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DEC 28, 2014
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Sermon Five Great Necessities - 1 | Mark Fitzpatrick
Raymond from Mossley - Newtownabbey, UK
"This is such a timely message and a real challenge. SOLI DEO GLORIA"
-22 hrs 
Sermon Making Melody In Our Hearts | Elder Thomas Ray Floyd
W. Fulton from Western North Carolina
-23 hrs 
Sermon Guidelines for Making New Year's Resolutions:... | Dr. Robert Gonzales Jr.
Gustavo Barros from Salem, OR
-25 hrs 
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Blog12/27/14 11:46 PM
marco  Contact via emailFind all comments by marco
• Posted 17 hours ago
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Good morning,

how strange everything looks sometimes......!

I started my day by opening the daily infomail of swrb and so came to read an article by B. Schwertley about the popish cristmas - then choosing the next link and coming to SermonAudio - my eyes beeing catched by this little add at the side, ... reading this and just beeing wondering about the devotion to christmas and its content. sometimes christianity is very confusing to me. how can a subject be so controvers? what does a bachelor and masters degree do to young people? how deeply we are rooted in paganism and "love".

Sermon5/8/14 1:25 AM
Marco | South America  Find all comments by Marco
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“Come Out of Her My People”
Pastor Sam Adams
“ Wonderful sermon ”
Fantastic and informative message. Thanks!

Sermon8/24/11 4:15 AM
Marco | España  Contact via emailFind all comments by Marco
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Sermon AM
Sugel Michelen
“ Great Sermon! ”

News Item12/27/10 4:05 PM
Marco | Brooklyn, NY  Find all comments by Marco
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Since the repeal of DADT, I have been gripped with a terrible sense of foreboding. In my heart and mind, I believe a great catastrophe will come upon America as a judgment from God. I hope that I am wrong, and my sense of God's wrath about this is merely a subjective phenomenon.

News Item6/7/10 9:20 AM
Marco | New York City  Find all comments by Marco
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I saw Mr. and Mrs. Haggard on Oprah promoting her book. The words "God" or "Jesus" were not used once in the entire interview. The wife claimed that on the very same day as the revelation about Ted's behavior they were in the same bed and were intimate. Do you believe that?! This is a sad case indeed. He says that he has no homosexual urges anymore. What does that mean? Did he have "urges" before? Who knows? He says he wants to help the brokenhearted. Yet, what about me? I'm brokenhearted that he is going back into ministry. He would help me by not doing so. Remember: "To as many as received Him [Jesus Christ] He gave the power to become children of God and to believe in His name."(John 1:12) Is he being called back into ministry by Jesus Christ? If not, what's the point?

News Item4/5/09 6:48 PM
Marco | New York City  Find all comments by Marco
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Notre Dame is following a sycophantic path. As has been noted before, they have had other presidential speakers who violated Catholic teachings. Who has principles today. There is none righteous, no not one. Isn't that what the people teaches? So, it's repugnant to me that Pres. Hussein is speaking there, but Notre Dame's officials needed to be born again even before this invitation, and Pres. Hussein continues to need to be born again. He's not even going to church now.

News Item4/15/08 5:14 PM
Marco | Brooklyn, NY  Find all comments by Marco
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They had a cross-dressing day for seniors in the high school where I teach. It was part of an entire week where they had Nerd Day, Blast from the past day, etc. Like the school in Wisconsin, it was declared to be a student initiated activity even though it was on the school's website and announced on the public address system.
The leaders of the school felt that to prohibit such an event would call more attention to it than to have it. It would then become a cause celebre. There's some force to that argument. High school seniors are not the same as the elementary school little ones. However, the activity is damnable and offensive, so on balance I think the school should take whatever "heat" is out there and cancel the activity. That would send a message. Interestingly the press didn't get word ahead of time. Even in liberal New York, they would have gotten smeared. It could be argued that it's offensive to non-religionists as well as Christians (it's vulgar), and, incredibly, that it could offend transgender person who would see themselves as mocked. Thus, by appealing to liberal presuppositions, even the radical liberals could be stopped.

News Item3/14/08 8:40 PM
Marco | New York City  Find all comments by Marco
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Yes, he's right -- the magic is gone, but, at the same time, what does France have to offer the world? Anyhow, here in New York, a child (11-16) can (and many do) get an abortion without parental notification. But, get this, you can't buy cigarettes until you're sixteen! How about this? Some high schools have "cross dressing days" where males are not only allowed but, because it's an official senior day, are encouraged to come dressed and made up as females (and they do).
And how about this: at a graduation ceremony last year, an evening news anchor told the graduates that because he wanted to have a second child, and because he and his wife lived on separate coasts, he was given permission by his producer to cancel an interview with Yassir Arafat and to have conjugal relations with his wife on the East Coast! Amen to that.... Last--a large high school was closed because it was deemed a 'failing school.' Three small schools were opened in the same building under No Child Left Behind. Then NCLB declared them to be failing, closed them down, and replaced them with four other schools. During the transition, there were seven principals in one building!
Believe me, I'm seeking to honor God and am praying day and night.

News Item2/26/08 9:36 AM
Marco | New York City  Find all comments by Marco
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Coed dorms. Coed Rooms. I just want to add my voice to the chorus of brothers and sisters in the Lord who are disgusted by these trends.
I worked in a high school in New York that had two bathrooms that were for both men and women. Because there were so few bathrooms in the school, sometimes five or six men and women would be lined up outside the door of one of the facilities. The other facility was in addition quite gross. There was poor ventilation so the odors remained. Further, there was no lock on the door. People would forget to knock and step in to the embarrassment of both parties.
I am deeply disturbed by the coed dorm and coed suite trends, and as a college advisor in my high school, I remind parents to check to see on whether these living arrangements are in place in the colleges where they apply.

News Item2/17/08 7:55 PM
Marco | New York City  Find all comments by Marco
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Hyles-Anderson is a cultic school.
Go to their website and see for yourself what kind of mentality is
being cultivated. It's not Christian
religion. It's Christian indoctrination and brainwashing.

News Item2/16/08 10:50 PM
Marco | New York City  Find all comments by Marco
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I read the article. What can I say?

John Stott?!! How can he be a signee?!

Even seeing Bill Hybels' and Rick Warren’s names on there is
more than surprising.

Truthfully, I know that Harvey Cox is a "liberal" but I'm really
surprised that he would go this far.

With Robert Schuller I'm disappointed but not all that surprised.

Put this statement together with the Archbishop of Canterbury's
statement that Great Britain may have to have both Sharia Law
and English common law, and we don't have reconciliation ...
we have damnation.

This letter of reconciliation with "the religion of peace" is
truly a hell-bent and hell-sent document in my opinion.

What do these people think spiritual warfare is all about?

Imagine, the signees write with such overflowing sweetness about the love
of Muslims for Christians! Talk about being in denial! Talk about being
deceived! Where is this love manifested? Mars? Jupiter?

News Item2/9/08 5:22 PM
Marco | New York City  Find all comments by Marco
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"Righteousness exalts a nation." Personally, I think Hillary and Obama are on the spectrum somewhere between Socialism and Communism. McCain strikes me as a diluted Conservative, but I don't believe he is running alongside the Dems in that Socialist/Communist track. They are all about secular statism pure and simple. Remember folks, it's a long fight. Since Roe v. Wade there are over 45 million aborted babies. California textbooks are now required to be gender neutral when discussing "parents." Sodomy is legal.
The "mixed economy" with incredible national debt is accepted by both parties. Much of that debt is owed to foreign governments and corporations. Muslim oil sheiks have a tremendous influence on both parties.
The Chinese are flooding the world with dollars to devalue our currency. If one believes Phyllis Schafly ("Eagle Forum") as I do, there are incredible threats to U.S. sovereignty.
Further, where are the stay-at-home moms. Are women working for personal fulfillment, or to help pay the bills. It's becoming harder and harder to keep up a middle class lifestyle and pay the humonguous taxes. And what is a middle class lifestyle? Do people think about what they really need anymore? Is there FRUGALITY?

News Item2/2/08 11:38 PM
Marco | New York City  Find all comments by Marco
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America is sinking fast. Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. Amen? Al Gore's view comes as no surprise to me. All the Dems are soft on the issue of gay marriage [sic]. Huckabee has his faults, but I heard him say in the last debate that he was for the marriage amendment that would have prevented gay marriage. McCain was not for that amendment. Romney has been Governor of Massachusetts with their gay marriage court decision. Was he beating the drums for a reversal of that decision? Did he fight the Massachusetts Supreme Court? No, he did not. On the other hand, Huckabee is so filled with certain hackneyed ideas about the meaning of love (what about "tough love")-- Mr. Nice Guy playing the guitar to a saccharine middle class (they also liked Bill C.'s saxophone in Arkansas) -- that I wonder if he has the internal fiber to lead the country against the terrorists in what my wife describes as "a new type of World War III?" I'm kind of rambling tonight, so please forgive me. But I want to say I love all you brothers in the Lord who are speaking up for Bible truth.

News Item1/13/08 8:42 PM
Marco | Brookly, NY  Find all comments by Marco
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I don't know how the comments about Hillary and Obama got into this line of comments since the article is about
the young people rejecting marriage as

At any rate, I agree with "Breathtaking's" take on this issue. It's part of a cultural descent into oblivion and the paths of hell.
When you know people who are living together, tell them with a gentle and tender manner that they should take the step into marriage. It's important to God. It's important for social order. It's important for the spiritual growth of the individuals involved. The first of the three, by itself, is a complete reason to get marriage. The other two points are, so to speak, "bonuses" for those who marry.

News Item12/28/07 7:34 PM
Marco | Brooklyn, NY  Find all comments by Marco
• Thread closed
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The five Points of reformed theology are never to be substituted for Christ.
They are teaching tools to reveal the Word of God and what salvation in Christ is. After all, Calvin himself did not enunciate the five points as such. I recommend Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God by J.I. Packer as a sound treatment of the subject.

News Item12/10/07 8:21 PM
Marco | New York City  Find all comments by Marco
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To Jim Lincoln,

News Item12/10/07 1:02 PM
Marco | New York City  Find all comments by Marco
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In my comment below, "women" should read "means." Sorry for the error.

News Item12/10/07 10:08 AM
Marco | New York City  Find all comments by Marco
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At lunch in the employee's cafeteria last week, one of my co-workers insisted that the God of all religions is the same. This person who is a confirmed atheist, with no other motive than just to make a point, and to give a Christian (myself) a hard time, said "Well, I believe in Allah."
Yet, this teacher is a Jew. What kind of tolerance would he receive in a "peaceful" Arab country, even from non-terrorists?
To come back to the lawsuit... Michael Savage is being attacked the same as the woman with the teddy bear in Sudan, the same as the danish cartoonists, the same as the documentary guy in the Netherlands, Van Gogh. Killing, pressuring advertisers, imprisoning, threatenings, riotings, etc. Islamics will use any women afforded them to silence critics of Islam and Mohammed.

News Item6/15/07 9:12 PM
Marco | New York City  Find all comments by Marco
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I used to be charismatic, but I studied and learned that baptism in tongues (glossalalia)is not "the second baptism". Rather the baptism of John was followed by Christ's (water) baptism "in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit." There is no baptism of the Holy Spirit. The Day of Pentecost was a unique event, just like the crucifixion. Therefore, it is not biblical.

News Item6/9/07 1:58 PM
Marco | New York City  Find all comments by Marco
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To John Yurich,
Great question. I would ask you to consider the role of repentance and of faith in salvation. If one is Catholic and saved, would not he or she repent of the many false elements of worship and belief of Roman Catholicism?
They would need to believe in salvation by grace alone, faith alone, Scripture alone, and Christ alone. Yet, these are all modified by Catholicism. He would have to repent of the images, Papal authority, the seven sacraments (there are only two), the mass, signing with the sign of the Cross, etc. etc. What is faith in God? What is repentance? Those are the questions that the "born again' Catholic needs to ask.
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