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APR 27, 2017
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Sermon Secrets#18 Creation of Woman | Dr. James M. Phillips
Marilyn from Dyer, Nevada
"What a great message full of secrets from Genesis."
-2 hrs 
Sermon God's Mandate for God's Man | Guy Walker
Deanna/James from Montgomery Creek
-2 hrs 
Sermon Potiphar's Wife | Mike Walker
Sherrill Godfrey from NC
-3 hrs 
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Sermon2/25/16 10:48 AM
susan z.  Contact via emailFind all comments by susan z.
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“ Amaazing Grace perfectly preached! ”
Thank you for this profound and wonderful message of truth and hope and mercy and grace. Wow, so amazing!

Sermon9/16/14 5:41 PM
Susan Z. | Canada  Contact via emailFind all comments by Susan Z.
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“ forgot to say... ”
The SDA Sabbath school lessons come out of the SDA General Conference, which dictates all of what they teach everyone on Saturday mornings. The lesson booklets have lessons for adults as well as children's lesson plans. These lessons often include passages from EG White's writings written into the lesson but then does not give any citation to indicate that this is including such writings let alone where they are from. This, again, is deceptive, or at very least, sloppy writing. The SDA learners/Sabbath School attenders are misled to assume this is coming straight out of the Bible. Often SDA members will say things like Adam was over 9 feet tall, thinking it is in the Bible when in actuality it is one of EG White's "prophecies".

Sermon9/16/14 3:23 PM
Susan Z. | Canada  Contact via emailFind all comments by Susan Z.
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I was brought up Seventh-day Adventist. Thankfully the Lord saved even me. It is true that it is very difficult to extricate oneself from this cult, and yes it is a cult. I heard that the man who started the Jehovah's Witnesses also came out of the Millerite movement. Seventh-day Adventism is a religion, however being saved by Jesus is a changed life not enslaved to a religion. There is a huge difference.

Sermon4/4/14 11:35 AM
Susan Z.  Contact via emailFind all comments by Susan Z.
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Tolerating the Intolerable
Voddie Baucham
“ Great Sermon! ”
Wow, just wow...these truly are terrible times, and for the most part the church is asleep, watching sports, or entertained by all kinds of stupidity on "reality shows" and MANY television shows are pushing the homosexual agendas to make it seem "normal". It is unnatural, it is ugly, and it is Sodomy. It is perverted. And it is terrible that it is being forced on us, the Church, this way. However, as Voddie points out, the Bible warned us this day would come. Come quickly Lord Jesus. Who can stand against this evil? Only those who stand with the armor of God, in the power of His might. Love the sinner, hate the sin. Do not swerve into saying their sin is not sinful. Sin unrepented of, any sin, will send people to hell.

Sermon4/2/14 9:51 AM
Susan Z.  Find all comments by Susan Z.
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“ Volume control (to Susan) ”
Listening by headphones often helps with audios that are too low. Love Voddie's sermons. On a Voddie binge right now, can't get enough!

Sermon4/1/14 3:53 PM
Susan Z.  Find all comments by Susan Z.
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I've always had trouble with understanding the various millennial doctrines. I like what Voddie says in this presentation, he makes the complicated easier to understand and is faithful to the truth of the gospel and the truth about who God is and who we are in Christ. Excellent info, thank you for having it available for our growth and sanctification in Jesus.

Sermon3/31/14 9:44 AM
Susan Z. | Canada  Find all comments by Susan Z.
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The Release and Defeat of Satan
Voddie Baucham
“ Love Voddie's Preaching... ”
I agree that much of the book of Revelation is "symbolic language", however we have to be really careful how we apply that. I agree with Voddie that hell is a literal place and that symbolic language is often used to describe it and the torments of hell. The symbols that describe it are symbolic of what it will be like....but the reality will outperform all of the symbolism. Words are symbols of the real...therefore every word that we speak is a symbol for something else. When we see the real that was described to us in words, we can see why it was described that way, but it isn't exactly like the words that described it. It helped us to understand some things about it, and the real is so much more than what was described. That is how I view what I read in scripture. It will be exactly what is described, and so much more because then it won't be words describing will be the real thing.

Sermon6/25/13 10:37 PM
Susan Z. | Michigan  Find all comments by Susan Z.
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I've listened to a few of Pastor Dykstra's sermons and thoroughly enjoyed them all. Wow, the OT is loaded with many pearls of wisdom! Do not many of us, like Jeroboam, seek the Lord only when calamity strikes, and do not seek Him every day. I have been feeling convicted of this very thing myself lately, so it is amazing that I have only just now been led to listen to this sermon and say "amen, Lord, amen, only Thou art holy and true, and I am but flesh" . Thank the Lord for His forgiveness and graciousness when we see our sinfulness and repent before Him.

Sermon2/6/13 7:34 PM
Susan Z. | Midwest  Contact via emailFind all comments by Susan Z.
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Saved From What?
Dr. Steven J. Lawson
“ Like I've Heard it for the First Time... ”
Wow, thank you so much Pastor Lawson. I have been sensing a deep conviction lately of needing to tell my loved ones the truth about Jesus in the way He wants me to do it, and have been feeling unable to know how to approach this. The sermon "Saved from What?" caused such a profound sorrow, deeper than I have ever felt, a horror of what hell is, and a deeper thankfulness for what Jesus has done for me, and a burden to share the truth of this to anyone who will listen. Thank you so much for being faithful to tell the truth according to the scriptures, and sharing what an awesome God we serve, that although we all deserve to go to that fiery place of eternal torment, He sent us His Son to pay a terrible price that we could never pay so we won't have to go there, but instead forever be with Him. Thank You Jesus for Your kindness and mercy. I pray that many will heed the warning.

Sermon10/20/12 10:46 AM
Susan Z. | Clinton Township MI  Find all comments by Susan Z.
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you so much for this heartfelt message of hope Pastor Clark. My husband and I have had the pleasure and great blessing to be able to see you in person in Pontiac a couple of times, and I want to say that I am so grateful that you are serving our Lord faithfully with honest to God messages that pierce the heart and soul. I will be moving east soon, out of Michigan, but hope to be able to visit as I am able before the move, and am so grateful that you can be located here on Sermon Audio, because I will certainly miss the banquets served at the Master's table at your church. :)

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