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NOV 25, 2015
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Sermon The Acceptable Year of the Lord | Ken Wimer
"I am brought to believe that human nature ( our fallen nature) doesn't..."
-14 hrs 
Sermon The God That Answers by Fire | Peter Hulland
Florin Motiu from Oradea, Romania
-15 hrs 
Sermon When the Wicked Bear Rule | Pastor Sam Adams
Louise from Bloomington, Minnesota
-15 hrs 
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Sermon11/22/15 3:03 PM
Ross | London UK  Contact via emailFind all comments by Ross
• Posted 59 hours ago
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The Stones of Jordan and Gilgal
Terry Basham, II
“ Great Sermon! ”
Joshua 4 - All the Israel's deeds and works went in the river of Jordan. It's all dead. Their stones(deeds) are in the river. No one will remember them not even their children. But the stones(deeds) they took out from the bottom of the river wow they will be remembered forever because they're God's works among them and they will be their praise and witnesses. They have a new spiritual life. Resurrection from the dead!!! Great chapter! Great meaning! 24 stones!!!

News Item1/5/14 9:59 AM
Ross | Pa.  Find all comments by Ross
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I usually view SermonAudio's site to view their news clips, as I do other sites. Occasionally, I even comment. However, I find absolutely NO edification in participating in these conversations. One believes this, another believes that. Then eventually the attacks begins to manifest. What a waste of time! It is all vanity. I see the same name(s) repeatedly, over and over again. My question is "where do you who live on this blogosphere world get the time to read the Scriptures and get some quiet time ALONE with God?" I mean, I just past through randomly, but it seems that some of you live here looking for your next victim to attack because they believe differently than you. Please people, Satan is using you to do his will. Aren't we all Christians here and believer's in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour? Then why is it we can't even agree on the simplest of matters? I could only imagine what the atheist would be thinking if they viewed these comments here. They would tell each other "OK guys, no need to stay here, our work is being done already". As Paul had said "I speak this to your shame".

News Item1/3/14 9:47 AM
Ross | Pa.  Find all comments by Ross
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ESV, gender neutral just like the NIV. The ESV calls preaching 'folly'; which means to be a thoughtless or reckless act or idea (1 Cor 1:21). It replaces the 'gospel' with 'good news' and replaces the 'word preached' with 'message' (Heb 4:2). It replaces the 'incorruptible crown' with an 'imperishable wreath' (1 Cor 9:25). It replaces 'be saved' to 'are being saved' (Acts 2:47); this teaches a 'progressive salvation' leading one to believe their salvation is not complete in Christ, but through works. It replaces 'ashes' with 'extinction' (2 Pet 2:6); which teaches Darwin's evolutionary principles. The corruptions are just too numerous to mention here. In Acts 8 the eunuch asked Philip what hinders him to be baptized? Philip replies, If thou believest with ALL thine heart, thou mayest. At which the eunuch replied, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. You will NOT find this answer in the ESV (Acts 8:36-38).

News Item1/2/14 9:48 AM
Ross | Pa.  Find all comments by Ross
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@teenchristian, where did I ever say he wasn't saved? I said he is a heretic because he changes God's Word to suit 'his' teaching. He's no different than any other new-age teacher who uses these modern perversions they call the Bible. They have a smorgasbord of translations so they can pick the one that suits their need. They are continually shaping the Word of God to suit their need instead of letting the Word of God shape them. Every Christian needs to get back to ONE authority...The King James Bible! When one uses more than one version they are, in a sense, committing idolatry; they're making their own god.

News Item12/31/13 4:32 PM
Ross | Pa.  Find all comments by Ross
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@check your sources, he may have since clarified 'that' position, but he is still an heretical teacher as he changes God's Word if it does not suit his teaching. Can you list where and when he clarified himself? I would like to see this.

News Item12/31/13 12:26 PM
Ross | Pa.  Find all comments by Ross
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@Mike/Florida, You stated, "The only thing I find "strang" about MacArthur, is allowing charismatics like cj Mahanny, and Piper to preach at his colleges? And his " strange" views on dispensationalism....".

Were you aware that MacArthur also stated that the Lord's death is important, but NOT his blood! Here is a segment of his letter entitled "Not his Bleeding But His Dying" (1976):

"It was his death that was efficacious, not his blood. ...The gospel in 1 Corinthians 15:4 hits the issue "Christ died". ...The shedding of blood has NOTHING to do with bleeding, it simply means death, violent sacrificial death. ...NOTHING IN HIS HUMAN BLOOD SAVES. ...I may add a note on Revelation 1:5, a passage which is confusing in the King James Version. The word washed is not correct. The Greek word is "delivered". ...It is NOT his bleeding that saved me, but his dying."

Many scriptures prove that it was not 'human' blood that was shed on the cross of Calvary, but was in fact the 'blood of God' that was shed! Acts 20:28 says, "...feed the church of GOD, WHICH HE HATH PURCHASED WITH HIS OWN BLOOD".

As the Ol' hymn says, "What can wash away my sins? Nothing but the blood of Jesus"!

MacArthur is a false teacher who changes the Word of God when it does not suit his heretical teachings.

Sermon12/21/13 4:13 AM
ROSS | Salt Lake city  Find all comments by ROSS
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Dr Jesse Bloom
“ True colors ”
Masterly Portrayed how we humans can be beautiful in some respects and likewise so wicked often when we display our true colors

Sermon12/11/11 9:15 PM
Ross | Australia  Find all comments by Ross
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Lies We Believe 4 - Change
Matthew Coombe
“ Very insightful! I have a lot more to think about ”
A great message as always. I check your page just about weekly to see if there's anything new, and have recommended you to several of my friends who were wondering how they can be closer to God, so don't feel like you're talking into thin air. I can't say how many other listeners you have, but rest assured there's at least one guy across the world listening!

Sermon11/19/11 10:35 PM
Ross | Moncton, NB Canada  Find all comments by Ross
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“ Great Sermon! ”
An excellent sermon,,,thoroughly enjoyed it! All we have to do is trust Him, make our petition in prayer in Jesus name with Thanksgiving and He will take care of our needs. He has taken care of me now for 68 years and will care for me in eternity!

Sermon7/5/11 11:31 PM
Ross | Australia  Find all comments by Ross
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Is Independence Biblical?
Dr. Phil Fernandes
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thanks for uploading these so soon after they were recorded! Dr. Fernandes is a great inspiration for me, so please keep it up. :)

News Item1/9/11 4:31 PM
ross | australia  Find all comments by ross
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as Sunday worship is not endorsed or supported by Jesus in the bible it matters not that these people conduct church in a bar . If God has called anyone to come to him He will use whatever will reach is up to each person to hear and respond to gods call.the holy spirit will guide them to the best place to hear the full gospel message preached and lived.

News Item1/9/11 4:19 PM
ross | australia  Find all comments by ross
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great to acknowledge kjv bible however we need to remember that the original Greek scriptures were written in the common language of the people .no one uses old English in normal conversation these days .modern translations allow ordinary people to understand gods words and instructions more clearly .those who say only kjv should be used would do well to read original Greek bible as it is the proper authorised bible .

News Item4/12/08 3:32 PM
Ross | California  Find all comments by Ross
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So, wait... faith is a bad thing when scientists rely on it, and it's a good thing when Christians rely on it?

Sermon10/24/07 12:22 AM
Ross | Moncton, NB Canada  Contact via emailFind all comments by Ross
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“ Great Sermon! ”
This was a great sermon. There is no question that Satan uses compromise to destroy our witness. I have noticed that I am easily persuaded to compromise especially while in the company of nonbelievers. I pray about this as my desire is to be more like Jesus, the Lord and Saviour of my life and my soul.

News Item12/22/06 11:48 AM
Ross | Connecticut  Contact via emailFind all comments by Ross
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'Adam' means 'able to show red in the face', meaning to blush. Fair skinned people blush. 1Sam 17:42 says David was fair skinned and of a ruddy (reddish) complexion (red haired). Moses was described as exceedingly fair (Acts 7:20). Nonbiblical accounts (like the writings of Pilate) say Jesus had blondish hair and blue eyes. What people have these traits? White Europeans. We are physical Israelites.

Don Bell
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