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APR 30, 2017
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Sermon The Wilderness Part 1 | Dennis Dills
Samantha M from Georgia
"God Bless you Pastor Dills, as usual Great Preaching!!!"
-23 hrs 
Sermon Where are you going - Heaven or Hell? | Gavin Beers
Todd W Keator from Vestal, New York
-27 hrs 
Sermon You Must Know This | Scott T. Brown
-29 hrs 
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News Item6/1/12 12:00 PM
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When you are a divine miracle worker and can feed five thousand people on a couple of bits of sandwich material and get your tax money from the mouth of a fish ....

Then you don't need to become a communist.

News Item5/31/12 10:29 AM
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Mirror wrote:
I see you have backtracked from your ridiculous "few" comment.
But, now that you have lost your argument you are trying to bait me with palpably stupid loaded questions. Sounds more like the technique of a DPRK agent, rather than the spiritual conduct expected of a supposed Christian.
Biblically speaking human nature is the same the world over, irrespective of the government you are under. If you are a Christian, study your bible.
The correct identification of the "few" below is accurate.
I note the tone of wrath in your post, that must be heavy for you;
Proverbs 27:3 A stone is heavy, and the sand weighty; but a fool's wrath is heavier than them both"
Obviously you favour the stalinesque style, whereas the true Christian could never accept such evil ways.
May the Lord bring you into His counsel.

News Item5/30/12 2:25 PM
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Mirror wrote:
Millions of people mourned.

The comparison with DPRK is pertinent

If you cannot see the difference between the Diana mourners and the N.Korean stage managed soap opera then you have real perception problems or you've never listened to or read the news.

Have you any idea whatsoever of the difference between N.Korea and Britain?

"North Korea's hardline regime is punishing those who did not cry at the death of dictator Kim Jong-il, according to reports.
Sentences of at least six months in labour camps are also apparently being given to those who didn't go to the organised mourning events, while anyone who criticised the new leader Kim Jong-un is also being punished" Daily Mail

Or is it just that you prefer a stalinesque style of government?

News Item5/30/12 11:46 AM
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Mirror wrote:
spontaneous mass hysteria

deaths of Diana the self-confessed adulteress and Jackson the maker of out of court settlements

Then "mass hysteria" is stupid and those who acquiesce to such are gullible and followers of ignorance.

Diana and Jackson had a "few" sad followers. This comparison is rediculous.
N.Korea has a nationalised industry of "hysteria," gullibility and futility. Their followers extend to whole nation status.

Nothing on the planet "mirrors" this extent of plebian impotence and juvenile misguided fealty to a sham.

The people of N.Korea need to grow up and join the world.

News Item5/29/12 10:43 AM
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"because Mr. Obama’s liberal reputation and “softer packaging” have protected him. “After the global outrage over Guantánamo, it’s remarkable that the rest of the world has looked the other way while the Obama administration has conducted hundreds of drone strikes in several different countries, including killing at least some civilians,”"

This is an interesting article and one which surprises me about Obama. As a devout Liberal even dare I say it a Democrat, I wouldn't expect his foreign policfy to include such an active and pro-active kill policy. There must be a wee bit of Republican in Obama when it comes to action against terrorism. Quote; "Mr. Obama’s record has eroded the political perception that Democrats are weak on national security."

News Item5/29/12 9:42 AM
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Chris Perver wrote:
North Korean people are not stupid. But when you have an absolute dictatorship in power that has nuclear weapons at its disposal, there is precious little you can do about it
During the news items shown at the recent funeral of the previous dictator the crowds were filmed en masse putting on mock tears and crying for no other reason than they were forced to. Other news items have shown them crying and screaming worship style at photo's of the dictator thanking him for eg. medical help he did not produce.

That has become an embarrassing and yes stupid thing to do. We need to show strength in "normal" nation states so that the populace of N.Korea can get the message that allowing this idiotic and wicked leadership "god-like" status and allow themselves to be ruled tyrannically like this is very wrong and dangerous.

Dangerous to them and the rest of the world.

Politicians are politically correct and thus useless in this ever decreasing moral social morass!!
We don't need to be!!

News Item5/29/12 9:08 AM
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""We oppose efforts within society or by some churches to view other sexual relationships as moral alternatives to heterosexual marriage"

Opposition to the way society and Liberal churches are going is good and by the grace of God, may have a good effect within the nation. There is no doubt that the struggle is on over the acceptance of iniquity especially sodomy and the hearts and minds of western nations today. Therefore true Biblical churches must witness loud and clear what Holy Writ and God declares as law.

News Item5/28/12 10:18 AM
Sircle  Find all comments by Sircle
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"Still, few believed that Gabriele, a shy and private man, could have acted on his own and some said he may have been an unwitting pawn in a Vatican power struggle"

Perhaps the Pope stitched the Butler up?

News Item5/28/12 10:07 AM
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"It changes Matthew 28:19 from “baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit” to “cleanse them by water in the name of Allah, his Messiah and his Holy Spirit.”"

My! My! We musn't offend the muslims after all they run the world don't they. Or so the rediculous PC Liberal nuts would have us believe. "Professing themselves to be wise they became fools."

The reason for this is that the muslims cannot receive the truth that Jesus is "Son" of God and God incarnate. Therefore this is a blasphemous change of Scripture, a compromise with the unsaved reprobate muslim.

This is as bad as the Roman Catholics and their worshipping graven images and carcass relics.

News Item5/28/12 9:52 AM
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North Korea appears to follow Stalin's Russia and NAZI Germany in the way in which its people have developed. Why people are so collectively stupid as to allow this kind of tyrannical evil leadership to exist is completely incomprehensible. Satan and sin's blinding not only individuals but nations too is clearly a fact of human existence, exemplified by this nation.

Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley
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