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MAY 24, 2015
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Sermon Study 7: Idolatry - The fatal exchange | Ray Bell
Redeemed from Word of God
"Please bless this pastor for his labor of love in bringing simplicity..."
-14 hrs 
Sermon There shall come in the last days scoffers | Pastor Chalan Hetherington
Lottie from Ohio
-16 hrs 
Sermon God's Purpose For His People | Rev. Colin Mercer
Denise Louise Choate from United States
-16 hrs 
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Sermon1/20/15 4:21 PM
victoria | mexico, (chiapas)  Contact via emailFind all comments by victoria
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Carta De Amor
Alejandro Bullon
“ Great Sermon! ”
me gustaria escuchar mas audios, pero casi todos estan en ingles

Sermon8/8/14 11:53 AM
victoria | Sun City center Florida  Contact via emailFind all comments by victoria
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Atheist of the United states whether side with the Homosexuals then a Christian. Christians have freedom too we do not serve a Homosexual a cake for their weddings it's are right to refuse service it's a free country.

Blog4/14/14 4:36 PM
Victoria | Nairobi  Find all comments by Victoria
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Wow wow brother. Very well put, Glory to

Sermon2/14/13 6:22 PM
Victoria | Montana  Contact via emailFind all comments by Victoria
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“ This is a Great Sermon! ”
This is a very encouraging sermon. It is only by that precious faith from above given as a gift. It is precious because it is found nowhere in this earth, cannot be earned as, it is purely grace from above. What a precious manifestations of Christ by the abiding Holy Spirit.

Sermon1/29/13 9:02 PM
Victoria | Montana  Find all comments by Victoria
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Precious teaching. This is a treasure, for us to be brought into this deep preaching of the love relationship of the church with her head, the head, Christ Jesus. To see the woman with the alabaster box of ointment was a picture of the church, the bride of Lamb of God to whom Christ died and bleed washed them from their sins - pointing us to the thought of Christ's love, how much precious His people to Him - Who now in glory looking to the heart of His church in one company, one ointment of the Spirit of love and unity.

Sermon8/13/12 11:02 PM
Victoria | Montana  Find all comments by Victoria
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“ Great Sermon! ”
TRULY SPIRITUAL TRUTH IS FORM ABOVE!And why should it stagger thee, Nicodemus-who never really expected these scriptures to be fulfilled, except in subservience to thine own limited concept of Israel and the kingdom-that God should proclaim peace on earth, and goodwill towards men? Who hath believed our report? What report? John the baptist report: 'Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away....Was that never reported to him? Surely it was. But their ears were uncircumcised, their minds were blinded, and the veil(THE LAW)was upon their heart, else they would have known what had been so clearly testified to them already, and witnessed before their faces even up to that very hour.

Sermon8/2/12 10:14 PM
Victoria  Contact via emailFind all comments by Victoria
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John's Ministry Descends
Charlie Frederico
“ Great Sermon! ”
I was so blessed by this sermon as how you had presented from the text what was lacking in the church today. Discipleship! as seen in the turning over from John the baptist to Jesus, from the testifying of the light to The Light. This is awesome if only be given by God to His true people in the 'ecclesia', (of which I don't lose hope), since we lost a lot from the past - the true church which was from the beginning and ever shall be world without end. Amen

Sermon8/2/12 5:18 PM
Victoria | Choteau Montana  Contact via emailFind all comments by Victoria
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The First Miracle
Charlie Frederico
“ Great Sermon! ”
Water Made To Wine -- John 2:9 - the first sign which is more than a miracle. Place: Cana of Galilee. Why Cana? What is its significance? Cana's significance is its total insignificance. What is in Cana of Galilee? No temple, no religion, as a city, can't be compared like Nazareth is a city. 'Is there anything good coming from Nazareth?' It is in Jerusalem that has got the glory. What's Cana got? Let them nothing. It has got one thing, Christ is there! No religion, no temple, no ceremonies, no priest, no Levites, no forms, but this, nothing but Christ. Risen the third day from the dead in a figure with His own people drawn to Him, where Christ is all and in all in virtue of the fact that there's nothing else there! Is that how you are? What a place to get to. Nothing but Christ. Nothing you can do, nothing they can do, nothing I can do, nothing else you try you can do. But everything in this place, Christ has done all for this person 'for being at such a place'. Where nothing exist but Himself. Religiously speaking, is this how I am, is the lesson I got.

Sermon1/1/10 6:30 PM
Victoria | Tustin CA  Contact via emailFind all comments by Victoria
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A Living Stone
Pastor Michael Pickett
“ Great Sermon! ”
A very comforting sermon. God sees us different from what we see in us. He chooses His people for His own purpose and use. They are set aside until they are made ready. He sees them what they will be. He chooses and He does what He desires, it is not haphazard. He is careful for what they had been planned for - a living stone. The place where the Lord is present, it is a Holy place. Living stone, they have different shapes but cut and shapen perfectly for the building of His people, the Chief Cornestone is Christ. All glory belongs to the Lord.

Sermon3/29/09 7:51 PM
Victoria  Find all comments by Victoria
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The Living God
Pastor Michael Pickett
“ Great Sermon! ”
God will cleanse His people from all idols in His own perfect time, when He gives that faith as "fire of belief to consume that great Sacrifice" and fear Him as the start of a great relationship between the redeemed and the Redeemer. All things come from God, even that believing faith. We are helpless without the Holy Spirit. That is why we found ourselves in distress in different measure until God comes. "I will also leave in the midst of thee an afflicted and poor people and they shall trust in the name of the Lord". (Zephaniah 3:12).

Sermon12/21/08 3:38 PM
Victoria | Tustin CA  Find all comments by Victoria
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God accepteth thy person
Pastor Michael Pickett
“ Great Blessings fr. God's Word today 12-21-08 ”
"...for God now accepteth thy works." What a blessing to be given that knowledge of Christ's salvation through His precious blood, that the compelation of my rejoicing comes from that given faith to believe that Christ's imputed righteousness, God accepted my works and therefore make my heart merry not only in this earthly life but in life to come, when He comes back to bring me to His eternal glory to Whom I was joined forever.

Sermon11/30/08 5:32 PM
Victoria  Contact via emailFind all comments by Victoria
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Now mine eye seeth Thee
Pastor Michael Pickett
“ Great Sermon! ”
This sermon has led me to realize how dreadful sin is. When you see against whom you have committed it, IT IS MORE DREADFUL. It produces hopelessness, not in God's mercy, but in self. HOPELESSNESS IN SELF WILL BE THE SURE EFFECT. I REALIZE the initial step in the life of a Christian, the initial step toward heaven by a pilgrim, what is it? IT IS DEATH. For how can I take the second step, faith in the Lord Jesus, if I never take this first step? How can I be a believer in redemption, if I am not first a believer in my bondage and my sins? And if I never mourn over sin in me, how can I ever come to rejoice in Christ Jesus?

Sermon11/2/08 7:46 PM
Victoria | Tustin CA  Find all comments by Victoria
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My Children Walk in Truth
Pastor Michael Pickett
“ Great Sermon! ”
In this sermon speaks of the Apostle John's love of the Truth and his hatred for the lies of false gospel doctrine which stands out in his heart. The sermon emphasized the evidence of true conversion by a constant walk in the love of Truth and in the interest of Christ and hearing that "my children" walk in truth expressed John's affection and chiefest joy. What an awesome exposition of the "Great Shepherd's" affection in this epistle.

Rev. John Greer
Overcoming Worry & Wickedness

Motto Text for 2002
Sunday - AM
Ballymena Free Presbyterian
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Pastor Chalan Hetherington
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Jon Couch
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Lost Generation

Evangelism Awakening
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