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SEP 1, 2014
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Sermon Answering Atheistic Arguments | Dan Botterbrodt
Lisa from Wales
"Lots of powerful arguments against atheism here. On this subject re the..."
-7 hrs 
Sermon God Is Gathering His Misfits For Spiritual War | Jason Cooley
Alina from Canada
-9 hrs 
Sermon God Is Able | Greg Little
Sudheesh Babu from Kerala, India
-10 hrs 
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Sermon6/24/14 3:09 PM
sarah | Las Vegas nv  Contact via emailFind all comments by sarah
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Marriage, Adultery & Grace
Clay Curtis
“ Great Sermon! ”
Husband committed adultery on me struggling with forgiveness

Sermon6/8/14 11:04 AM
Sarah  Find all comments by Sarah
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“ A hard topic for me but necessary ”
The topic is forgiveness. Joseph's story has always been a hard one for me. I get terrible nightmares whenever I read what happened to him. I know it has to do with my personal doubt. I always wonder if I have forgiven or not and I think that if I remember maybe I do not forgive. But the hurt is still so strong. Does this mean that I have not forgiven? I do not know but this sermon has helped me to understand it a lot better. It confirmed to me quite a few suspicions I had about what forgiveness really is.

Sermon12/7/13 4:16 PM
Sarah | London UK  Find all comments by Sarah
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“ Great Sermon! ”
A real eye opener With all due respect to the commenter who said that apartheid should never have been overturned. I think you are confusing the way in which things are run in South Africa with skin colour and not by religion. At the end the day, the system was evil and needed to be overturned. If you are a Christian and read your bible, then you would understand that apartheid was not biblically mandated by God and therefore was just as bad as abortion. It was man elevating himself as God and determining that another person was not good enough based on his skin colour. Apartheid therefore was an extreme offense to God and unless those people who supported and were for this evil system repent and accept Jesus, they too will perish. What South Africa really needed was a truly born again Christian to take over South Africa. On the contrary in spite of his obvious beliefs, I still believe that the whites in South Africa should be grateful to Nelson Mandela. What if he had really turned Mugabelike and seek to wipe you all out. If there is a white genocide happening in South Africa, it is more to do with his successors and not the man himself.I really do hope that he Mandela seeked after Christ towards the end and went though a heart change.

News Item5/31/13 3:22 PM
sarah | arizona  Find all comments by sarah
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Jim Lincoln: I just had to ask, are you suggesting the Dr should give his services away for free at times?

News Item11/28/12 10:10 PM
sarah | arizona  Contact via emailFind all comments by sarah
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Phi 1:18 But so what? Just this—that in every way, whether by false or true motives, the Messiah is being proclaimed. Because of this, I rejoice and will continue to rejoice.

Sermon8/11/12 4:46 AM
Sarah  Find all comments by Sarah
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Farewell Message
Bryan Denlinger
“ Great Sermon! ”
I think maybe the answer is that the men are to continue to work and earn an income and still be able to bring a message/teaching to the fellowship each week. It really is not that big a deal, especially when you do not have children. I love pastor Bryan but this message was hard to hear because as a single parent with a huge workload, studying, caring for elderly parents etc I have to say it is hard for me to understand his reasoning. If all I had to do was work during the week and prepare one message a week on a weeknight or two, or on a Saturday, while someone cooked/cleaned/did the washing for me, I think it would be a breeze compared to the load I have now. I do admit though I have never been in those shoes so I cannot have a complete idea of the demands. I think Christ our life fellowship in BC Canada, although I do not know their inner workings, seem to take it in turns preaching a sermon, bringing a teaching each week, and as far as I can tell they still all work during the week. I do support you Bryan and pray the Lord leads and directs you in His paths. Thanyou for all the edifying messages and often it is a adjusting period in our lives the first year of marriage. God bless.

Sermon8/8/12 8:17 PM
Sarah | Kansas  Find all comments by Sarah
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“ Excellent Topic ”
This is a wonderful topic to address and a very needful message. Well presented, Renee!

Sermon1/17/12 2:48 PM
Sarah | Kansas  Find all comments by Sarah
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The Son's Glory - Session 1
Paul Washer
“ Listen to This Series - Incredible ”
This series on the glory of Jesus Christ is life-changing and crucial for the growth of a Christian. I am so thankful to have heard this and listen to these sermons (parts 1-4) almost daily. Oh, to have a bigger view of Jesus - who came to earth and saved us from our sins! Thank you, Mr. Washer for preaching HIM.

Sermon10/8/11 3:30 AM
Sarah | Australia  Find all comments by Sarah
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“ We need to love each other ”
This was a great talk. Our lack of love for each other is a huge problem...THE problem. It is so true that so many of us waste time chasing after small doctrinal issues, or preaching against huge moral issues, without loving those involved. This is when it becomes dead and foul smelling. Kevin Swanson mentioned how so many believers hate abortion and talk vehemently against it, and rightly so, but the question they also love their OWN children? Not sentimentality, not easy words, but love.....sacrifical time, mothers giving up economic gain to be home with our children, telling the truth to each other etc....but also, on the issue of abortion; christians who are so vocal against it, should examine themselves as to how much love and time they actually give to single mothers. Are they making single mothers and their children a part of their own families and loving them? No? Then there is no point preaching against abortion if you are not willing to do your part in supporting single mothers and their children to make it in this cold world. There are plently of single mothers who chose not to have an abortion, and that is why they are now alone raising their children.....they are turned off by christians who preach against abortion but do nothing to love single mothers.

Sermon10/5/11 6:25 PM
Sarah | Kansas  Find all comments by Sarah
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“ Incredible ”
This sermon is wonderful and very needed - and presents a balanced view of obeying God's Word to submit to state authority, yet stand for His truth even if it means death, with a humble spirit. Thank you Dr. Baucham!

News Item8/12/11 11:49 AM
Sarah | London  Find all comments by Sarah
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Elowel wrote:
The Mark of the Beast in Revelation is not meant to be taken as a crystal ball prediction of something that will literally occur. Trust God, who has given us the knowledge that this is not something to be taken literally in light of proper Biblical studies.
I'm sorry but where do you get the idea that this is all literal given the fact the many of the things predicted in the bible have come to pass. Where are the scriptures to validate your point or are you creating your own brand of christianity?

Sermon2/26/11 11:38 PM
Sarah | New York (now Kansas)  Find all comments by Sarah
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Once I Was Blind, but Now I See
William Shishko
“ Shepherd of Souls ”
Pastor Shishko! A sermon well-delivered, nourishing, and convicting to my soul. I hope to be more like this young man; simply telling the truth of my condition "I once was blind, but -oh- I see!" God bless your ministry in Franklin Square. I miss being able to visit you all - but God has work for me here in Kansas! A sheep in the fold, Sarah

Sermon12/30/10 1:31 AM
Sarah  Contact via emailFind all comments by Sarah
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What It Takes to Be a Man
Paul Washer
“ Great Sermon! ”
I learned a lot from this video. I have many words to say, but my English is not good enough, so I have to simplize it. I was shocked by it and inspired by it. Our church need words like that.

Sermon8/22/10 9:33 PM
Sarah  Find all comments by Sarah
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But Suppose God Doesn't Do It
Warren Wiersbe
“ Excellent Sermon! ”
A sermon so rich, a saint must never forget about Confident,Courageous Faith - obedient unto death. Thank You!

Sermon8/3/10 10:35 AM
Sarah | NJ  Find all comments by Sarah
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The Sweet Uses of Adversity
C. H. Spurgeon
“ Great Sermon! ”
Excellent sermon - a MUST for every pilgrim on the road to heaven.

Sermon8/2/10 7:59 AM
Sarah | NJ  Find all comments by Sarah
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How Saints May Help the Devil
C. H. Spurgeon
“ Great Sermon! ”
Very important sermon for every Christian to hear. In this day and age we are more concerned about being "politically correct" or afraid to speak the truth. Determine if you are helping the devil by being passive.

News Item2/7/10 4:26 PM
Sarah | Canada  Contact via emailFind all comments by Sarah
• Thread closed
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Yes, very sad moment indeed.
Wisdom and discernment needs to be applied in all street witnessing. And then sometimes the Lord allows such a thing... This kind of lawlessness will be on the increase and this just gives us good reason to make sure that we have our lives in order.

Well done good and faithful servants enter into His presence.


Matthew 7
6 "Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.---NASB

Sermon6/1/09 3:49 AM
Sarah | LMSG Baptist church  Find all comments by Sarah
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Praying Part 1
Kelley Hinson
“ Great Sermon! ”
May he light that fire in us more often to put out the cold ice we hold in the flesh

Sermon1/11/09 5:00 PM
Sarah | England  Contact via emailFind all comments by Sarah
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“ Very helpful for self examination ”
Thank you for your ministry. This message has met a very present need in my walk that I wasn't consciously aware of - I only knew something was wrong. It seems to me that spiritual idolatry is very subtle yet it's affects rob us of the joy & peace we should know in Christ, the love we should have for each other & the passion we should have for the lost.

Sermon3/23/08 3:56 PM
Sarah | PA  Find all comments by Sarah
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What is a Reformed Baptist?
Jim Savastio
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you so much for dilegently preparing this sermon. It was so helpful. I also appreciated the written out version that I found on your church's website.
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