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MAR 29, 2015
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Sermon The Prophet | Gary Shepard
Rose Fenton from South of England
"Pastor Gary, you have by this sermon held us and taught us so much. The..."
-35 hrs 
Sermon God's View of Homosexuality | Gil Rugh
Jim Lincoln from Nebraska
-38 hrs 
Sermon Complete in Christ | Jeremy Garber
Jonathan Reed from Quincy Ma
-41 hrs 
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News Item3/13/12 12:45 AM
spm | florida  Find all comments by spm
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The solution is simple, Franklin!Remember the golden rule! He that giveth the gold maketh the rules.

When you stop stuffing your pockets with the government faith based funding then you can say NO. Render to Caesar what is Caesars. Render to God what is Gods. Problem is some think that Caesar is God. Some men signed a 501 c.. did not want to pay taxes..lose money so they did not remember to teach Act_5:29 . These would prefer to let men think those midwives Exo_1:18 were guilty of not obeying Romans 13.

Anyway.. It does not take a discerning clinician...Dimmmy Dimwit could wander into the church of America on the Lords day and he could quickly perceive the odd scent.. His fathers flock is being force fed Obamas marriage and family initiative and countless other faith based massively funded government programs covered over by a very thin veneer of the gospel.

Should a person enter a mental health clinic , even if that PAGAN clinic and it be run by the most wicked, sodomites in Sodom... the patron entering mental health will be made aware he will is taking part in a government funded program.

The Christian walking into a church Lords day morning will not be given the same right to this information.

News Item2/10/12 8:42 PM
spm | usa  Contact via emailFind all comments by spm
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Pro life? Anti gay? Ted Kennedy was the Roman Catholic voice for the culture of death for a quarter century and reelected by his Roman Catholic constituants.Ted spearheaded partial birth infanticide, abortion, sodomite marriage and hate crime laws to target Christians...Biblical Christians .. so please..The Roman Catholic church provides massive funds for abortion and partial birth abortion groups well as all kinds of sodomite lobby agendas through their radical left wing CCHD . The sistine chapel is fitting for a gay bar in Sodom perhaps, but not for anywhere called Christian.

And these Pastors are all just falling down and wondering after the beast..Revelation 13:3 exactly what the Lord said they would do! How faithful and kind our Lord was to warn us!

News Item9/10/10 10:39 PM
SPM | Fl  Contact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by SPM
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This was a terrible thing, for him to minimise the numbers in the crusades and say Christians did inquistions. Christians died in the inquistions at ther hand of the antichrist papacy. This must be one of those mentioned in the Jesuit oath. Shameful.Islam and popery play tag team to work together .

Sermon8/19/10 11:41 PM
SPM | florida  Contact via emailFind all comments by SPM
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And He blessed him there
Rev. Derek Erwin
“ Lovliest Sermon ”
This may be one of the finest sermons I have ever heard. May the Lord bless this wonderful preaching of His word and be pleased send this sermon across the world and gather in the elect. Lord ,please meet me this night and bring me to an end to myself! How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!

News Item2/1/10 11:06 PM
SPM | florida  Find all comments by SPM
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Importing a flood of AIDS infected Haitians into Florida - a population of our immune suppressed and susceptible elderly American citizens is more than just ignorance..this is intentional genocide.

This is biological warfare.

The United States had a travel ban on AIDs infected hosts coming into this country for 22 years.. until Obama repealed that ban in January 2010.

When immigrants came into Ellis Island they were health checked and quarantined. Common sense.

Because people with AIDS have weakened immune systems, they're prone to all manner of infections, called opportunistic infections Incurable TB ,MRSA , necrotizing fasciitis, the flesh-eating bacteria, staph, Menigitis Pneumocystis Carinii..

Even before the 2010 earthquake, nearly half the causes of deaths have been attributed to HIV/AIDS, respiratory infections, meningitis and diarrheal diseases, including cholera and typhoid, according to the World Health Organization

Cases of tuberculosis (TB) in Haiti are more than ten times as high as those in other Latin American countries
Help the haitian but do it THERE.. we have a respoonsibility to our own elderly citizens first.

This is biological warfare against our own elderly citizens.

News Item11/7/09 8:31 PM
S..P. M. | florida  Find all comments by S..P. M.
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Perhaps the Lord is using Obama to separate the sheep from the goats? At some point men of God will be forced to choose who they will serve.. their 501 c -3 tax agreement muzzle or the Lord Jesus Christ. How LONG will ye do so? How long will pastors remain quiet on homosexuality being forced on our children in schools, Jesuit control of the government,partial birth abortion?

Pastors complain that people are not in the church.. but that is because the Christians stay out of the whore churches who sold out their souls for tax exemption. How I long for the Lord to raise up an honest man who will speak out! Lord send us a Calvin!

Rockingham, Western Australia
Free Reformed Church Rockingham

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