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JAN 18, 2017
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Sermon Live For God | Don Fortner
Gary and Janey Hollback from Wheelersburg church
"Thank you again for another wonderful message, and God bless"
-17 hrs 
Sermon Lord, Spread Your Kingdom Yeast Everywhere | Mark Vander Hart
Ryan from Illinois
-18 hrs 
Sermon Your Personal Walk In the Garden With Jesus... | Evangelist, David Bennett
Mips1 from NY
-19 hrs 
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News Item8/2/11 11:40 AM
Not too cool  Find all comments by Not too cool
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Pastor Alistair Begg's bulletin indicates that young children are not welcome in his worship service so that his recording is flawless.

This is upside-down in light of Jesus' teachings about children.

Why did we let our sound systems overturn biblical truth?

News Item8/2/11 9:39 AM
Not too cool  Find all comments by Not too cool
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"Birth control pills helped empower women, changed the world"

"No longer forced into motherhood by their biology, women could choose how they wanted to shape their lives, planning when to have children and how many to have. Meanwhile, they could pursue higher education and careers.

""Women cannot compete with men as long as they're childbearers first and employees second," said Lynne Luciano, a history professor at California State University, Dominguez Hills. "The pill allowed women to stay in their careers, and get pregnant when they feel like it, not by accident."

"For the first time, preventing pregnancy was in a woman's hands. She could take the pill at her discretion, without anyone knowing and without depending on a man."

If we didn't want to arrive here, we should have listened to our Christian forebears who warned us about these contraceptive effects where women are empowered and men are emasculated.

News Item7/29/11 1:41 PM
Not too cool  Find all comments by Not too cool
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"First, if you're not ready for children, you're not ready to be married.

"Second, we must reject this idea in our culture that you can have anything called marriage that involves homosexuals . . . because that is a categorical denial of the very purpose of marriage. A *categorical* denial of the very purpose of marriage."

"By the way: It's really difficult for us to make that argument when we're willing to mutilate our bodies so that God didn't give us kids."

-SBC Pastor, Dr. Voddie Baucham, Grace Family Baptist Church

"More Important than a Wedding?"

News Item7/28/11 8:35 PM
Not too cool  Find all comments by Not too cool
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"Southern Baptists: Because we are no better than the rest of the culture on this, our attitude towards children is "A boy for me and a girl for you and praise the Lord we are finally through."

"It is an unwritten rule that you can only have two kids. However, there is one exception to the unwritten rule where you can have a third child and that is if your first two children were the same sex you get to try one more time for the other. That is the unwritten rule.

"We despise children in the Southern Baptist Convention."

-SBC Pastor, Dr. Voddie Baucham, to Southern Baptist Texas Convention pastors
"Centrality of the Home"

News Item7/28/11 3:04 PM
Not too cool  Find all comments by Not too cool
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With Protestants protesting each other, how could they ever really protest "gay marriage," abortion or any other evil in our day?

News Item7/21/11 9:49 PM
Not too cool  Find all comments by Not too cool
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John Yurich USA wrote:
But what happens if the couple who is not biblically married have young children? Divorce is hard on young children. Don't you ever think before you post statements? I agree with you that divorce for any other reason other than adultery is sinful. Remember the Bible states that divorce is permitted if ones spouse has engaged in adultery.
Homosexual couples have children. Must they also stay married for the kids?

Per your mention of divorce, you're referring to the Adulterer's Bible found on the shelf at every Christian bookstore. They all contain the "exception" clause. If this word wasn't there we wouldn't have a tsunami of divorce and adulterous remarriage, even in the church.

Perhaps Erasmus is partly to blame.

News Item7/20/11 12:50 PM
Not too cool  Find all comments by Not too cool
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Frank wrote:
I think the point this board will note is that you have an unbeliever who stands for everything that is against scripture attending some church that he feels comfortable in. In other words, "most" will only see his hypocrisy and will attempt to find nothing positive about his attempt to fool prospective voters.
I'm sure you and your family members aren't pro: homosexuality, abortion, feminism, pluralism, etc, regardless of how they feel they should worship, so your comment is somewhat confusing.
There can be no positive spin for Obama's spiritual walk and where and how he worships. For certain is he has reinvented a Christ that he feels comfortable with.
Luke 6:46"Why do you call Me, 'Lord, Lord,' and do not do what I say?
Likely so, though I can't see his heart.

Since St. John's Episcopal Church's denomination ordains openly gay bishops, perhaps their souls would be safer when the current (or any future) President stays home, watches Christian sermons with his family or reads the Bible.

Then during campaign season he can meet and greet in the pews as required.

News Item7/20/11 12:03 PM
Not too cool  Find all comments by Not too cool
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Several of my family members tune into church via TV or Internet.

Perhaps The President is more-often-than-not doing likewise.

He can hear the best Pastors. It also saves him time, us money and reduces his personal risk.

Unless he wants to fellowship, isn't this the new paradigm?

News Item7/20/11 8:01 AM
Not too cool  Find all comments by Not too cool
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John UK wrote:
3. The Trinitarian Bible Society have always printed in England (Cambridge, I think), and now have their own facility to safeguard the precious text by printing their own Bibles in their HQ in London, complete with Preface.
"The Trinitarian Bible Society has been associated with the King-James-Only Movement. However, as the Society has publicly stated,

‘The Trinitarian Bible Society does not believe the Authorised Version to be a perfect translation, only that it is the best available translation in the English language’."

Like Murdoch, TBS appears to be a para-church organization so they have all sail and no anchor to protect the Bible text.

News Item7/20/11 7:27 AM
Not too cool  Find all comments by Not too cool
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Because of Social Security Income, tax and property excuses, even many widowed senior citizens are fornicating instead of marrying.

Since these couples appear to be biblically-married heterosexuals (but are not) -- no one says a peep about their sinful lifestyles.

However, now that two men want marry we barrage them with sermons against their sinful lifestyle?

Why do we turn a blind eye to the church's sinful lifestyles including serial divorce & remarriage, unbiblical remarriage & adultery and fornicating grandmas and grandpas while vociferously condemning other's homosexuality?

If we don't preach against our own sinful lifestyles, aren't we hypocrites when we only preach against theirs?

News Item7/18/11 11:48 PM
Not too cool  Find all comments by Not too cool
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Michael Hranek wrote:
At the very heart of Salvation is Christ. He (or she) who has the Son has life. He (or she) who does not have the Son does not have life.
Perhaps one of the best and it is very brief sermon clip anyone could ever take to heart on this is "Come and He Will Set You Free - Paris Reidhead" that you can watch on
which is taken from his message "So Great Salvation" that is here on
Didn't find video that speaks to this specific issue.

Aren't these 10,000s of unbiblically remarried couples sitting next to us in our churches who totally think they're saved but in the end, unless they repent of and separate from their persistent sin of adultery, they're damned?

News Item7/18/11 8:17 PM
Not too cool  Find all comments by Not too cool
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What about the 10,000s of remarried Christians who were legally divorced but not with biblical warrant? However, they sit next to us in the pews every week and we presume that they'll "inherit the kingdom of God."

But don't they commit the sexual sin of adultery every time they come together?

If a church-going homosexual couple living together is unsaved, are these remarried couples even saved?

Is there any difference in the eternal destination between these heterosexual and homosexual couples?

News Item7/18/11 4:48 PM
Not too cool  Find all comments by Not too cool
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If a baptized Christian engages in any of the following he "will not inherit the kingdom of God" (Gal 5:19-20):

1 Dissensions (Public email between arguing pastors)
2 Divisions (Church splits)
3 Drunkenness (Alcohol abuse rate increasing)
4 Enmity
5 Envy
6 Fits of anger
7 Idolatry (Materialism)
8 Impurity
9 Jealousy
10 Orgies (Divorce and remarriage: Serial orgies)
11 Rivalries (Denominationalism)
12 Sexual immorality (Internet porn rate skyrocketing)
13 Sensuality (Pastoral counseling & adultery)
14 Sorcery
15 Strife (Christians suing Christians in court)

However, many Reformed pastors and baptized Christians behave as if God will not keep this promise.

Thus, why should a baptized church-attending practicing homosexual, who watches all of this, actually have any fear of damnation?

After all: Once saved, always saved, right?

Jim Byrd
A Kingdom Refused

John 6:14-15
Midweek Service
13th Street Baptist Church
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