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JUL 22, 2014
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Sermon Battle Hymn of the Republic | Marty Tate
s c from Oh
"Thank you, Marty Tate! It's always refreshing to listen to solid preaching..."
-8 hrs 
Sermon The Burial of Jesus (Mark 15:39-47) | Gregory A. Miller
H Hudson from Deerfield Beach, Florida
-8 hrs 
Sermon Blessed are the Peacemakers | Pastor Chalan Hetherington
Dr. E. A. Johnston from Marietta, Georgia
-9 hrs 
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News Item7/21/14 5:50 PM
Same Old Folderal | Foofaraw, KY  Find all comments by Same Old Folderal
• Posted 12 hours ago
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i look forward to the opening of the museum. maybe they could open one of their stores nearby. or not locate the museum in DC, but in Branson Missouri, where they will likely find many fellow-minded folk. or near the Answers in Genesis museum. Or in Salt Lake City, Utah, where they could have lots of interesting discussions with Mormons.

News Item3/23/14 5:59 PM
Same Old Folderal | Isles of Unwirth  Find all comments by Same Old Folderal
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Too bad the article did not compare similar attendance rates in the US--I'm sure they have dropped in the past 45 years, especially in the mainstream churches like Methodists, Episcopalians, etc.
In many circles, attendance at church related more to business--if you wanted to maintain a good reputation in your town, you wore your best business suit and tie, went to a big recognized church bldg, served on its committees to make better connections and show yourself as a 'responsible, outstanding member of our community.' You may have even given enough $$ to have a room or new bldg named after your family.
All that is very old fashioned today and younger generations want programs to serve their kids, their needs, or they want to deal only w/people of their age they can make friends with.

News Item3/15/14 11:49 AM
Same Old Folderal | Doppelganger, PA  Find all comments by Same Old Folderal
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The best way to punish them is just to remove any rights to a pension. That will get their attention!

News Item3/9/14 6:03 PM
Same Old Folderal | Isles of Langerhans  Find all comments by Same Old Folderal
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I love it! This is great news! I really like the Green family, based on the (short)book I read about their business philosophy, though I have not had the privilege of going to one of their stores. And the location is even better--good old DC, full of museums, parks, statues, circles, wide avenues, heat and humidity in the summer and now cold and snow in the winter!
Hail to the Redskins!
Hail victory!
Braves on the warpath!
Fight for old DC!
Sorry, had to throw that in, got excited about the land of my birth (taxation without representation).

News Item3/9/14 5:57 PM
Same Old Folderal | Isles of Langerhans  Find all comments by Same Old Folderal
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Next up to lead the prayer will be Joel Osteen! Or how about the chaplain for the team that won the last Superbowl--ummm...Seattle, that's right!
I think the real impact will not be from what he says but what China thinks of what he says, and how much importance anyone gives to his political message about Tibet.
I think most people like his 'spiritual message' but don't want to be bothered with the uncomfortable facts of what China is doing to Tibet.

News Item3/9/14 5:45 PM
Same Old Folderal | Isles of Langerhans  Find all comments by Same Old Folderal
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Let's see--would this be the CPAC hosted by the American Conservatives Union, on whose board of directors sits Suhail Khan, whose father was active in the Islamic Society of North America, considered by many to be a Muslim Brotherhood front? I guess not a single word against the totalitarian philosophy(sharia law) that makes up the core of Islam could be mentioned at CPAC, right? Forget about the homosexuals, who only make up 2 to 3 percent of the population. The real threat to this country is from immigrants who adhere to this philosophy, where "we love death more than you love life."

News Item3/9/14 4:49 PM
Same Old Folderal | Isles of Langerhans  Find all comments by Same Old Folderal
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Strange headline that caught my eye, when I think of church gatherings, I see a lot of white-haired heads. Usually the concern is about 'what's happening with young people today? are they giving up on church?'
Perhaps the root of the issue is the way 'church' works today--sit in rows facing in the same direction, then say 'hello, how are you' for a few minutes to a dozen or so people after the church, and then go home. Repeat Wed. night. I don't see any real fellowship or basis of friendship in that. People spend more time 'in fellowship' with coworkers, especially if they go to lunch together.
A newer technique is the 'cell-group' concept, I think adopted from the RCC who may have adopted it from communist-guerilla teachings. Here, people gather in a smaller group outside of the usual Sunday/Wed. schedule, and are able to get to know each other. But what if you are an avid hunter and the rest in your group are afraid of guns? What if you like watching sports on TV and they would rather go to an opera? Again, not much basis for fellowship. It's staged, just like the 'fellowship time' held on Sundays and Wednesdays. Younger people have already figured it out and don't bother, they have their friends.

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