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SEP 20, 2017
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Sermon Entertainment and Culture | Dr. Randy Leedy
Yolanda from AZ
"This sermon will never grow old. It's preciseness is effective for growth..."
-4 hrs 
Sermon Mortifying Ungodly Emotions: Fear, Anxiety & Worry | Brian Borgman
Elizabeth from Singapore
-8 hrs  21 
Sermon Many Deceivers | Don Bell
Wanda from south
-8 hrs 
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Survey10/8/07 10:07 PM
Obvious Truth | Land of the banned  Find all comments by Obvious Truth
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"I'm wondering what it is that Spiritual is saying that would warrant his postings being pulled when all I've ever seen him do is post against Antinomianism and in favor of a sold-out holy life, empowered unto holiness by walking with God in obedience and submission to the Holy Spirit. You don't think this is a message worth at least considering and think it necessary to call for his posts to be removed? All because he condemns Antinomianism?

To many of you TULIP and/or OSAS is the veru gospel itself.

Antinomianism is a monstrous lie and the central message spoken from the pages of the Satanic Bible -- yet you try to run people off the board, remove their postings who post against this ultimate wicked heresy.

You enshrine Antinomianism as the gospel. To refute Antinomianism as the ultimate heresy is, in the minds of you fatalists, to refute the gospel itself.

Your hubris is incredible. Better to just become a Satanist, than to try to sell the message of the Satanic Bible (of "Do As Thou Wilt") as the
Gospel, the Good News message of Holy Scripture. No wonder Jesus said he would rather we would be hot or cold rather than lukewarm.

The Bible says Woe unto those who call evil good and good evil. Those who promote this monstrous view, enshrining evil and condemn

Survey9/29/07 11:18 AM
Obvious Truth  Find all comments by Obvious Truth
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That's ok. I understand that you are a pathological abuse button pusher who is addicted to not being able defend one's position without censorship.

Survey9/17/07 8:21 AM
Obvious Truth  Find all comments by Obvious Truth
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[removed by editor]

News Item9/17/07 7:13 AM
Obvious Truth  Find all comments by Obvious Truth
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33k wrote:
Of course, the fall in the value of a currency can actually be a very good thing for an economy, so don't be disheartened.
This is a very bad thing. It means depression, tyranny, suffering. Right now there's $4.5 billion in put options put up that the U.S. stock market will crash 30 to 50 percent by September 21. Whoever these insiders are, (probably Zionist bankers ie the Fed), will lose $4.5 billion if this DOESN'T happen. So they know something we don't.

Our country is in great danger from internal traitors who are working like termites on steroids to crash the ship of state into the rocks and bring on the New World Order. They murdered 3,000 American citizens to get us to lick their boots and give up our rights, and there's nothing else they won't do.

The next govt-sponsored crisis will give their excuse to impose marshal law (military now becomes the police, and anything goes, rape, kick in doors, haul people away, etc). They are eugenicists, Luciferians, itching to reduce world population 80-90 percent by war, famine, pestilance. They love it!

They're working behind the scenes to bring us the Amero, a combo of Canadian, Mexican and Canadian money, for our nice new country the North American Union.

Survey9/17/07 7:01 AM
Obvious Truth  Find all comments by Obvious Truth
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[removed by editor]

Survey9/12/07 3:27 PM
Obvious Truth | Words in Red and all the rest  Find all comments by Obvious Truth
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JES wrote:
You are one of these false prophets. You believe you are correct because God has deceived you because of the idols in your heart.
Oooooh. It's God speaking. Shhhh.

Actually, it's just Battlefield Baptist getting ready for Halloween. Their theme this year is Lake of Fire, and there's a bunch of us they want to throw into it. And it may just be a real fire too!

Their main speaker will be Yamil, who will be dressed in a lab coat and combat boots, and will offer a comedy routine about how to "get a life" and other original one-liners. He will also tell us what a simple declarative sentence is, and he'll be wearing his oversized Bush/Cheney button. After that, there will be fortune telling with Ernie G, who will be sitting in the tent with his crystal ball, also announcing the guests, and trying to get people to sign up to be members of Battlefield (w/ handcuffs hanging out his back pocket). MBL will be dressed as Frankenstein, and won't even have to put on a constume. JD will be there as the Mad Hatter.

Should be a fun time. You can't get in unless you say the password, which is 1 John 4:3, and you better get it right. No mistakes, or you get thrown in the fire.

This is men only. Women should be silent in the church.

Survey9/12/07 7:39 AM
Obvious Truth | Words in Red and all the rest  Find all comments by Obvious Truth
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JD wrote:
Poor Yamil is innocent and is here, like me, to provide light in a very dark place. He knows that most will keep their eyes closed but a few will see. He knew there would be opposition but he is strong.
Poor Yamil wants to Nuke 'Em All. He wants other people to go across the ocean and die because he thinks it would be cool to start WWIII so he can be raptured (so he thinks), but he doesn't want to risk his own hide to go kill anybody. He just wants, as a noncitizen, to warmonger the U.S. into another Hitlerian war, turn one more country into a parking lot for Jesus.

He vandalizes this board, steals people's monikers, breaks all the rules and laughs while he does it, posts endless inane and boring posts that trash the forum and turn this place into a forum for juvenile delinquents.

You, JD, don't even have the honesty to lay your positions out clearly. You bury them, advance them like poison, then back off, redefine words, deny and slide away when challenged.

You survive by building dirty trick alliances with the Battlefield bullies, Yamil and cbc, to scold, jeer, bully, intimidate and threaten people into submission to your damnable heresies.

Survey9/11/07 9:43 PM
Obvious Truth | Words in Red and all the rest  Find all comments by Obvious Truth
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JD wrote:
The subject we were dealing with was "saints" not "Christian" in Re. I answered your errant point by proving that saints does not equal christian.
Excuse me, Mr. Smithstein, but Christian does equal saint, and saint equals Christian. Since Jesus came to Planet Earth it is no longer possible to be a saint without being a Christian.

The fact that Old Testament saints existed before Jesus came is irrelevant to the discussion at hand, which is the future martyred saints in the Tribulation, which you claim are Jews, which is preposterous.

You sound like John Hagee, Pope John Paul and some others, who say that Jews don't need Jesus, not to try to convert them, that they are "okay" just the way they are -- without Jesus.

Not only are the Jews without Jesus not saints, they are Hell bound and lost and children of Satan.

God isn't a racist, and nobody is going to get to Heaven because of their DNA or lack thereof. Otherwise, Jesus would not have needed to come and die.

Your heresies are so incredibly blasphemous I don't know why Sermon Audio allows you to continue to post here. You make that guy Russell who used to post here look orthodox in comparison.

News Item9/11/07 5:03 PM
Obvious Truth | Words in Red and all the rest  Find all comments by Obvious Truth
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Jim Lincoln wrote:
Obvious Truth, you should realize that dispensationalism is not as wrong as preterism is.
Preterism is pretty bad, but Dispensationalism is equally bad. In fact, Dispensationalism opens the door wide for any and all heresies, including Preterism.

Because Dispensationalism nullifies most of the Bible and Judaizes the rest. It is cowardly Christianity, looking to ignite WWIII so as to trigger a nonexistent rapture.

Preterism is not an impetus to warmongering and such selfish cowardice, shocking hatred and bigotry as we see exhibited in the followers of Dispensationalism, who have endorsed nuking innocent people across the ocean, and torturing people by waterboarding, raping with battery acid, crushing the testicals of babies in front of their parents.

This kind of barbarism is more what you'd expect from Luciferians or Satanists, not professing Christians.

I have no doubt had these "Christians" lived in the days of WWII and Hitler they would have been good little Nazis, laughed at the people behind the barbed wire, made jokes about the smells coming out of the crematoriums, and turned their neighbors in with a smile and a joke, and then go sing hymns and slap each other on the back in church.


Survey9/11/07 4:26 PM
Obvious Truth | Words in Red and all the rest  Find all comments by Obvious Truth
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Now we have Dr. Nuke 'Em All, here to blow some smoke for poor old JD, who has burned himself out on heresies.

Yammering Yamil is here to "keep the faith" for the IFBs, as he struts around the board, posting garbage, filling up the pages with trash, braying like a donkey, spouting the same lame "jokes" that weren't funny the first time, incorporating Bush propaganda death slogans into his monikers. Real attractive guy, about as likeable as JD, MBL, Bro. Williams, ErnieG or the rest of the Battlefield bullies.

He'll be bragging he's a pastor, a hacker, writing a book on Calvinism, even though his English is limited, his grammar and spelling is a joke, and he can't figure out much of the Bible.

Which is why he sticks with John 3:16, the dictionary definition of "world" and his "simple declarative statements," and why he needs to get himself an Italian large-print Bible.

Yamil Luciano, the fraud.

NOT a doctor.
NOT a pastor.
NOT clever.
NOT funny.
NOT an American citizen.
NOT a patriot.
NOT "anti-terrorist."
NOT a hacker.
NOT a Christian.
NOT an author.
NOT a writer.
NOT a thinker.

And the best he can do for the IFB cause is to bluelock (ie steal) people's monikers because his contribution to this forum was tapped out two years ago.

Survey9/11/07 3:43 PM
Obvious Truth | Words in Red and all the rest  Find all comments by Obvious Truth
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JD wrote:
Are you telling me that a Jew cannot keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus and therefore cannot be a saint?
Yes. Once he keeps the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus, he is no longer a Jew, but a Christian. Same with a Muslim or a Buddhist.

The early Christians were former Jews, and many died for their faith at the hands of Jews, just as Jesus himself did. They had to meet in secret, for fear of the Jews, and Paul was hounded from city to city by Jews who hated him for believing in Jesus.

Just as it is in Israel today for Christians, especially former Jews.

Being a Christian supercedes being a Jew, not vice versa. From the moment of his conversion, Paul spent his whole life winning converts to Jesus, not to Judaism, thought of himself as a Christian.

I wonder, since you believe as you do, you've not officiallly converted to Judaism, wear one of those little yarmulkes, go beat on the wailing wall and call out for the Messiah they think has never come.

Your circular reasoning is pure insanity. You say the Tribulation saints are Jews because "there's no Christians around during the Tribulation." Then you say there's no Christians around during the Tribulation so the "Tribulation saints must be Jews."

News Item9/11/07 3:31 PM
Obvious Truth | Words in Red and all the rest  Find all comments by Obvious Truth
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Abigail wrote:
How much clearer could it be that we must obey our Lord.
The Battlefield Antinomians call themselves Fundamentalists, but hand off most of the Bible as written to the "Jews only" and pick and choose from a few puny Pauline epistles to construct a doctrine that suits them. Why bother to be KJO when they nullify most of the Bible anyway?

IFBs like to make themselves literal priests in the home, where many "purify" their wives by reading scripture to them and keeping them in abject subjection by force and abuse.

They twist and wrest Scripture to the extreme, as the RCs do, to demonstrate their "superior" faith in believing the "literal word of God."

But truly, most of what they believe can be found in their Scofield Bible footnotes.

IFBs usually have a dominating pastor, and the people swallow every word he says. IFB pastors get their doctrine from Judaizing seminaries like Liberty Baptist. All Baptist seminaries, bar none, are corrupted by Dispensationalism and Pre-trib rapturism.

If a man starts an IFB church without attending seminary, he still swallows the same heresies.

IFB Baptist churches are no better than any of the other apostatized churches, and in some ways much worse.

Survey9/11/07 1:49 PM
Obvious Truth | Words in Red and all the rest  Find all comments by Obvious Truth
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JD wrote:
Well, I'll be! Now Jews cannot be saints?
No, they can't be. Not since Jesus came, they can't be. If they hate Jesus and go running after their phony antichrist messiah, if they believe the Talmud that Jesus is burning in Hell in burning poop, that he was illegitimate, that Mary was a whore, that Christians are goyim, or cattle, who need to be mostly eliminated or used as slaves --

No, they are not a saint.

Nowadays there is only one kind of saint. That is a Christian. You either are or you aren't, and if you're not, then you can't be a saint.

There is no way with the occultic things that you and your Israel First Antinomian friends at Battlefield believe regarding Jewish Supremacy that you can be Christians.

In the New Testament, only Christians are saints, people who love Jesus, period. People who hate Jesus are not saints, no matter how you redefine words to suit your Judaizing heresies.

Rev. 12:11 And they (the Tribulation saints) overcame him (Satan) by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

[QUOTE]Believers in the tribulation and the millennial age are saints but they are not Christians.This is just over-the-top blasphemy.

Survey9/11/07 10:27 AM
Obvious Truth | Words in Red and all the rest  Find all comments by Obvious Truth
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cbcpreacher wrote:
the second three and one half years of the tribulation is called the Time of Jacob's Trouble (Jer. 30:7-which is a dual prophecy). All the world will be under God's judgment, but it will be an extremely difficult time for the Jews as the Antichrist vents his anger and hatred of God toward the chosen nation of Israel.
Well, I just don't see that anywhere. All I see in Revelation is lots of blood running from Christians, unless now we are to take it that the word "saints" means somebody who hates Jesus, hates Christians, believes the Talmud and Cabala.

Rev. 13:7 And it was given unto him (the Antichrist) to MAKE WAR WITH THE SAINTS, and to OVERCOME THEM: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him...

11 And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; ...

12 And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast..

15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak and, cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

Survey9/11/07 10:14 AM
Obvious Truth | Words in Red and all the rest  Find all comments by Obvious Truth
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cbc Preacher wrote:
Tonight, in our evening service, I began a series of lessons that will address the issues of the end times. I will teach about the pre-trib rapture of the church and the coming of an Antichrist.
You are victimizing your people, cbc. There is no pretrib rapture.

The blood of Christians will flow during the Tribulation. We will suffer the wrath of Satan, as Christians have throughout history.

The Bible says the Antichrist will wage war against the SAINTS and prevail. It doesn't say ANYTHING about waging war against the Jews.

In fact, the Antichrist will be received by the Jews as their Messiah. All but a remnant will worship this Antichrist, help him track down and kill all the Christians because they hate Jesus and they hate Christians, as they have always, from the beginning, when they screamed "Crucify him" to Pontius Pilate."

What makes you think the phony Jewish messiah, installed by the Synagogue of Satan itself, will be going after Jews. That makes NO SENSE!

The Jews are going to be in big trouble from God's judgments, but not the Antichrist's. God's wrath and judgments will deliver the Christians, as He did the Jews in the Exodus, else not one Christian would survive.

News Item9/11/07 9:35 AM
Obvious Truth | Words in Red and all the rest  Find all comments by Obvious Truth
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Wayne wrote:
Obvious Truth
Try 'IF saved always saved' A true work of grace will be performed until the day of Christ and there will be evidence!
This is NOT what the Bible says. BTW there is absolutely no difference between If Saved Always Saved, and Once Saved Always Saved.

Getting saved is easy. You just open the door and invite Jesus in. He has promised never to turn anybody down, nobody.

Maybe your mother and daughter never got off the launching pad because they started hearing all the dry doctrines, lies about how God was going to do it all and they had nothing to fear, so they quenched, grieved and insulted the Holy Spirit away, failed to work out their own salvation with fear and trembling.

Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and you are teaching people to treat God like a big nothing, teaching people to be Antinomian fatalist bowls of Jello, people who say, okay, I'm not going to worry, because God will do it and I don't want to try to be working my way to Heaven.

These Antinomian blobs of jello, similar to the first example in the parable of the sower, loved a lie. Some of them go on to frantically preach this wicked heresy, thinking that if they can convince others maybe it will make it true for them too.

Survey9/11/07 9:13 AM
Obvious Truth  Find all comments by Obvious Truth
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Seaton, quit the stupid juvenile name-calling and jeering. It is disgusting and stupid and pointless. You say you are a graduate from seminary? I thought you were a teenager.

You and Lurker like to trade insults with really dumb Baptists who make big targets, but you are just as dumb as they are.

If you don't have anything intelligent to say, why not just don't say anything.

Survey9/11/07 9:07 AM
Obvious Truth | Words in Red and all the rest  Find all comments by Obvious Truth
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JD, you are nobody to be lecturing anybody about lack of faith. You treat the Bible like a parlor game, and are the biggest fraud and phony on this board, bar none.

You claim to want people to come to Jesus, that he will save everybody. Then you preach your mumbo jumbo judaizing claptrap about the Jews, that God is going to send people to Hell because the have the wrong nationality on their birth certificate or passport, a "goat" nation that opposed Israel or didn't help the Jews blow up the world.

You turn your back on the Tribulation saints and say it's all about the poor Jews.

The poor Jews who want to take away our KJB as hate literature, who want to burn every one of those Bibles, and kill every man, woman and child who loves Jesus, or who is associated with Christianity in any way.

And not only do they hate God, but they love Lucifer. They practice ungodly occultic rituals and the star of David so-called is the most powerful occultic symbol there is. The leaders in Israel are thugs and murderers, and Revelation calls Jerusalem "Sodom and Egypt."

These are the people you call "God's Chosen," while spitting in the face of the Christians and trying to steal our Bible away and give it to the Jews.

Survey9/11/07 7:43 AM
Obvious Truth | Words in Red and all the rest  Find all comments by Obvious Truth
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MurrayA, I'm not a preterist, and it's obvious to me that the New World Order is upon us, that there will be a nightmare Great Tribulation. The events in Revelation haven't happened, and we are the unlucky ones who will go through it.

This Man of Sin Antichrist will be destroyed by Jesus at the Last Trump, at the Second Coming, with the "brightness of his coming" (II Thes. 2). Christians will be here as long as the antichrist is here, as Paul taught.

The horrors of Iraq right now are just a foretaste. The United States is about to, on behalf of Israel, attack and nuke Iran. Can you believe it!

The Bush cabel are Jews, and their administration is Jewish, made up of dual-citizen Jews and Mossad, Jewish rabbis. Hillary is a Jew, calling to nuke Iran. The U.S. is just an extension of Israel, pouring billions in to help form their New World Order and bring in their phony messiah antichrist.

The book of Revelation talks about the death of the saints at the hands of the Jewish Antichrist and False Prophet.

It's not in the Bible that the Jews are the victims. This is fairy tales, pure make-believe.

Revelation promises a blessing to anybody who reads it and a curse to anybody who changes one word in it.

News Item9/11/07 7:31 AM
Obvious Truth  Find all comments by Obvious Truth
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Once Saved Always Saved is no different than Anton Lavey's teaching of

Do As Thou Wilt.

No different.

You people are saying avoid trying to try to do good, don't even try, because if you try that means you are "working," and that means you don't have faith in Jesus, you're trying to "work your way to Heaven," trusting in yourself rather than Jesus, and you may as well be an RC.

So that means you just get blown around by whatever impulse hits you, because you don't want to control what you do in any way. That would mean WORKS, and WORKS ARE BAD, BAD, BAD. No works. Kill the works.

So how is this any different than what Anton Lavey says in his Satanic Bible:

Do As Thou Wilt

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