrote:
My old friend, Wayne, perhaps?
Greetings Kenny!

Trust you are well.

I follow your posts and of course those of that old kill-joy 'JohnUk'- amongst many other fine brethren on SA. When time allows.

If you or any brethren on SA require any copies of the Daily Remebrancer (new edition and best one!)


I would be happy to help.

OR Sword and Trowel Subscription

Anything in the way of UK Christian subscriptions or books, just email

Sermon12/16/12 9:51 AM
Wayneuk  Find all comments by Wayneuk
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“ Wise words/Great sermon ”
'Bible' believing Christians need to listen to this sermon and reason from the scriptures to what is the real spirit of the xmas season, for where do we find a commandment or example in the NT for the pagan and romanist activities of December 25th that can even be found in some professing evangelical churches? Why celebrate Christ's birth on Dec 25th...where exactly in Holy writ?? If it isn't there then...?

News Item9/11/11 2:20 PM
WayneUK  Find all comments by WayneUK
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If you are converted after marriage and your unsaved wife hates the gospel, then decides to departt the family home and also deserting her 18 month son and 3 and 13 year old daughters, you just might begin to implore the Lord, with much tears, to grant you understanding with heart yearning sincerity for a true understanding of why the innocent party must suffer at the hands of brethren.

The Lord is indeed a revealer of secrets. My family bible reading was from Daniel and being prompted I then begged the Lord to reveal what my wife was up to. A few minutes later, on a shopping trip, my wife was discovered arm-in-arm with another man. Having been witnessed by her own children her heart was sorely struck with guilt to phone me and reveal she was in an adulterous affair and admiited to having commited fornication whilst still living with me, she also wanted a divorce on the grounds of her adultery,...all without my own prompting.

Now why should the innocent party not be free to remarry on either the grounds of Adultery and fornication or wicked desertion? Might I suggest we implore the Lord with much tears to reveal His understanding? Often that is how we come to have scripture truth revealed. God bless your own understanding John, I shall be in touch

News Item7/21/11 4:54 PM
wayneUK  Find all comments by wayneUK
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TS wrote:
You missed out the word "divinely"...
"While people in the ‘King James Only Movement’ hold a range of opinions, they generally believe that the AV is Divinely inspired. Although Dr White has at times put TBS in this camp, we do not hold this view."
There is a sense in which the KJV does not need to be "divinely inspired" since it is a copy of the original, in that respect it is the writers of the original who are what is termed "divinely inspired."
Yes thanks TS for the correction as it does really matter! Further proof of the necessity ONLY for faithful and accurate copies and to beware of omissions and also my need for new glasses

Does it Really matter?

News Item7/20/11 6:42 PM
WayneUK  Find all comments by WayneUK
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John UK wrote:
Trinitarian Bible Society has no truck with the KJV Only Movement, and denounces it.
"we cannot agree with much of Dr White's textual work, and are preparing a substantial article critiquing his book The King James Only Controversey, which we hope to publish on our website in due course" TBS Quarterly Record Magazine July 2011 page 30

" While people in the King James Movement hold to a range of opinions, they generally believe that the AV is inspired. Although Dr White has at times put TBS in this camp, we fo not hold this view." Same magazine page 30

In my humble opinion a majority of Christians reject the KJV through reading that one book by Dr White. Few have examined the whole debate and would be unable to even critique the book The King James Only Controversey, so put much faith in Dr Whites understanding. So before placing Dr White (a good Christian bro') on a pedestal, what if that majority are mistaken and he is wrong in some of his views?

If a person doesn't even know the Reformed protestant view on providential preservation and that is the view of the TBS. And have never even examined the TBS view, might they need to read that forthcoming critique also?!

News Item5/22/11 3:04 PM
wayneuk  Find all comments by wayneuk
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[1914 Watchtower false profit

Have a look at the cover of the JW publication...worth keeping when they next come to your door, scan down the James White articles to the pic...worth it

Deuteronomy 18:20-22 (King James Version)

20But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in my name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die.

21And if thou say in thine heart, How shall we know the word which the LORD hath not spoken?

22When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.

News Item4/26/11 4:52 PM
Wayneuk  Find all comments by Wayneuk
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Dr. Do Alot wrote:
HA, HA, HA !
The CAPS always did give you away and your JESUITIC(S) gymnastics, but we both know what I mean friend.

Why post such deception as 'a bible christian who belives' which has left a trail that will always lead back to the original TLC? When did you become a "Dr"?

I don't think you will be giving a side-splitting answer this side of eternity as an explanation, but you know that you are found out.

News Item4/26/11 4:23 PM
wayneuk  Find all comments by wayneuk
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Thanks Tony who posted quote:

"WHOLE-HEARTEDLY Stand Behind ANY & ALL Of My Previously Posted Comments; WITHOUT Equivocation(s), Mental Reservation(s) Or Purposes Of Evasion(s)--ESPECIALLY ALL THE COMMENTS OF MYSELF AND-OR THE MESSENGER'S REGARDING HELL-FIRE !

*As per My Comment(s) On 5/30/08 4:12 PM:

"He (The MESSENGER & WARRIOR) has made some very interesting statements on the literal existence of Hell/Hades that I found very un-nerving & disturbing.

For instances, He not only says that He has visited Hell/Hades a few times ALREADY; but He says that Satan has his Central-Command at the very HEAD of Hell.

He also said:

1.Hell/Hades is in the shape of a Humongous Human Body in the center of the Earth.

2.Hell has 12 Entrances & 6 Exits.

3.The Hottest Part of Hell is at the HEART--Where those who are Tortured/Tormented there are those who knew The TRUTH--But Did NOT Urgently Act/React upon IT; such as:

a.Take Jesus Christ as Personal Savior.
b.Pray & Testify To Others With The Biblical Gospel of Jesus Christ; To Keep Those Destined To Hell From Going There.

*AMEN, AMEN & AMEN ! ! !"
8/20/09 1:15 PM

An example of a deceiver at work Dr do a lot of posting Tony?

News Item4/26/11 4:11 PM
wayneuk  Find all comments by wayneuk
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John UK wrote:
Man that is one big deceiver!
Just proves the point doesn't it. Thanks bro.
"As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly."

TLC...he can't resist his foolish posting. Better to save your time and...!!!!!!!!

News Item4/26/11 3:48 PM
wayneuk  Find all comments by wayneuk
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John UK wrote:
Good news Jim, and you can stop behaving like Nebraska Man now, it is unbecoming.
Good news, there is a real live KJV-Onlyist cultist turned up, by the name of Tony Lopez Cisneros. He is certainly a KJV-Onlyist cultist
Worse than even that!

see 8/10/08 5:54 PM
Tony-A Bible christian who believes

He will be judged by his own words but is clearly out to deceive his former posts and takeheed.

Stick to your daft comics Tony

News Item4/26/11 3:26 PM
WayneUk  Find all comments by WayneUk
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Dr. Do Alot wrote:
Well, well, well, If It Isn't dr. do little--a Worse QUACK Than dr. zoloft !
What pills were you on when your friend was meeting aliens and visiting hell? Want a link to refresh your mind? They certainly weren't These

Tony said: I Suppose THE ALEXANDRIAN CULT Has Progammed You Quite Well These Last 30 Years !

My response: Sorry but I take the Trinitarian Bible society position on the authorised version


News Item4/26/11 3:06 PM
WayneUk  Find all comments by WayneUk
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Dr. Do Alot wrote:
Can The TRUE Christians Who Read This Sermonaudio Website See Through The FAKE & PHONEY "Postings" By "Jesuit(ic)s"
Yes Tony we can always spot YOU and I thought you were the biggest KJO nut for all the wrong reasons and in the same camp as Gail Ripplinger

Now you want to appear as you have progressed

How IS your comic reading progressing...Alberto and Chick etc

Deceivers always in my headlamps

News Item4/22/11 3:54 PM
wayneuk  Find all comments by wayneuk
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Rev. Stephen Hamilton wrote:
Our Nebraskan friend just has to keep riding his favorite hobby-horse! Des he live on here ? His little anti-KJV crusade is tiresome. However, despite his repeated (ad nauseum) attempts to discredit the Authorised Version, it still stands as a superior (though imperfect) translation of God's Holy Word. No matter that many seek to tar all KJV-supporters with the same brush ("foul-mouthed"??? fanatics) many of God's people continue to be blessed both by its reading and preaching. Yes there are some whose rhetoric on the matter is foolish and even childish, but that is also true of those who promote inferior translations. I would heartily commend some other reading on this subject, such as the excellent articles on the Trinitarian Bible Society web-site. The sermons on this site by speakers at TBS meetings are also recommended.

Jim went to University but he can't read the KJV

if the hat fits....

who me?


News Item4/6/11 2:46 AM
wayne UK  Find all comments by wayne UK
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John UK wrote:
Liberals?? Don't you mean Druidic Catholics?
A friend of mine was converted shortly after this wretch of a sinner was saved, partly through his witness. Now my ol' mate was into Dennis Wheatley in a big way, and the dark arts. When he was born anew and in his mind, he gathered all his dark books and burnt them in a big dustbin, renouncing them as evil. PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!
Now imagine, if you will, ol' Dennis and his cohorts and followers getting together and rampaging through London, smashing windows and killing people.
I say if I buy a book, I've a right to burn it if I want to. Like an MV for eg.
Good points John, shall be in touch soon

Burnt me toast this morning...should I now expect a visit from the Homepride men?


Homepride gestapo

On the phone


Homepride Fred, help

Sermon3/20/11 8:17 AM
Wayne UK  Find all comments by Wayne UK
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(This sermon is no longer available)
“ Great Sermon! ”
If you love the KJV then you should consider becoming a member of the Trinitarian Bible Society!

News Item12/16/10 5:21 PM
Wayne UK  Find all comments by Wayne UK
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Jim Lincoln wrote:
the favorite Bible of new religions and cults, like Mormonism
from [ What bibles were around when the mormons began? They don't really use the KJV do they? How many mormon testimonies would you like of those converted when they abandoned their own indoctrinating books and read the kjv for themselves?

I guess the Watchtower Society loved the KJV too?

I Timothy 3: 16 etc? Why did they go for their own NEW world translation?

Few Calvinists have had any problem with the KJV for 4 centuries untill very recently and much of what is new calvinism comes from modern versions.

Your argument is very weak when ecumenism began with the RSV and the KJV will be as rare amongst ecumenists as a parrot in the stead of a turkey xmas dinner.

So why don't the millions of ecumenists use the KJV

For your cultic argument to make any sense the ecumenists would be using the KJV too. So would the JW's? The neo-evangelicals?

News Item12/9/10 8:21 AM
Wayne UK  Find all comments by Wayne UK
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Jim Lincoln wrote:
I'm glad you came to God in spite of the obscure an bombastic version of the Bible.
Mmmmm...Jim. Thanks for your sincerety.

Yes in the AV I Timothy 3: 16 is a lot more obscure than the modern versions for any troubled by an anti-trinitarian cult as I was...wonder why the HS providentially provided the AV in my situation and Sovereignly guided to that text?

Excellent point Lurker: However, it was a study bible and in that regard the KJV was better in that it was free of the marginal notes of fallible men.


The Scofield Study Bible

For those who follow fallible notes without question.

News Item12/8/10 9:43 AM
Wayne UK  Find all comments by Wayne UK
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The heading says: 'Most under-35s have not heard of the king james Bible'

This is no surprise.

In a part of England I was 29 when I FIRST heard that Christ was God manifested in the flesh. I never heard it preached on the street and never had even a simple gospel tract thrust into my hand...

I came to hear the message after a knock on the door and the JW's invited me to their study where they offered their own 'bible' translation asking if I believed in the trinity (What was that?). Instead I returned home and the first words from my wife: 'I was tidying the drawers and found this old unopened Bible in the drawer'

An authorised version

I read through and came to I Timothy 3: 16 and there is where the blessed Spirit did work to convince and convict my heart.

If any came to Christ through another version then praise God. BUT...what is the purpose in attacking the authorised version?

Jim Lincoln can answer to God for many of his ridiculous posts, but careful examining of conscience will keep Christian brethren from raising vile attacks on a version so continually blessed of God...even in these days of apostacy, God still chooses to draw sinners through that old version.

So why argue about it (Jim) as the AV is evidentially God's choice instrument

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