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APR 24, 2017
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Sermon The Preaching of the Cross | Henry Mahan
Lisa from Wales
"Very blessed sermon thank you."
-3 hrs 
Sermon Don't Quit | Wilbert Ellis
Johnny from New zealand
-4 hrs 
Sermon ...and Also to the Greek | Caleb Bunch
Renee from United States
-8 hrs 
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Sermon3/25/17 12:37 AM
Wayne | Pa.  Find all comments by Wayne
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Two Men Praying
Shawn Davis
“ Must Hear ”
This says it all, and plain enough for a child to understand. Listen to it.

Sermon2/26/17 3:05 PM
Wayne  Find all comments by Wayne
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Chris G P, David isn't without his blind spots and dangerous books ... The Calvinism Debate David Cloud He that hath ears to hear ...Matthew 11:15 David Cloud and Calvinism

News Item1/29/17 4:57 AM
Wayne | Morpeth  Find all comments by Wayne
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B. McCausland wrote:
These views Spurgeon and Ryle held, if applied thoroughly nowadays regarding Hollywood's film entertaining industry, would substantially change the life-styles, customs, practice, and outlook of many a 'Christian'
The godly lifestyle of the men God greatly used- God's real instruments on fire ...

George Whitefield: ‘During the time of my being at school, I was very fond of reading plays, and have kept from school for days together to prepare myself for acting them. My master seeing how mine and my schoolfellows’ vein ran, composed something of this kind for us himself, and caused me to dress myself in girls’ clothes, which I had often done, to act a part before the corporation. The remembrance of this has often covered me with confusion of face, and I hope will do so, even to the end of my life’.

‘God enabled me to give a public repentance as to seeing and acting plays’ … ‘I wrestled with God to put in me a way to manifest the abhorrence of my former Sin and Folly.’ Hearing of a visit from a theatre group to town Whitefield had the printer publish ‘Mr Laws excellent treaty The Absolute Unlawfulness of the Stage Entertainment’ and God was pleased to give it His blessing.

News Item1/16/17 5:18 AM
Wayne | Morpeth  Find all comments by Wayne
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Yes Ladybug you are right from yesterday, he believes even Spurgeon is an enemy of God. Spurgeon said: "I have my own private opinion that there is no such a thing as
preaching Christ and him crucified, unless you preach what now-a-days is
called Calvinism. I have my own ideas, and those I always state boldly. It is
a nickname to call it Calvinism; Calvinism is the gospel, and nothing else."

Calvin was a great man, but the Bible is our only instructor; few would disagree that Calvin's a Great teacher of the Doctrines of Grace even if he did err (all men do), hence the nickname Spurgeon mentions and A W Pink uses. He certainly is our your friend on the Providential Preservation of Scripture-see Reformed Baptist Pastor Riddle an excellent resource.

Spurgeon on FREE WILL was a good read yesterday-see the sermon comments on here, or read:
Free Will—A Slave

Also having had contact with JohnUk over the years and reading BM's posts they are both well taught genuine believers, so hope there was a healing of the rift!

Sermon1/15/17 6:34 PM
Wayne | Morpeth  Find all comments by Wayne
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Possibly a major concern is that too many professing believers possibly watch too much TV? 'The Voice'; 'America (Britain's) Got Talent'; 'The X factor' and the soaps and virtually any thing on TV must have an influence through 'eye gate'. It is hard not to switch a TV on and see some vain celebrity or half dressed female or homosexual or Lesbian. The Passion crowd watching pro-homosexual Carrie Underwood are probably already desensitised and influenced by the celebrities they see on TV (many homosexual or lesbian) and often dressed inappropriately (if measured against the word of God), to care much about and discern sound doctrine at all! Yet they will know 'much' about the rock gods and vain celebrities and fashions of this world that they love ...yet,'For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is ***not of the Father***, but is of the world'. There was a time when homosexuality was unacceptable, even in the world. Now it is seen as a glamorous life choice. Is it a surprise the day is here that we have 'the life of pride' gay pride homosexual and lesbian 'Pastors', who are treat like glamorous celebrities? But what of the churchy crowd who put them on a pedestal? Can they be true believers?

Sermon1/15/17 5:48 PM
Wayne | Morpeth  Find all comments by Wayne
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He, that being often reproved ...
Pastor Chalan Hetherington
“ Great Sermon! ”
Excellent warning sermon.

News Item1/15/17 1:23 PM
Wayne | Morpeth  Find all comments by Wayne
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ladybug wrote:
Dangerous doctrines of demons were birthed by this devilish religion, including the using of free will to infiltrate Protestantism. This accursed gospel now has taken such deep root in American churches, you cannot convince those who hold to it of their error
I noticed the sermon below earlier and having just read your comment agree wholeheartedly with you. Listen to the first 40 seconds and see who he states are the enemies of the cross!!!

Calvinism - Another Gospel, another Jesus, another Spirit

Of course we have to expose false doctrine and as the Antichrist is head of the false church, then Roman Catholicism has to be exposed at every opportunity, and I had already read that Pulpit and Pen article this morning re: Thomas Schirrmacher

Glad you posted it and all should read it NOW and see how muddied the evangelical waters become without exposing falsehood and error and individuals!! Remember how Paul warned with tears-Acts 20:30,31

Thank you June Annette for your comments and I agree with all you kindly stated!!

News Item1/12/17 2:10 PM
Wayne | Morpeth  Find all comments by Wayne
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JuneAnnette wrote:
Facts about Bible Based Ministries
Providing teaching from the Word of God, and a biblical exposure of the Papal system and all that is associated with it.
Hi JuneAnnette

You provide some excellent information, Shaun has a sermon on SermonAudio from way back in 2003:

'Contending for Christ in South Africa'

He was at that time invited to N.Ireland by a choice saint-Cecil Andrews who has a ministry here:

Donald Blanton had a website years ago occasionally updated:

Have had a lot of contact with Shaun and Donald a few years back and also Cecil over the years. All three are godly saints, and I can see you have the same earnest faith as them Jude 3!!

Regarding Romanist STEVER, every time he posts nonsense, then the opportunity is there to warn and provide BIBLICAL TRUTH. Glad you do so!!

Matthew 24:4

“And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you

Sermon1/1/17 5:14 PM
Wayne  Find all comments by Wayne
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“ Great Sermon! ”
The first recorded professional tattoo artist in the United States was a German immigrant, Martin Hildebrandt-1846. The first professional tattooist in Britain- was in the 1870s. Californian Ward regarded as "the founding father of modern body piercing". In 1975, Ward opened a home-based piercing business in West Hollywood, which was followed in 1978 by the opening of Gauntlet Enterprises, "the first professional body piercing specialty studio in America." Also Ladyday it was 'The Village People' 1977 to 85 and the openly gay New Yorker Felipe Rose (the Red Indian) each one playing a different gay fantasy figure; he was an openly gay pop artist, as in the UK no one came out until the 80’s. (The openly gay founder Morali was infected by HIV in the mid-1980s and died of AIDS in 1991). The most openly gay 70’s pop star was American ‘Queen of Disco’ Sylvester, he attended the Castro's 1988 Gay Freedom Parade in a wheelchair dying of aids that same year. So America first exported sodomite music entertainers to the UK and particularly flamboyant Liberace back in the late 50’s, with Sylvester “an openly gay man throughout his career, Sylvester came to be seen as a spokesman for the gay community.” (Sylvester was brought up a Pentecostal).

Sermon1/1/17 10:51 AM
Wayne  Find all comments by Wayne
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“ Warning against 'Pop Culture' ”
In the UK another influencing for evil sexual deviant 80's pop 'star' also died this year-Pete Burns Beware of the influence of trendy TV... "Doctor Who returned to the BBC 2005, the latest project of homosexual Russell T Davies writer of 'Queer as Folk' who introduced explicit gay sex to prime time TV, in charge of a kids show?"  Then replaced by "From Sherlock to Doctor Who to Wolf Hall, Homosexual writer/actor/director Mark Gatiss is 'Mr Television' at the moment...his fingerprints all over the biggest and best shows on television". Gays are recreating the meaning of 'lurv' and normalising sodomy whether pop culture or other mediums, so be careful what we watch and what songs we sing, as it is the Devil's handiwork that provides the above 'finger prints all over TV'. Philippians 4:8 Gays should never be our entertainment and in every UK soap. Here's a few from the UK top 25 '(Gay)Pride power list 2016' to be wary of in 2017. The top 2: Ian McKellen actor Stephen Fry actor and also: Angela Eagle First Shadow Secretary of State, Labour Party Alan Carr comedian Phyll Opoku-Gyimah Co-Founder, UK Black Pride Rosie Spaughton & Rose Ellen Dix British vloggers who regularly vlog about sexuality and LGBT issues. Peter Tatchell LGBT campaigner & activist

Sermon12/4/16 12:48 PM
Wayne  Find all comments by Wayne
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“ Pericope Adulterae? Is it there? ”
From 1:09 Pericope Adulterae? Many Reformed Bible believers would disagree with you...why not invite Baptist Pastor Jeff Riddle for an interview, can be found in the SermonAudio search menu. 'the PA does appear in Codex D from the 5th century and it also appears in the early Old Latin manuscripts.  It is cited by Ambrose (c.  374 AD) and Augustine (c. 400 AD).  It is also cited by other early Christian writings including the Didascalia (Teaching) of the Apostles and the Apostolic Constitutions from the 3rd and 4th centuries respectively.  In the end, it prevailed in the majority tradition and appears in over 1400 Greek manuscripts. “If many accepted authorities disagree on a particular subject, we can’t say our favorite authority is the correct one—there may be many other equally respected authorities who disagree” Augustine, Jerome, John Calvin, Theodore Beza, and others.  Among contemporary scholars we could list:  Zane Hodges, Arthur Farstad, Wilbur Pickering, Maurice Robinson, and David Punch ( from Reformed Baptist Pastor Jeff Riddle )

Sermon10/26/16 2:43 PM
Wayne | Central Illinois  Find all comments by Wayne
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Dealing With Difficulties
Dr. Carl Herbster
“ Needed That ”
Thanks .. I really needed that. It was great

Sermon8/7/16 12:17 PM
Wayne | Blyth Northumberland  Find all comments by Wayne
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Wood, Qureshi, Dunn
Dr. James White
“ Interesting but... ”
'Reset 2016- Pope Francis himself (via video- a featured speaker.' A Berean would have concerns about why those evangelicals joined together with Popery(and with any educated evangelical apologist who is pretty vague on Rome, no matter how good on other issues), so I wonder if Seth was so way off beam to raise a few red flags that rightly needed addressing? I providentially came across his article and then your DVL, not knowing anything about 'Seth', but having searched for info re: Nabeel. 'RZIM does not have an official ministry position on the doctrines of the Catholic tradition; RZIM focuses its ministry on evangelism and apologetics and strives to stay true to that vision…” Ravi Zacharias International Ministries' 'Qureshi, he considers his cousin, a Roman Catholic Priest a brother in Christ. This is a cousin who apparently works at the Vatican. How could any educated Protestant theologian not see Roman Catholicism as something to “cut ties” over? Thank God Luther did. Luther put his life one the line to refute the Pope. Qureshi speaks with him.' Seth Dunn: Nabeel is a global speaker with RZIM Ravi Zacharias' reading books:

Sermon6/26/16 11:28 PM
Wayne | Texas  Find all comments by Wayne
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Why is it?
A. W. Pink
“ Great Sermon! ”

News Item2/26/16 5:19 PM
Wayne | Tassie  Find all comments by Wayne
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Because it's naive, does he think he could do a better job? Does he really know what's going on and if someone was to tell him would he listen or just suck up to John, when john denounces any conspiracies. I work in government and you people think you know...yes they are corrupt but they are far from peanut heads or jelly beans, they are smarter than the like of the people on here.

News Item2/26/16 3:44 PM
Wayne | Tassie  Find all comments by Wayne
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Dave wrote:
Well peanut brained jelly leg government, leased our northern port of Darwin, 99years. oh and slight oversight, we decided not to tell the USA until the Chinese came sailing into Darwin. What a bunch of nongs!
Under a month later and its panic stations now trying to build pour armed force's up to meet China once of aggression, and the Chinese are arrogant enough to have a go at our PM because China don't think Australia has a right to expand it's fighting capabilities!
C'mon guy's ww3 here, things are more precarious than ever in the world stage,
Someone asks will China start ww3 , no they won't, it's been decreed by God. China,Russia and even Turkey will soon be allies, Turkey is cranky with Russia, but they'll flip sides soon enough..
And what an announcement " Russia and USA come to peace deal on Syria? " in my life time we've been to war many times by proxy with Russia,
Come quickly Lord
Do you mind dave, who are you to have a go at our government, what do you know...better ask John from uk what he thinks...

News Item12/13/15 9:03 AM
Wayne  Find all comments by Wayne
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To John Yurich. I'd like to see the information or data that you have to backup your statement. Stats, anything would be appreciated.

News Item11/4/15 4:53 AM
Wayne | Northumberland  Find all comments by Wayne
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'A warning to America and Israel from an ex-Muslim'

Some very wise words

Sermon10/26/15 9:37 PM
Wayne  Find all comments by Wayne
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“ Good typical ”
Pastors, I listen to your commentaries all the time and appreciate your views on most topics including this one. However I disagree with you on tongues never being genuine. I have attended 2 Assembly of God churches and have experienced a lot of what I would say is not what is called for in Corinthians but have also been a part of genuine speaking in tongues with an interpretation and it appeared to edify the church. Not trying to argue, just giving my experience. I do agree that there is more abuse of tongues than not. I always enjoy your podcasts and look forward to them in the future.

Sermon9/9/15 7:19 PM
Wayne | S C  Find all comments by Wayne
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Massah, Meribah, and the Gospel
Voddie Baucham
“ Great insight ”
I bave listened to this sermon multiple times gleaning something new eacb time and have shared with many friends thank you for your ministry
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