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AUG 20, 2014
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Sermon The Danger of Leaven | Reg Kelly
Yvonne from Maryland
"I can't download the sermon either!! Help!!"
-4 hrs 
Sermon REV01 The Principles for Interpreting Revelation | Joe Morecraft III
Joe Carlin from Indiana
-4 hrs 
Sermon The Kingdom of Jesus Christ, Part 2 | Joe Davis
Ross Hankins from Indiana
-5 hrs 
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Sermon8/2/12 2:32 PM
Tracie Hall | Fort Mill, SC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Tracie Hall
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Farewell Message
Bryan Denlinger
“ You'll Be Greatly Missed! ”
Bro. Byan, I am so grateful for your ministry here on SermonAudio and will miss not being able to hear more sermons. However, I plan to tune into the King James Video ministry, and Lord willing, continue to support you in your work there just the same as I did here. Be encouraged in following the Lord, and pay no attention to the negative words of others. He will bless you in all you do when you follow Him. He will bless you and the wife that HE has given you to get settled in your new life together where HE wants you to be. I am also in prayer that the Lord will do great things through Brother Jessie Delewski in this ministry as well.

Sermon7/10/12 2:41 PM
Tracie Hall | Fort Mill, SC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Tracie Hall
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The Danger Of Convenience
Bryan Denlinger
“ Words of Comfort! ”
Certainly a good reminder to trust the things that God has made convenient which are far better than what the world offers. Sermons like this speak much peace and comfort to me. I know now a little more of why my husband and I enjoy the peace of the woods that surround our home so much lately,taking walks on the greenways here, and we both are more and more enjoying the increased study of God's word over TV. It brings joy and peace, and draws us closer to our Father. God is so awesome! Thank you Bro. Bryan. God bless you.

Sermon2/29/12 12:32 PM
Tracie Hall | South Carolina  Contact via emailFind all comments by Tracie Hall
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“ What Great Encouragement! ”
A wonderful reminder of God's sovereignty! Excellent message and so encouraging! If we have faith in our salvation, we should also place our faith in God's sanctifying work. Keep trusting God. Don't let Satan make you doubt God's provision and faithfulness. He's the loving Author and Finisher of our faith. He will never leave or forsake us. God bless you brother!

Sermon2/15/12 9:34 AM
Tracie Hall  Find all comments by Tracie Hall
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The Corrupt Charismatic Cult
Bryan Denlinger
“ Great Sermon! ”
I appreciate this overview on the Charismatic movement. It is indeed a movement in which believers need to be warned of. Many believers are encountering family members and friends of this movement and need to be biblically informed on how to deal with them on a personal basis. This tends to be a very intimidating movement threatening others who they feel "shouldn't touch God's annointed!" when they are confronted. I hope and pray that Bryan will be led to add more to this and make it a series of some sort. It is truly an extensive topic to tackle, and is hard to do in just one teaching; but greatly needs the attention. This sermon is greatly appreciated. We need a biblical response when confronting these tough topics. God bless you Bryan for faithfully and boldly bringing this subject to the forefront for others to know about. Let's see more on this.

Sermon1/27/12 11:54 AM
Tracie Hall | Fort Mill, SC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Tracie Hall
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No Local Church?
Bryan Denlinger
“ Rarely Spoken & Very Encouraging Truth! ”
I greatly appreciate the faithful preaching that I've enjoyed from this and other sermons by this dear brother in Christ. This is a very important truth that needs to be heard in the Christian community. Too many sincere believers are being discouraged by the false notion that they have to attend a local church. My relationship with Christ has grown since coming out of the unfaithful churches. It's good when believers can find a faithful assembly to be a part of; but it needs to be truthfully preached what the scriptures say concerning this subject! Well done! I pray many sincerely seeking Christians will be blessed to come upon this sermon as I have. My relationship with Christ has grown and become a strong and true relationship as a result of understanding this truth in which your sermon brings out!

Sermon2/8/09 2:24 PM
Tracie Hall | Fort Mill, SC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Tracie Hall
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“ Message of Hope! ”
I'm so grateful for messages like this from the faithful few that are still desirous to hold fast to the word of God. I also have family who have abandoned the true and needed doctrine of the pre-trib rapture and it has been both mind-boggling as well as heart-breaking. If ever there was a time when we needed to hold to this doctrinal truth is now!! This is only an evidence of the sadly growing apostasy that has produced apathy and set the stage for the antichristian mentality that says man will solve all problems here on earth. I will keep looking for the soon, imminent hope of the rapture. It's a sure hope!

Sermon3/2/08 11:54 PM
Tracie Hall | Wilmington, NC  Find all comments by Tracie Hall
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“ If You Need Your Faith Renewed Listen To This! ”
This message helped to remind me of where my faith needs to always rest, whether in trials or in prosperity. But especially in trials or testings, we must always remind ourselves that God is our "Father". He loves us, and has a reason for all that we face in this life to prepare and prove us as His dear children. We must seek to surrender our lives to His care. I have been blessed by the word of God purely and humbly given from this faithful vessel.

Sermon11/17/07 11:45 PM
Tracie Hall | Wilmington, NC  Find all comments by Tracie Hall
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The Battle for the Mind
Jeff Arthur
“ Very exhortative! ”
Was greatly blessed to hear such a message as this! A wonderful anedote to a joyous and peaceful walk with the Lord!

Sermon3/13/07 9:51 AM
Tracie Hall | Wilmington, NC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Tracie Hall
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“ Worth The Listen! ”
Preach the truth and see how popular your messages will be. Only the few willing the make the committment to entrust all to Christ and forsake all for Him will travel that narrow road. It is not the broad road of self made religion, but the way Christ Jesus has provided; but you must forsake all to follow Him. I pray that this message will encourage both laymen and ministers alike to continue pressing our way in age where many are turning away from the faith, and preach and live only the truth; for only then can we have the confidence that we are His and are ready to meet Him.

Sermon3/12/07 12:44 PM
Tracie Hall | Wilmington, NC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Tracie Hall
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What About the Carnal Christian?
Pastor William Poss
“ Good For Self-Examination..... ”
I do appreciate messages like this that gives the truth as it relates to the dangerous doctrine of the carnal Christian. It does seem to be just another excuse to live a life after the flesh, while claiming the insurance of salvation. It's deceptive, and we all need these kinds of sermons that remind us of the truth relating to the true Christian regeneration experience. There are too many confident professing Christians who may be in error as it relates to their salvation. Only the truth will set us free. I was glad to hear him speak about how many carnal or nominal Christians like to only speak of God in terms of "love, love, love", while ignoring the fact that He is also a Holy God that hates sin and wickedness in men. This should cause trembling and fear in such false confident professors of Christ, but instead bringing out the truth of this will always cause the natural man to be hostile. Alot of Christians shun close self examination of their faith, but I am glad to hear from this sermon that it is a good thing to do; especially in such a deceptive and increasingly wicked time. This sermon will be an important part of my audio sermon library. I am grateful to Elder Poss for the preaching of God's truth.

Sermon3/11/07 8:19 PM
Tracie Hall | Wilmington, NC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Tracie Hall
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The City of God (vs. the City of Man)
Pastor Joseph LoSardo
“ I Greatly Appreciate This Sermon! ”
Wonderful exposition on the Kingdom of God in contrast to earthly kingdoms of men. Staying true to the scriptures, this message helps to dispell false Christian movements which seek to advance the kingdom through carnal means and carnal reasoning, in showing why they are unbiblical. It also helps the believer to gain a more clearer understanding of how Jesus Christ is already advancing the Kingdom, our real role in this, and the glorious aspects of it's future that awaits us. I'm very appreciative once again for the pure preaching from God's word from this minister.

Sermon3/7/07 5:52 PM
Tracie Hall | Wilmington, NC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Tracie Hall
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King of Truth
Pastor William Poss
“ Important Message! ”
I greatly appreciate this message on how believers can and must always see the authoritative and divine word of God in the scriptures. It cuts to the quick in dispelling the lies of relativism. I appreciate this greatly as a believer.

Sermon2/28/07 1:23 PM
Tracie Hall | Wilmington, NC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Tracie Hall
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Mild He Lays His Glory By
Pastor Joseph LoSardo
“ Excellent Message! ”
I truly give thanks to God the Father for graciously enabling Pastor LoSardo to wonderfully expound upon the rare message of the glory of God, and how we as believers have been given this glory through grace and truth. After recieving true revelation and understanding of this message, it cannot help but give the true believer an even more clearer understanding of our purpose here on earth as we await redemption, and an even greater picture of the eternal hope that is to come!! It cannot help but be a purifying hope, that sets a focus heavenward to the eternal glory that awaits us! So encouraging and inspiring a message!

Sermon11/9/06 10:31 AM
Tracie Hall | Wilmington, NC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Tracie Hall
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“ Timely Message! ”
Self-indulgence and sufficiency is indeed a sin that puts the world in the Christian and keeps them from having the heart of God. I am grateful for this message. The heart that truly longs for and seeks after God, and seeing sufficiency in Christ alone is one who can be truly in this world and not of it. I pray that the Lord will give me more of a desire for Him and to know and understand Him. Regardless of what the majority may do in Christendom, we can't look to the world's standards as a measure to judge heavenly standards. When we see, with a heart of true contrition, God's divine standards, through the finished work of Christ, we can rightly focus on the goal set before us with great reverence and love for the One who redeemed us. Glory be to God for this exhortative message of truth.

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