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JUN 28, 2017
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Sermon The Case for Amillennialism | Jonathan Jackson
Jonathan Jackson from Houston
"Thanks gentlemen! All glory goes to God. Mr. Gross, please email me at..."
-47 hrs 
Sermon Secrets From John 3 | Dr. James M. Phillips
Marilyn from Fish Lake Valley Nv.
-48 hrs 
Sermon Evangelical Conditionalism | Sean E. Harris
Nathaniel Blaney
-50 hrs  10 
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Sermon2/25/08 10:11 AM
Paddy | Canada  Find all comments by Paddy
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Video: UFO's and the Bible
Dr. Phil Fernandes
“ Great Sermon! ”
I think that Dr. Phil does a decent introduction into this topic. I wish he had of drawn the connection between the biblical teaching concerning the Nephilim and the present agenda of the supposed 'space brothers. That being said Dr. Fernandez comes across as a sound biblical teacher. Two thumbs up!

News Item12/30/07 4:44 PM
Paddy | Ireland  Find all comments by Paddy
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GG you are slow here. I will post for you.

as the Brits are now catholic they will be Christian

News Item9/15/07 12:47 PM
Paddy | NI  Find all comments by Paddy
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james brown wrote:
Dr Paisley is a god fearing man, not like the brats of hell that are against him, Some of them said in the past (we are following you) but they were so far behind they could not be seen. Ps What an ungodly bunch was protesting outside Dr Paisleys church.
Presumably you were one of the Koolaid drinkers who have spent the last 30 years changing Church hymns to "Follow, Follow, we will follow Paisley."

Have you ever thought of trying another church that demands absolute loyalty above the Bible to their leaders like the Mormons or the Catholics?

News Item9/10/07 4:06 PM
Paddy | Australia  Contact via emailFind all comments by Paddy
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The world will never be Islamic, ever!

It is not God's plan and not even Satan's plan. Other militant groups that want to dominate the world are as follows: Sodomites, Freemasons, Controllers of the world banks, Roman Catholicism, Communists and they also have some competition amongst the arrogant practicing gay so called christian clergy now. Sorry Muslims, you might get a chunk of it but you'll have to settle for your share only.

News Item9/10/07 3:51 PM
Paddy | Australia  Contact via emailFind all comments by Paddy
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most of them rely so heavily on human medical ingenuity that they would no doubt be possessed of the same hideous unbelief as the very wicked scribes and pharisees who put Him, Jesus to death. Psalm 1 tells us that the unglodly shall not stand in the judgement nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous.

News Item9/10/07 3:30 PM
Paddy | Australia  Contact via emailFind all comments by Paddy
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Oh, what a piece of legislation! It deserves to be mocked! Many Islamic mosques will resent it as part of their platform is to condemn this kind of immoral practice. So sensitive homos had better not go anywhere near an Islamic institution that is intolerant to them, they might just start a full scale war! Ha!

News Item9/10/07 3:20 PM
Paddy | Australia  Contact via emailFind all comments by Paddy
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If that is the Popes meaning, it is also very much in error. The majority of British Christendom was destined by God to have an entirely different role in the world than most of the rest of Europe.
GG wrote:
Faithful-1: He didn't say that your Church was totally without merit. He didn't say y'all are going to Hell. According to the Catholic point of view, the 'True' Church or a 'Sister' Church must come out of the the same historical background as Catholicism or Orthodoxy and be able to prove that their priesthood was conferred by succesors of St Peter.

News Item8/22/07 9:24 AM
Paddy | Canada  Find all comments by Paddy
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The Great Whore is just too seductive for these so called protestant spiritual fornicators! Even after the little ex Nazi tells them that outside of Rome they are walking damned, they still can't stay away from Babylon!

'Touch not the unclean thing and I will receive you! '

We are living in the midst of the great apostasy. Soon the Great King will return. Despite the tribulation that will fall upon us all I say, 'even so Lord Come!'

News Item6/23/07 11:43 AM
Paddy | Australia  Contact via emailFind all comments by Paddy
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I read the article. The appointment of a woman as leader of this Mega Church is not insignificant. It is also not startling. Joyce Meyer is a great christian woman leader along with many others. What a pity so many thousands of so called christian men leaders have fallen so badly astern with preaching the whole counsel of God. There is little difference between the rank unfaithfullness of all the spiritual men "jellies" and the continuous persuit of churches in replacing men of choice by choosing women over men for leadership. Theological colleges continue to produce men who can't preach, can't teach and who don't understand what is the whole counsel of God and are spiritually bankrupt. Let's criticize the choice of women christian leaders when we are blessed with true spiritual giants amongst the men. Something that is almost non existent in this day of unrivald and rank apostacy.

Sermon5/31/07 9:54 AM
Paddy  Contact via emailFind all comments by Paddy
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“ Great Sermon! ”
This is a bold and much needed message. In Australia the gay movement wields great power. We need unafraid preachers of the whole counsel of God and in Australia these are now few. our Christian heritage is being stomped on. May God send us a true visitation of the Holy Spirit that is not an imitation one as is so often the case.

News Item4/29/07 11:21 AM
Paddy | Australia  Contact via emailFind all comments by Paddy
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Rowan Williams is a gigantic dissapointment. He is trying to negotiate with a gay religious community that actively promotes the practice of sodomy as being normal. Does it occur to Rowan that such perverted sex was never intended by the Creator and never will be? As a man of the cloth he comes across as a man of no real conviction on this issue.

News Item4/29/07 11:14 AM
Paddy | Australia  Contact via emailFind all comments by Paddy
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The Swiss writer of the article commenting on the harlotry of the EU is indeed correct. I have children living in Switzerland and am in touch with the situation. This is nothing compared with what is prophesied in scripture regarding the role of the EU in the end times. According to the Word of God in the book of Jude, we need to earnestly contend for the faith once delivered unto the saints. The EU is part of the King of the North that will invade the King of the South (Iran) that will trigger the final conflict. May the day come quickly with Christ's return following.

News Item4/5/07 4:57 PM
Paddy  Find all comments by Paddy
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Another demonstration of allah the merciful and compassionate!

News Item4/2/07 1:02 PM
Paddy  Find all comments by Paddy
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Wine is a mocker and beer is a brawler, any one lead astray by these is not wise!
And Steve incase you never hear this at your church...? Jesus says unless a man is born again he cannot see the Kingdom of God.
Another scripure says , blessed is the one who has no reason to pass judgement on himself for what he approves.
Rom. 14:22b
If you are a wine bibber and your concience is clear you should keep that between yourself and God!

News Item4/1/07 8:02 PM
Paddy  Find all comments by Paddy
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Bah! All those Anglicans are the same any way! hehe The last great Anglican was the Irish bishop Ussher and he was a Calvanist!

News Item3/31/07 8:56 AM
Paddy  Find all comments by Paddy
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Sam I was just taking the mickeyt out of Albert earlier. I consider myself a true blue protestant and an Ulster man. I dislike the idea of a United Ireland, but to be governed by teh Shinners is the worst possible scenario for any Northern Protestant! The reality is that the Doc will be the Number 1! This must be even more difficult for any Catholic republican to swallow than for us unionists!
Cromwell was a hero to us Prods and a demon to the Catholics. It depends who you ask! I think that the agreement with Adams last Monday was better than nothing and disagree with Albert and his mates. I would have preferred that the Doc share power with the Sdlp but such is the polarised politics of our provence!
Albert I hate abortion / murder and that is very grevious to me but I wonder if the Alliance does not stand for the same and Sir Reg too? The reality is that Christians in a democracy will not have the ability to legislate righteousness because sadly there is no such thing any where as a moral majority!

News Item3/30/07 10:59 PM
Paddy  Find all comments by Paddy
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Albert stop yer crying and just stand up and sing 'The Soldiers Song!' Let me hear ya say it 'Chucky ar La' We'll make a true green Irish man out of you yet! We all know you have portrait of Paidraig Pearse on your wall! We know you love Easter! Especially that special one in 1916! So come on and stop pretending to be an Orange Man. Why not just be honest and nail your true colours to the mast and say what you really think?
After all I believe it was from St. Paddy boy himself where our fathers first heard the words, Ye must be born Again!

Jim Byrd
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