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OCT 23, 2016
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Sermon The Spiritual Common Cold | Reg Kelly
Ann from Virginia
"Pastor Reg Kelly, it was a real blessing to hear this sermon. God Bless..."
-11 hrs 
Sermon Fellowship In The Gospel | Allan Jellett
Kathy Henagan from Pineville, Louisiana
-13 hrs 
Sermon The Church of Virtual Reality! | Robert Rubino
Samantha M from Georgia
-18 hrs 
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Sermon8/5/16 2:25 PM
Tyler | Pa  Find all comments by Tyler
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“ Awsome sermon. ”
This is so important. These kids are growing up in harder and harder times as the devil corrupts more and more. We must all follow the Lord above all things much more so than just learning knowledge of things. Above all a relationship with God seems to be what he desires. A walk with God will allow the potter to form us all but we cant have a relationship with Christ when we just learn knowledge and not put knowledge of Christ into practice through A Church body and a walk with Christ.

Sermon7/16/16 11:29 PM
Tyler  Find all comments by Tyler
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A Tale of Two Kingdoms
Chuck Rennie
“ Great Sermon! ”
Excellent follow up to the morning sermon! I'm so thankful that we have this ability to hear sermons if we miss them. Though not a replacement for being in the worship service in person, this really encouraged me and I pray will prepare me well to step back into the book of Esther this coming Sunday. Excellent, praise God for His wisdom and providence!

Sermon10/8/15 4:02 PM
Tyler  Find all comments by Tyler
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“ Exceptional! ”
Soooo much truth in one sermon. The Lord is preparing his body of believers and any follower of Christ will need to put on the whole armor of God that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. Every aspect. The whole truth we must know which is in Christ. It will not be found anywhere else. Thank you sooo much Pastor Cooley for following and keeping your eyes and heart on Christ!!

Sermon8/13/15 2:39 PM
Tyler  Find all comments by Tyler
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“ Great Sermon! ”
you are truly doing the will of the Father Pastor Cooley! You mention stuff like this all the time but it was so great to hear you mention how you want your ministry to save people from this world and its lies. This is also the will of God and he does it through your ministry and i am proof of that. A few years back i was broken and prayed for truth and God led me to youe sermons which had so much power that everything i ever heard up to that point was burned to nothing. The Lord used you to yank me out of a lulled to sleep false Christianity like the world teaches and out of the firea of hell where i was headed and turned me and saved me to walk in newness of life! I have told you this in email but i want others to see this to get them to listen to tbe truth as well so the Lord can wash them. I have listened to every sermon many times and have heard nothing but the truth loud and clear lifted up like a trumpet. may God bless and save all that will be willing to lie their lives down and let the Holy spirit drive their vessels which is loving the lord. I tell you all that read this that I can assure you that all things in the world are vaine accept the eternal things spoken of the Eternal God so abide in him and his son and his word which must be truth because he is Holy.

Sermon7/5/15 7:20 AM
Tyler | Pa  Find all comments by Tyler
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Pastor Cooley, it doesnt get anymore real than this! Never give up please always abide in the power of the Lord he will sustain you because these people out here need you. I have been listening to your sermons now for 2 years every single one, some multiple times and the power of God is in the word truly. It brings me to my knees when i thinm of how merciful our God is to have faith now to see and ears to hear we can watch his work manifest in the world. God bless you all and i cant thank you enough.

Sermon5/28/15 11:36 AM
Tyler | State college pa  Find all comments by Tyler
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Help! My Wife Isn't Saved!
Jason Cooley
“ So applicable to so many!! ”
Pastor Cooley the Lord has you helping us all. Single or married doesnt matter everyone with ears to hear can benefit from this sermon. I myself was close to marriage a couple years ago and became saved and she said i changed so much that she didnt know who i was so therefore no longer could love me. I have not found one since that is willing to follow God's order so many have been out of the question for me. I know i must follow Gods ways or else will recieve a cursed mess rather than a blessing. There is always hope that God will have a biblical wife out there for all the single. If not we should accept that we have all the more time with the Lord when we have no wife so either way should be good to a saved person. It should be Gods will for our lives for we are none our own. This sermon appeals to all and helps all. This all applies to ladies as well not just men. One can have that lonely feeling from being alone but God will fill that sufficiently with the Holy spirit if we get in the word. Thank you and God bless!!

Sermon4/28/15 3:52 PM
Tyler | PA  Find all comments by Tyler
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“ Wow again! ”
I have to thank you again Pastor Cooley for another amazing sermon of truth that we all must hear. These are the days. Right now! He must increase and i must decrease! We all must be mindfull pf these things.

Sermon4/28/15 2:27 PM
Tyler  Find all comments by Tyler
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Whispers of the Wicked One
Jason Cooley
“ Not natural but of the most high God! ”
Through these sermons the listeners hear not the voice of a man but the voice of the holy spirit through a man! Literally. Try any of these sentences and you will find they are exactly what the KJV says! All truth. This book we must follow for it is the truth. Heaven and earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass away! Christ is the word that was with God and is God and will always be God. That law in the ark that required blood written in the heart same as in the tabernackel. And they overcame the devil with the blood of the lamb and his testimony and they loved not they're lives unto death. This is the victory! They arent out lives they are now God's lives. Amen!

Sermon3/19/15 2:46 PM
Tyler | PA  Find all comments by Tyler
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“ Outstanding!! ”
Now that is an effective message. It brings a man down to where he needs to be in order to grasp what the message means and the magnitude of the difference between eternity and being in time. The difference between an allmighty God and man. Truly amazing. Something all people need to hear.

Sermon1/29/15 9:55 AM
Tyler | Pa  Find all comments by Tyler
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“ So perfect and true and confirming!! ”
Once again words spoken directly from the Holy spirit into the ears of the hungry. So many of us grew up without this model of biblical living and have been starved but God's grace abounds making all things possible. This is whAt the Lord has taught me by keeping me single the past two years now i enjoy just the Lord and I so much that I am complete being single and with the Lord. You learn so much if you just will trust him and study and do his will. The lord will show you the way singles even though its hard at first he will show you completeness if you will hang in there. Its hard to see at first but he will bless you so do exactly as this sermon says and also as the lord purges you of sins be sure to put that ritchousness on to fill the gap or you will feel empty untill you do. Excellent sermon for a dying world praise God and bless old paths forever amen!!

Sermon11/14/13 5:22 PM
Tyler | Southwest USA  Find all comments by Tyler
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Kenneth Copeland: PTSD Pt2
Trevor Hammack
“ Great Sermon! ”
Copeland needs to be on medication. A real charismatic nutcase. I wouldn't feel comfortable in a restaurant if he was there too, unless he was in a restraint.

Sermon3/3/13 7:37 PM
Tyler  Find all comments by Tyler
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Wage War! - 4
Pastor Marc Brashear
“ Thank You ”
Thank you Pastor Marc for the clear teaching. I am always amazed at how providential the text is when the expository preaching is consistent. Thank you for your faithfulness, and your heart for the brethren, the lost, and more importantly for Christ.

Rockingham, Western Australia
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