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FEB 11, 2016
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Sermon Kingdom of God Series#9 End of the Kings of Israel | Dr. James M. Phillips
Marilyn from California
"A Great sermon on the end of the Kings of Israel. Fascinating information..."
-4 hrs 
Sermon unBELIEVABLE: Abusive Forms Of Christianity And... | Ricky Jones
-7 hrs 
Sermon He Shall Be Great | Gregg Sjoerdsma
-8 hrs 
· Page 1 ·  Found: 18 user comments posted recently.
News Item1/26/16 6:47 AM
scot  Find all comments by scot
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John UK wrote:
Little wonder the church has little influence, it's not even trying.
"But how can there be a "great turning back to Christ" when repentance is a gift from God towards his chosen people?"

News Item5/9/15 2:18 PM
scot | alba  Find all comments by scot
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Lisa wrote:
Nicola sturgeon and the Scottish independence movement - they are traitors every last one of them-
"Scottish Independence"???

The SNP want to take Scotland from Westminster - AND Transfer it to Brussels.

Then Scotland would end up like Greece in economic collapse.

Scottish Independence is a fallacy but sadly some actually believe it!!

News Item11/29/14 4:03 PM
scot | land  Find all comments by scot
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Rodney K. wrote:
Obviously, it's a Scott who reads.
(just kidding)
Only one "t"

News Item7/26/12 12:41 PM
Scot | Scotland  Find all comments by Scot
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"A 77,000-strong Scottish Government consultation found that almost two-thirds of people are against the change, but Ms Sturgeon insisted it was still the “right thing to do”."

Obviously Sturgeon is so morally distorted and depraved that she has absolutely no idea what is "right."

That goes for the SNP too
Clearly the 'scottish numpty party.'

To suggest this abomination, perversion, deviancy is quote "right" - is so far from nature and reality that these politicians are puerile to say the least. Depravity is definitely 'total' in British politicians.

News Item12/13/11 3:51 PM
Scot  Find all comments by Scot
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"What has maintained the Act of Settlement on the Statute book to date is not the fact that there was widespread support for it amongst our governors, but rather that our forebears made the Protestant Constitution so watertight that it would be very difficult to undo it!

The Bill of Rights of 1689, The Coronation Oath of 1689, The Act of Settlement of 1701 and The Act of Union of 1707 all uphold the Protestant Constitution and Throne. In short, no less than nine Acts would need to be repealed. On top of this, fifteen Commonwealth Countries of which the Queen is Head of State would also have to enact similar legislation. Even with minimal or no opposition the parliamentary time involved would be colossal. Repeal would also touch on the establishment of the National Church which could lead to other problems for the Government." (Chris Richards) (FPC Scot Mag)

News Item12/3/11 2:41 PM
Scot | Scotland  Find all comments by Scot
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Article quotes wrote:
The Church of Scotland hinted strongly it could find room to compromise, carefully stating that its opposition was based on the issue "as matters currently stand". It implied that it could shift its stance if far more detailed research was taken on redefining marriage.
In other words they are willing to compromise with the Word of God and even renounce, cast off and discard God's Holy Writ, Law and statute.

The Church of Scotland belongs to the UK and the UK is the United Kingdom of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The poisonous and vile Liberalism which has already destroyed the CofS and its witness is a leaven which will leaven the whole lump. Those who share in the witness of this so called "church(?)" share in the work of Satan and iniquity.

Romans 1:18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness
26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: 27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another;"

May God save Scotland from this false witness. IAW 9th Cmmdt.

News Item11/30/11 10:15 AM
Scot | Scotland  Find all comments by Scot
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Elise wrote:
Talk about locking the stable door after the horse has bolted !!
Agreed Elise.

The Church of Scotland has already declared its open hostility to Scripture by putting women in the pulpit and by putting the abomination into one of its Aberdeen pulpits; Queens Cross church I believe.

This declares to the world that it is NOT a Christian church, NOT a Biblical church; - It is a Liberal church and Liberals are satanic anti-Bible and an evil poison in society.

As with the CofE the CofS the national churches are unBiblical and morally corrupt.

Whereas GOD states:
Lev 20:13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

News Item10/30/11 4:32 PM
Scot  Find all comments by Scot
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"The history of Scotland’s sufferings during the following 26 years (1661f) is that of men, women, and even children hunted and killed by a brutal soldiery, like wild beasts on the mountains and in the valleys of this land. They were hanged as traitors, burned at the stake, drowned in the sea, slain with the sword, shot dead in the presence of their wives and children, banished out of the kingdom; they wandered in caves and dens of the earth clothed in sheepskins and goatskins. Why was all this inhuman cruelty? Was it because our fathers refused to obey lawful authority? No, but because they held the privileges of the freedom, wherewith the truth made them free, more precious than to surrender them at the caprice of a profligate and perjured king and his sycophants. These were the men and women that made the history of Scotland ever since the repository out of which men have been drawing examples of heroism, patriotism, and
genuine piety. What the poor presbyterians suffered during twenty-eight years of horrid cruelty surpasses any man’s power of description. It ought to serve as a sufficient WARNING TO THE BRITISH NATION, in all time coming of the great danger of allowing a PAPIST to occupy our throne, or of allowing the barriers still left us, to prevent such a calamity" (FPC)

News Item10/30/11 12:37 PM
Scot  Find all comments by Scot
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"Scotland had been for centuries sunk in ignorance, superstition, physical degradation, and spiritual slavery (a state of things which always obtains in nations under the baneful yoke of the Papacy), till set free from that galling bondage by the First Reformation. Efforts were made from time to time by one person or another who had become more enlightened than his neighbours, to spread rays of Gospel light among the people, but the Papists, who had supreme power in civil and religious matters, cut off, by the most cruel death, every one who had the courage to speak a word against the idolatrous faith and worship of the Church of Rome. This absolute power which she possessed was used with a vengeance to keep the light of God’s truth from the people. When John Knox appeared and declared that the Papacy was not the Church of Christ but the antichrist depicted in the Word of God, he had to contend against the powers of the Royal House of Stuart and the Papacy combined. His preservation, the readiness with which the people— high and low—received the light of the truth, and the wonderful reformation wrought by it upon the hearts and conduct of men, must be attributed to the presence and power of the Holy Ghost." (FPC Mag)

News Item10/5/11 10:13 AM
Scot | Scotland  Find all comments by Scot
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Article states wrote:
"A spokesman for the Church of Scotland said: "The Church has set up a theological commission to examine whether persons in a civil partnership are eligible for admission, ordination and induction as ministers ...
....We stress that no final decisions have been taken."
Why would any REAL Bible Christian require to "examine" whether a sodomite should be allowed in the pew - never mind the pulpit???

These discussions took place in two assemblies over two years now AND REMAIN UNRESOLVED. The question left open to the True Bible Christian is; "Can none of you Kirk ministers and elders READ THE BIBLE???"

God states
"If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them." Lev 20:13

Christ states that none shall change one jot or tittle of Scripture! Matt 5:18.

Yet the so called Christians in the Church of Scotland want to ditch the Bible - TO KEEP THE LUST!!!

"And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life" Rev 22:19

Obviously the Church of Scotland can no longer READ THE BIBLE!

News Item10/4/11 3:18 PM
Scot | Scotland  Find all comments by Scot
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Jim Lincoln wrote:
What took them so long?
Yes I must agree with you Jim, the Kirk's first big unBiblical error was to dress women up as men and put them in the pulpits, 1960's. Now that the Kirk is Liberal and no longer Biblical or Christian anything goes. Which begats the question if there is any "Biblical" Christians left in the C of S (or the C of E for that matter) what on earth are they doing there?

By remaining in the CofS/CofE they give credence to an organisation which teaches unBiblical Liberalism and worship of culture. This means that new converts will be deluded into thinking they are Christian churches and join them.

The national churches of the UK, CofS/CofE, are more suited to the United Kingdom of Sodom and Gomorrah, which of course is an accurate description of the UK today.

God's wrath is upon us.

News Item10/2/11 2:08 PM
Scot | Scotland  Find all comments by Scot
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HCA wrote:
The vast majority are not nor were they ever Christian because they were either Anglican or Roman Catholic heretics. The UK has always been a pagan nation.
As per usual this kind of statement relates to England alone.

It is certainly not true of Scotland the home of presbyterianism, Ulster or even Wales with its history of Methodism.

As for England to suggest that she was quote "Roman Catholic heretics" does not adequately reflect english history. The papists have only made a come back relatively recently.
The article says: quote;
"These figures must come as a shock to the BBC and the political class. It is about time that this reality, that people want to be identified as Christian, was reflected not only in the output of our major broadcasters but also in the policies of the Government."

Clearly these 'stats' are being used as a political manoeuvre to try and shift the politicians and other politically correct institutions such as the BBC, and maybe even the politically correct Liberal national church, CofE/CofS. However these Liberal non-Christian institutions are unlikely to change and the current mind set of the UK public which is of apathy will mean very little useful response.

News Item10/26/10 11:42 AM
Scot  Find all comments by Scot
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Jock in the Box wrote:
If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the GUISE of fighting a foreign enemy.
We manufacture enough tyranny and oppression of our own here, without inviting the tourists over.

Example the Highland Clearances.

News Item10/25/10 3:28 PM
Scot  Find all comments by Scot
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Jock Frog wrote:
He was French / Scottish. Just saying.
King James I Was born in Scotland therefore was Scottish. He was the son of Mary Queen of Scots. Family name Stuart.

We are nae French here in Caledonia.

Survey7/3/08 12:01 PM
Scot  Find all comments by Scot
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As you say at least there are confessions of faith to understand what the reformed believe. Easy enough for one saved by grace to prayerfully examine as a berean- with bible in hand.

I doubt many here including Michael H agree with a lot of what you state, but you don't seem to be troubled in your very singular aggresive confrontational mode. Like the good 'ole J.W's you certainly like a disagreement and the sound of your own voice as you read back to yourself such volumous posts. But where is 'the collective' scriptural mindset that supports your interpretations? You should, by God's grace, begin to wonder where are those dipensationalist warriors on sermonaudio that have your own same bible mind set? Do they even exist? You are a strange fellow with that bible alone (KJV 'ONLY?')-refusing ever to admitt most of your understanding has originated from DISPENSATIONALIST TEACHING/TEACHERS-something you didn't/couldn't find FIRST on your knees whilst reading ONLY your KJV, did you. Go and read your own posts and you will find little that resembles a humble teacher seeking to admonish and instruct the lost sinners of sermonaudio (calvinists). Remember YOU claim to have the truth whilst the rest of us are mere heretics.

Unjust? What do other think?

Sermon7/5/07 1:09 PM
Scot  Find all comments by Scot
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Fantastic sermon. If you are troubled by the futurist jesuit deception especially promoted by certain 'teachers' on the sermonaudio message board, then here is a 'must listen' remarkable sermon from a former RC Priest. Also hear: The Pope - The Antichrist The Papacy is the Antichrist 1 of 3 (1888) Reformation Eschatology

Survey6/24/07 5:16 PM
Scot  Find all comments by Scot
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"By the help and grace of God, I will stand for the pure Word of God if the whole world stands against me,"

"Upon review, I think this statement is a self evident error!"

That is one self-evident commentary appearing again!

Why not rather take some time out from reading comments here and listen to solid bible preaching with 8 yes EIGHT sermons on the subject

Isn't sermonaudio better used for these opportunities to hear sound bible teaching? I was divorced having married as an unconverted man to an unconverted woman. I was graciously saved whlist my wife wasn't. She commited adultery and remarried and we were 'biblically' divorced. I base this firmly on scripture that I am free to remarry. Interestingly it is when you go through such an experience and then experience bitter attacks from 'brethren' that you cry and beseech the Lord to understand HIs word.
Examine both sides beginning above but beware of smug brethren who lack any Christ like love for the innocent party...they certainly do exist-innocent parties and sadly smug brethren too.

News Item6/17/07 4:23 PM
SCot  Find all comments by SCot
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RUC Officer. Has Ian Paisley been a defender of Ulster for all his converted days and suffered much persecution? AT LEAST he ISN'T ANNOYMOUS, pray tell us sir what stand you have made for your beloved Ulster apart from here on sermonaudio. There is plenty to reference for Ian Paisley (rather than your derogatory 'Paisley') and I would dearly like to know what you have done and are doing. The world's microscope is on IRA sin fein who are attempting the impossibe without God "Real peace - a lasting peace - based on democracy, justice, freedom and equality". attempt to behave like a lamb, yet they are wolves, will they succeed in exposing themselves? Ian Paisley's Christian charachter is beyond question, who do you think will eventually be exposed by their own works ? May we acknowledge that it isn't 'man' that will bring about what ONLY the Sovereign God can do, IS HE not the REVEALER OF SECRETS Daniel 2:19-22,47. Why not pray to the cause that God will expose the wolves for what they are before the world. He used Daniel ONLY as His instrument and can still use Ian Paisley (a proved instrument over the decades is he not?)What actually are your prayers not only for Ulster but those deceived Irish Republicans who still share your Island? Open their eyes O'Lord of kings.

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