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SEP 21, 2017
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News Item6/4/17 7:50 AM
Overcomer | USA  Find all comments by Overcomer
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Here is something for every professing Christian to consider while decrying the wickedness of abortion:

“Every abortion clinic should have a sign in front of it saying, “Open by the permission of the church.” ~Francis Schaeffer~

News Item5/14/17 9:35 PM
Overcomer | USA  Find all comments by Overcomer
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As someone who actually attended this interposition yesterday, please allow me to shed some light on what occurred.
First, this was not a protest. It was a proclamation that Jesus is King. That Christians are to speak up for those who have no voice. That we are to lay our lives down for the least of these. It was a call for the church to repent of her apathy, and to understand that if the shedding of innocent blood does not cease in this land, we will one day feel the full wrath of God Almighty. As Abel's blood cried from the ground, a haunting chorus of 60 million little baby boys and girls cries are heard. Perhaps they are asking God: "How long, O Lord?"

There was definitely one child saved yesterday, and perhaps more. There was a young mother who had a good Mother's Day today. There were several who did not.

Another observation of yesterday's event; there was an absence of pastors. A few from outside of Louisville came. One would think that a large "religious" community would have enough God fearing men, that truly lives out the gospel, and not only believe that abortion is murder, but acts accordingly.

Hopefully, July 22-29, when there is a large contingent coming to Louisville to close this remaining clinic, the pastors of Louisville will stand with us.

News Item6/5/16 10:54 AM
Overcomer | USA  Find all comments by Overcomer
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The public school system has been a cesspool for decades. It's beyond reformation. Like the Tower of Babel, it needs to be dismantled.

Every professing Christian should remove their children from these institutions. Don't delay another moment. The ship is sinking....don't let your child be a casualty. It will take some sacrifice on your part, but the eternal rewards will be worth it.

News Item2/19/16 4:04 PM
overcomer | usa  Find all comments by overcomer
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Isn't an ultrasound an amazing device that gives us a window to the womb? While some would use it to reveal the humanity of a preborn child to it's parents, an abortionist in his depravity will use it as a tool to exterminate a little life.

News Item11/17/15 1:39 PM
Overcomer | USA  Find all comments by Overcomer
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Another perspective regarding the Islamists and Black Lives Matter crowd.

Could it be, that America, which was once a city set on hill, has become so godless and corrupt, that God is turning us over to our enemies, as noted in Deuteronomy chapter 28?

News Item9/11/15 8:47 AM
Overcomer | USA  Find all comments by Overcomer
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timpetersen1 wrote:
Why doesn't she just resign her post. On the grounds that she does not support so-called gay marriage. O wait I know why. Because it pays 80k. I would quit and find another job that I could do an honor God in the process.
This is exactly WHY we as a nation are in such desperate straits. Christian's have "resigned" their posts of being salt and light, and have been cowering inside of the four walls of their churches.

While homosexuals have been "loud and proud" forcing their lifestyles on us, Christians have sat silently. Now our children are being indoctrinated in public schools. We are now living in Sodom due to our lack of love of God, and His Word.

Just a cursory look throughout God's Word will reveal the countless prophets, disciples, and the Lord's people being persecuted and killed for obeying God rather than men.

Every professing Christian in this nation will have their Kim Davis moment.

Choose this day whom you will serve.

News Item9/10/15 7:02 PM
Overcomer | USA  Find all comments by Overcomer
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It appears by some of the comments, that the real issue has gotten side tracked with Kim Davis' doctrinal beliefs.

First of all, Kim Davis hasn't broken any laws. Rather she was upholding Kentucky law which passed a marriage amendment in 2004 by a 75% margin to only recognize marriage between a man and a woman. She could be fined for ignoring this law that is still on the books.

Secondly, there was no passage of any legislation in the Congress/Senate that "legalized" same sex "marriage". Congress makes law not the courts.

Thirdly, (which should actually #1). Marriage was instituted by God between a man and a woman as a lifetime covenant. A true Christian would never participate in such wickedness. And Kim should not have to check her conscience at the door.

It is high time Christians quit hiding behind the four walls of their churches, and become the salt and light God intends us to be.

We will all be faced with a Kim Davis moment. Will you stand on the Lord's side?

News Item6/25/15 5:33 PM
Overcomer | USA  Find all comments by Overcomer
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What this nation needs is a good history lesson, and the first student enrolled should be Mr. Moore.

First, the Confederate Flag, the battle flag of the south, was not created because of slavery. Not one slave came into this nation under the Confederate Flag. Howbeit, thousands of slaves were brought under the US flag. They were transported in ships that were made in Massachusetts.

The Confederate Flag was fashioned after the St. Andrews Flag, in memory of St. Andrew who was martyred on a cross that was made into an "X".

The irony in all of this, is that Mr. Moore is calling for Christians to be more "tolerant" of homosexuals, while in the same breath is creating division amongst God fearing Southerners who are not ashamed of their roots.

Before long, any symbol that is Christian in origin will be purged from our nation. A rainbow flag will replace it.

The line is being drawn in the sand, folks.

News Item6/21/15 6:53 PM
Overcomer | USA  Find all comments by Overcomer
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Mr. Moore just simply doesn't get it. He is not presenting his arguments from a biblical worldview.

To begin with,the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is the same God of today. He does not change, nor has He changed His laws. If God destroyed nations for the sin of sodomy in Genesis, and He states In 2 Peter 2:6 that this was for an example for them who would live ungodly; how does one sugar coat this message? Is that true love?

The problem with professing Christian households is that we have forgot to blush. We need a good dose of shame. How can true repentance come for anyone, if they first don't see their guilt?

The message Mr. Moore is spreading, is detrimental to the body of Christ. It's also detrimental to the other siblings who may be living in the same household with a brother or sister who is practicing perversion.

I would much rather have the unrepentant leave the home, then allowing them to stay and corrupt the rest of my kids. Perhaps, later when they hit rock bottom, the wayward child will declare as the prodigal son: "Father I have sinned against heaven, and before thee, and am no more worthy to be called thy son... Luke 15:18.

Then the door would be wide open for restoration.

Mr. Moore, that is biblical thinking....

Sermon1/25/15 1:03 PM
Overcomer | USA  Find all comments by Overcomer
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Pastor Weaver's sermon hits at the heart of the current state of the professing church. Such a timely message to awaken and convict the hearts of God's people! May those who have ears to hear; hear!

News Item3/23/14 12:35 PM
Overcomer | USA  Find all comments by Overcomer
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The vast majority of women who have their babies murdered, do it willingly.

Yes, there are some who are coerced, or feel there are no other options. There have been a few cases where a woman is given an abortifacient without her consent.( Ironically, millions do this on a daily basis by taking b/c pills) I have failed to see one woman being physically dragged into a clinic for an abortion. ( although, I have seen a few parent's strongly coerce their daughters)

The true "war on women" began when Satan deceived Eve in the garden..."hast God really said?" From this original sin, this act of disobedience has brought forth death.

The lie continues...

News Item3/22/14 7:46 PM
Overcomer | usa  Find all comments by Overcomer
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The ministry of Vision Forum was of great benefit to many home educator's across this nation. They were a tremendous resource. For this they will be missed.

Having said that...during my Christian walk, I have seen many a leader fall from grace ( or perhaps they never received it to start with?) And I hold both those in leadership and in the pew equally accountable. Leaders won't lead, and some church attendees hold the leader in higher esteem than Christ. Most of this comes from lack of biblical discernment; or failing to be grounded in the Word of God.

Secondly, I believe the Lord exposes those who are living in habitual sin, publically; in order to humble them. Perhaps this will lead to a full repentance, and possibly spare His true sheep from being led off a cliff.

We are seeing the sheep and the goats, and the wheat and tares principles clearly at work. No doubt, there will be more famous faces in the days ahead who will be exposed.

We just need to make sure we aren't in the number of the blind leading the blind.

News Item11/14/13 8:51 AM
Overcomer | USA  Contact via emailFind all comments by Overcomer
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The question needs to be asked: "Why would a Christian want to read the Qur'an?

If you know the diabolical history of the author of the Qur'an, and his propensity towards perversion, it should make the majority of Christian's run from it like the plague.

The greater need for professing Christian's is spending more time in the Word of God. That is our greatest weapon against falsehood.

News Item6/27/13 1:03 PM
Overcomer | USA  Find all comments by Overcomer
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Why should we be shocked at the world's attitude regarding children?

How many professing Christian's have the same attitude? Especially if you have more than two. But of course, we just don't come right out and say it, we clothe our self righteous attitudes in religiosity, calling it good "stewardship".

News Item11/11/12 5:50 PM
Overcomer | USA  Find all comments by Overcomer
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As I suspected, there would be flame throwers,after the election. The blame game has begun. This is apparent by some of the comments aimed at Angela Wittman(whom I do not know).

I'm not sure which news sources Christian's and "conservatives" are deriving their information, but some are sadly misinformed about who the real Mitt Romney is. GOOGLE:The Mitt Romney Report.

Mitt has not been nor been pro-life. He was the "father" of sodomite "marriage" in Massachusetts. He is a globalist. And above all, he is a Christ hating Mormon.

Christian's had two choices this year ( or do a write-in). We could vote for a Christ hating, Muslim, or a Christ hating Mormon. To vote for either was in direct violation of God's Word. According to Galatians 1, if anyone brings another gospel, let him be accursed.

Why in heaven's name would a Christian who revere's God's Word, want an accursed man, to lead their country?

Maybe we will now run to the throne, fall at the feet of Christ, and proclaim: There is no King but Jesus!

News Item9/10/12 10:26 AM
Overcomer | USA  Find all comments by Overcomer
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John Yurich USA wrote:
The key operative word is past meaning that Romney was for in the past abortion and homosexuality. Now in the present Romney is against abortion and homosexuality. Would you rather see Obama get re elected? Well that is what you will be making sure of if you don't vote for Romney because not voting or voting for an Independent presidential candidate is just making sure that Obama gets re elected.

Can a leopard change it's spots?

If Romney had indeed repented from his sins, left the Mormon cult, and done a 180, then I would reconsider voting for him. But that's not the case.

Christians should think and vote biblically. Voting for a Mormon who denies Jesus Christ as Lord, is just as reprehensible as voting for a Muslim who denies Jesus Christ as Lord.

Another consideration....does America deserve a Godly King?

Or do we deserve a Nebuchadnezzer?

News Item9/9/12 6:15 PM
Overcomer | USA  Find all comments by Overcomer
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John Yurich USA wrote:
Overcomer:Romney stated that he supports the Republican platform that states that abortion is wrong under all circumstances including rape and incest. And if there are only two choices for president then it is better to vote for the lesser of two evils as the old saying goes. Choosing not to vote or voting for a Third party candidate is just helping Obama gets re elected. Just because Obama's Islamic/Communist leanings have influenced his decision making does not mean that Romney will allow the Mormon false teachings to influence his decision making. When Romney was Governor of Massachusettes he did not allow the Mormon false teachings to influence his decision making. So what makes you think that if elected president that Romney would allow the Mormon false teachings to influence his decision making? Stating that Romney would allow the Mormon false teachings to influence his decision making is just as insane as 52 years ago when some Evangelical Protestants stated that Kennedy would allow the Vatican to influence his decision making.

Please spend a couple of hours looking at The Romney Report, a well documented report of his past. Hopefully, you will change your stance.

News Item9/9/12 12:46 PM
Overcomer | USA  Find all comments by Overcomer
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As a long time advocate of the preborn child, I can attest that we are no closer to ending the slaughter than when Rov V Wade was enacted( a "decision," not a law by the way). It was a Republican majority court that made that decision. We have had how many Republican presidents since then? The only thing they have ever done is "regulate" the mass slaughter. They have no intentions of putting an end to the bloodshed. Romney has already stated that he supports killing babies conceived by rape and incest. But naive Christians continue to cast their lot (vote) for them.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.

In regards to Romney's religion. It really does matter what he believes. Obama's islamic/communist leanings have greatly influenced his decision making; so it will be with Romney.

Galatians 1:8 is very clear, "if anyone brings another gospel, let him be accursed"

Clearly, Romney ( a former bishop in the Mormon cult) is bringing another gospel. Not according to Christ. I surely don't want to share in his curse!

News Item9/9/12 12:30 PM
Overcomer | USA  Find all comments by Overcomer
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I often prayed for Pastor Nadarkhani and his family. To find out he was released was a big praise.

To find out his anti-trinitarian views, was very disheartening. If he did in fact "evangelize" while in prison he then made false converts; twice the sons of hell as himself.

May God have mercy on his soul...and draw him to His Son.

News Item9/7/12 2:43 PM
Overcomer | USA  Find all comments by Overcomer
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Mitt Romney is a charlatan. He has a political past for anyone who cares to investigate. He is not, I repeat, NOT pro-life. He is not opposed to sodomy. Mitt Romney has blood on his hands.

Please brethren to do not be deceived.

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