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JUL 1, 2015
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Sermon Deliverance | Ken Gentzler
Lisa from Wales
"Great encouragement thank you"
-9 hrs 
Sermon Spiritual Depression #4: Regrets | Michael Phillips
Lisa from Wales
-10 hrs  11 
Sermon Spiritual Eyes | Peter Nicotra
Carmen Gonzalez from Woodhaven
-11 hrs 
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Sermon1/12/14 6:23 PM
Patty | Cal  Contact via emailFind all comments by Patty
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How to Quiet a Noisy Soul
Dr. Jim Berg
“ Great Sermon! ”
This was a great teaching. One that needs to be heard by ALL believers. Is the available in written form? I love some of the points but just too fast to write them down. Thank you, patty

Sermon4/20/13 1:32 PM
patty | wi  Contact via emailFind all comments by patty
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“ Great Sermon! ”
How refreshing! !!!!! What a blessing you are. God bless you and your family. Thank you for standing on the rock.

Blog3/19/13 7:54 PM
Patty | Oregon  Find all comments by Patty
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It seems to be all the rage these days for supposedly "prominent Evangelical" leaders to join in with all the pope worshiping going on. Luis Palau, Rick Warren, and Don Shoemaker - all having no problem whatsoever with Catholic heresy.

Mr.Shoemaker closes this article with Is.61:3 - conveniently bypassing the previous verse of "the day of vengeance of our God." Our Lord is one day going to pour out His wrath on ALL who oppose Him...which includes Rome.

The pope and all he stands for is idolatrous in God's eyes (Ex.20:4-6) Rome worship-pope worship-wafer worship (transubstantiation)-Mary worship-sacramental salvation- is ALL contrary to God's Word. Which apostle ever called himself the "vicar of Christ"? Which apostle ever let someone bow down to them, kiss a ring, or their feet? Which apostle ever said anything about salvation through sacraments? Answer-NONE

These "Evangelical leaders" have forgotten that we have a Bible to study because of men like Tyndale and others, who were burned at the stake by the Catholic Church for translating it into English. By affirming the pope and "ash wednesday", Mr.Shoemaker has trampled the Word of God beneath his feet, and shown us all where his allegiance lies - with Rome NOT Christ.

1Timothy 2:5..Only One Mediator ~ Christ!

Sermon3/11/13 8:28 PM
patty | wi  Find all comments by patty
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you for the great commentarys God bless but is there some way you can increase the sound on your end ? I have s kindle and often just stop the program Because I cant hear .thank you. Patty

Blog1/3/13 8:12 PM
Patty  Find all comments by Patty
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It boggles my mind to know that Don Shoemaker, as educated as he is, can so readily turn his back on the Gospel of Christ. His arm-in-arm coziness with the church of Rome is disturbing - especially since he doesn't feel the need to bring the Gospel to Catholics. I came out of the "catholic tradition"- it is an empty, dead religion of works! I spent 9 years of my life in Catholic school; had 4 of the 7 sacraments checked off the list by age 10! I was being groomed to be a "good Catholic", to follow the "traditions" of Rome. And you know what?..I was NOT saved. Praise God - the Lord rescued me from that mess with the preaching of His Word - NOT Rome's rules.

Dr.Shoemaker seems to forget that faith comes by HEARING, and HEARING the Word of God(Rom10:17) He also seems to have forgotten Mark 7: The Lord Himself rebukes the Pharisees(Dr.Shoemaker)of "making the Word of God of no effect through your tradition which you have handed down. And many such things you do."(Mark7:13)

Shame on you Don Shoemaker for deceiving people who NEED to hear the Word of God..precious souls depend upon it. Shame on you for trampling upon our forefathers who gave their lives that we may have a Bible to read!

Pastors..Preach the Word of God and NOT this sacramental heresy!!

Blog1/1/13 3:56 PM
Patty  Find all comments by Patty
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I commend you for maintaining a firm stand for the Gospel of our Lord
Jesus Christ. The Lord gave us Holy Scripture so we can know Him-
follow Him-obey Him. It is NOT a book of guidelines or suggestions,
but commands. These men of the Grace Brethren fellowship are
seriously compromising the narrow path of Christ and SHOULD be
exposed for it. Far too many churches in our day just want to push the
"easy button" so they will be popular with everyone... How sad! I will
be praying for their repentance.
I am truly blessed to be a part of ONE church that refuses to
compromise - and honored to have a Pastor with the courage and
backbone to stand firmly in God's Truth and call heresy for what it is!!
Thank you, Pastor Chuck

Sermon11/26/12 6:26 PM
patty | wi  Contact via emailFind all comments by patty
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Christ the King Hypocrisy
Trevor Hammack
“ Great Sermon! ”
HOW IS YOUR DAUGHTER DOING? You and yours are in my prayers. Thank you for Christ the King message ..Wow I think it would be great if it went viral.

Sermon7/20/12 5:07 PM
patty  Contact via emailFind all comments by patty
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Yes always great! !!! Thank you but. U r not s liar if u only lie once? Do u have to murderer more then once to be a murderer? OR LUST ALOT TO BE AN ADULTERER. AND SO ON. SIN IS SIN. ALL LIARS WILL HAVE THEIR PLACE IN THE LAKE OFF FIRE .EXCUSE THE WRITING ERRORS. THANK U FOR GREAT REPORTING.

Sermon4/12/12 10:16 AM
Patty | north carolina  Find all comments by Patty
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What is Adultery?
Voddie Baucham
“ Great Sermon! ”
I love this teaching. Thank you for this♥

Survey4/15/08 1:57 PM
Patty | Springdale, AR  Find all comments by Patty
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What is my opinion of SA?.... for me it is of priceless value. After drifting year by year along with the current of modern thinking that has "evolved" in good, well-meaning churches all over America, my spiritual sanity has been rescued by men like Paul Washer and so many others whose preaching I have come to embrace. What a rare opportunity I have to hold up my Christan walk of today before the mirror of God's holy be reminded of the Word as it was taught and preached when it didn't HAVE to be politically correct or inoffensive. I now remember that if God's Word offends you, then YOU are wrong, not your accuser (it's called conviction of the Holy Spirit!). I don't know how many others have become complacent as their years of life advance, but I had. This ministry has awakened my mind and my spirit, and I feel alive to the things of God as I have not felt in many, many years. This website must be a wealth of encouragement for new believers, and I encourage them to make themselves at home here among the teachings of men being used by God. But my most fervent recommendation goes to those who have been Christians 40-50 years or more...I can't believe how much I am learning, both about Christ AND about myself. To God be the glory for all that you are doing, SA!

Survey4/15/08 12:03 PM
Patty | Springdale, AR  Find all comments by Patty
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Since I found this website, I enjoy the preaching of God's Word every day, Monday thru Friday. I have a desk job in an office, and have been doing the same work for many years. Since my company doesn't like us to use "streaming" from the internet, I go to briefly each day and download mp3 versions of sermons I want to hear, onto an mp3 device. This frees up my employers bandwidth, but allows me to hear the Word throughout the day, while I work. Thank you so much for making the "bread of life" available in so many useful formats! I truly appreciate the selection of men whose ministries you publish...they are making the Truth known to all who wish to hear it.

Jim Byrd
A Sweet Savour

Genesis 8
Midweek Service
13th Street Baptist Church
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Dr. Andy Bloom

Central Baptist Church
Sunday - PM
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A. Boyd Miller IV
Rejection of Biblical Marriage

Covenant Presbyterian Church
Sunday - AM
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Bob Vincent
Lot City: Unbridled Sensuality

Bible Characters
Grace Presbyterian Church
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Robert Rubino
America: Gay, Proud, & Thirsty

Church Of The Living Dead!
Fellowship Baptist Church
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