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JUL 31, 2014
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Sermon Commands to The Unable | Gary Shepard
Scott from Texas
"Praise be to The Lord for this message. Concerning salvation, 'with man it..."
-9 hrs 
Sermon Burning An Image Never To Be Erased In Your Mind | Jason Cooley
Lanka from Canada
-9 hrs 
Sermon Can’t You See the Sign? | Pastor Andrew Webb
Mac from Va
-10 hrs 
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Sermon6/19/14 10:56 AM
Tara | Maine  Find all comments by Tara
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Don't Complain
Jim Wood
“ Excellent! ”
We were so encouraged by ths sermon! How often we complain, thank you for the exhortation to rejoice in all things!!

Sermon4/19/14 1:11 PM
Tara | Maine  Contact via emailFind all comments by Tara
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How to Pray
Jim Wood
“ I so needed to hear this! ”
I needed to hear this so bad! Thank you for your faithfulness to the Word and for pointing me back to my Daddy. When I first got saved we started attending some word of faith type churches, we would hear the truth of God being our Father and the importance of leaning on Him for our every need, but along with that came the name it, claim it teachings and when we saw people saying things and not living them out and saw the name it, claim it as being error I'm sad to say I threw out all the teachings, I became very rule oriented (satan is a judo expert) so instead of the living sinfully while claiming grace, I went the other direction too far and became rather phariseeacle in my thinking and very rule oriented and judgemental? Over the last couple years our merciful Father has been showing me this and showing me truth. So much if that through your teachings, when we were in Tennessee and since we have come back to Maine. The enemy attacked heavily today (even my children saw it) to keep us from listening in for our daily devotion time, but it became clear why as we listened in, thank you for this sermon, its life changing. - Tara D.

News Item4/1/14 11:19 AM
Tara | Canada  Find all comments by Tara
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Oh, those poor kids! Those smugglers should be tried for murder, that is what the end result would have been. We need to pray for those guards, what a tough job.

News Item4/1/14 11:15 AM
Tara | Canada  Find all comments by Tara
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Lady virtue, well said. It reminds me of the story in the bible that talks of the woman cutting their babies from the wombs, we think "oh, how brutal and barbaric!" And to think , they didn't even have the ultra sound imagery yet, to see the beautiful little babies. We have ghetto imagery, we know how they develope, we know they are unique and yet, we rip them from the womb, by selfish, self serving people. THEN, if they make it out alive and seem viable yet, we deny them medical care. We call it a baby if we want it, and a fetus if we don't. Aren't we glad our mothers chose to be bothered enough to have us! Argh, Jesus, please come soon.

News Item3/27/14 11:43 AM
Tara | Canada  Find all comments by Tara
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Praise The Lord. What a humble, apologetic letter. I'd take my hat off if I wore one! I think we need to keep praying for steadfastness to those in these positions, and attemp not to sin in our response to such decisions. God is good.

News Item3/25/14 11:13 AM
Tara | Canada  Find all comments by Tara
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I think we will see this more and more as organizations try to stay afloat and out of the spot light in a negative way with the world. It is so sad that as proclaiming Christians can not hold firm to their God given standards. The world can't understand it or be expected to live by morals they don't believe in.
I think we need to not turn this into hate for gays as that is the fuel that feeds secular opinions of us. We need to pray for leaders that they would hold firm. I believe there can be a Christian with sexual deviance towards homosexual acts, just like there are Christians who struggle with adultery and drunkeness; however, I do not believe one truly born again of the spirit can willingly and openly live and embrace in any of those activities. It should grief them terribly and be a constant struggle against the flesh. As Christians, we are not perfect, but if the Holy Spirit is in us....we should not willingly embrace sin; what ever it may manifest itself as. Let's keep our focus to the sin at hand, and the promotion of such.

News Item3/19/14 11:45 AM
Tara | Canada  Find all comments by Tara
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Hahaha, the verse of the song is not "Norwalk". It it "break my heart for what breaks yours" . Love auto correct!

News Item3/19/14 11:44 AM
Tara | Canada  Find all comments by Tara
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I think some of you have stepped away from the real issue here; the persecution on Christians, or people in general. The verbal attacks on each other is silly, divisive, and non-sensical. I too have to agree that we don't need to watch this kind of stuff to "man up". I think of a song we sing in church and one of the lines "Norwalk my heart for what breaks yours", and that my friend, should be enough. It s only through much prayer, unity, love, and perceverance, that we can begin to fight and she'd light on this human rights violation.

News Item2/15/14 11:11 AM
Tara | Canada  Find all comments by Tara
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Arien is totally right. They were never the elect.

Sermon2/14/13 5:06 PM
Tara | Canada  Find all comments by Tara
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Birth Control and Family Planning
Stephen Gambill
“ Great Sermon! ”
Great sermon! I really like the fact that the pastor takes an fair and biblical approach to the topic. The only issue is that some of the people of the congregation don't let him finish his points before assuming he's saying something else. I do see this as a good thing though as it's pricking to the conscience. :) Too many pastors try to cater to their congregation, but this one is diligently trying to please God.

News Item11/24/12 12:36 PM
Tara | Canada  Find all comments by Tara
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We read in the Old Testament where babies were being cut from the womb and think, how barbaric, only in a day when people were barbaric and human rights were unheard of. Then we name the baby a fetus and do it in a surgical atmosphere and think we 've come so far in human rights and general civilization. It is worse for today then it was yesterday. We now know our DNA is unique from the first cell, God told us from the beginning we were knit together in our mothers womb. It doesn't say we were an accident tossed together carelessly.
We should be ashamed and disgusted beyond all measure to even contemplate termination of an unborn child.

Sermon11/3/07 11:55 PM
Tara | Canada  Find all comments by Tara
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Finally a non-biased look on alcohol from scripture!

'The End of Modern Medicine'
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