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JUL 23, 2014
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Sermon Living & Walking in the Spirit: II | Bill Parker
K Varkey George from Kottayam, Kerala
"Thank you Pastor. Bearing Fruit & not producing it was a revelation to..."
-3 hrs 
Sermon John Class 3 | Dr. James M. Phillips
Marilyn from Bakersfield, California
-4 hrs 
Sermon Church History Class 26 The History of California... | Dr. James M. Phillips
Marilyn from Bakersfield, California
-5 hrs 
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Sermon7/4/12 12:07 PM
Russell Johnson | Delaware  Protected NameFind all comments by Russell Johnson
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The Universal Scope of Salvation
William O. Einwechter
“ 'All' means 'all', but is that all 'all' means? ”
Regarding the Greek word {pas, Strong's #3956} translated *all* in 1 Timothy 2:4 ("Who will have *all* men to be saved ..."), I've heard it said that "'All' means 'all', and that's all 'all' means." Here, however, Pastor Einwechter clearly shows us otherwise. He informs us that according to 1 standard Greek Lexicon {BAGD}, this word can mean: everything belonging in kind to the class designated by the noun every kind of, all sorts of or {as others have put it} "all without distinction, but not all without exception." Pastor Einwechter points out that this same word is translated *all_manner_of* (twice) in Matthew 4:23: And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing *all_manner_of* sickness and *all_manner_of* disease among the people. In Wigram and Winter's "The Word Study Concordance ...", I saw several other places in the NT where "pas" is also translated as "all manner of": Matthew 5:11, 10:1, 12:31; Luke 11:42; Acts 10:12; Romans 7:8; Revelation 18:12, 21:19. So, "Although 'all' means 'all', that's not always all 'all' means." NOTE: In "Interaction", mention is made of Abraham Kuyper's "6 Stone Lectures" on Calvinism, given at Princeton Theological Seminary. Monergism

Sermon7/3/12 5:02 PM
Russell Johnson | Delaware  Protected NameFind all comments by Russell Johnson
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“ This sermon's 'aside' helps interpret 1 Cor 11 ”
Christians who see the applicability of 1 Corinthians 11:2-6 for Christian women today disagree as to when it applies: 1. Some view its applicability as being for all the time, since women (along with men) are to "pray without ceasing". 2. Others view its applicability as being only within some specific, limited context. Among those holding to this view, there are some differences of opinion as to what the limits of this context are (Public worship?, Corporate worship?, Multi-person ("2 or 3 gathered") worship [including family worship]?), etc.) but I still see this as 1 main viewpoint. My understanding and adherence to view #2 (above) was strengthened by an "aside" Pastor Einwechter (who shares this view) gives here in his exposition of 1 Timothy 2:11-15. Pastor Einwechter mentions (from about 31:40 to 36:50 within the message) the important symbolism Christians are to be confronted with each Lord's Day, through: Seeing the women of the church wearing headcoverings, which symbolically represents God's created order. Observance of the Lord's Supper, which symbolically represents God's redemptive order. (Pastor Einwechter's series on Headcoverings gives a much fuller explanation of view #2.)

Sermon1/22/08 3:50 PM
Russell Johnson | Delaware, USA  Contact via emailFind all comments by Russell Johnson
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“ Great Sermon! ”
To split this file into individual Psalm MP3 files: 1. Rename it as 50.mp3. 2. Download mp3splt.exe from 3. Do the following, either at the command prompt or in a .bat file: mp3splt -f 50.mp3 0.00 0.16 -o Intro.mp3 mp3splt -f 50.mp3 0.16 2.01 -o P01.mp3 mp3splt -f 50.mp3 2.01 2.11 -o P01-Info.mp3 mp3splt -f 50.mp3 2.11 3.15 -o P02.mp3 mp3splt -f 50.mp3 3.16 4.25 -o P03.mp3 mp3splt -f 50.mp3 4.27 6.25 -o P04.mp3 mp3splt -f 50.mp3 6.27 7.34 -o P05.mp3 mp3splt -f 50.mp3 7.36 8.59 -o P06.mp3 mp3splt -f 50.mp3 9.01 10.59 -o P07.mp3 mp3splt -f 50.mp3 11.01 12.04 -o P08.mp3 mp3splt -f 50.mp3 12.08 14.04 -o P09.mp3 mp3splt -f 50.mp3 14.06 15.22 -o P10.mp3 mp3splt -f 50.mp3 15.25 16.33 -o P11.mp3 mp3splt -f 50.mp3 16.35 18.01 -o P12.mp3 mp3splt -f 50.mp3 18.04 19.06 -o P13.mp3 mp3splt -f 50.mp3 19.08 20.35 -o P14.mp3 mp3splt -f 50.mp3 20.38 21.46 -o P15.mp3 mp3splt -f 50.mp3 21.49 23.23 -o P16.mp3 mp3splt -f 50.mp3 23.25 24.41 -o P17.mp3 mp3splt -f 50.mp3 24.43 26.09 -o P18.mp3 mp3splt -f 50.mp3 26.11 27.40 -o P19.mp3 mp3splt -f 50.mp3 27.42 29.04 -o P20.mp3 mp3splt -f 50.mp3 29.07 30.28 -o P21.mp3 REM Do similarly for Ps. 22-50 mp3splt -f 50.mp3 72.30 76.03 -o Psalm1LiningOut.mp3 mp3splt -f 50.mp3 76.03 77.

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Collingswood, NJ
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