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JUL 25, 2014
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Sermon Welcome To The End Of The World - | Dan Roller
Asa from Arizona
"Be careful of reforming yourself without going to heb. 4:15,16, chances..."
-1 hrs 
Sermon A Church for Exiles: The Reformed Church | Sean E. Harris
Princess from Maryland
-3 hrs 
Sermon Be Not Bitter Against Them | John Pittman Hey
Jmo from Mexico
-3 hrs 
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News Item9/16/11 6:07 PM
Major Payne  Find all comments by Major Payne
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jpw wrote:
Thanks Jim, for encouraging pastors to remain silent on all things real while you freely speak your political opinions everyday.
I knew a sniper that could hit a target from a mile away. But even he couldn't have hit the target as accuratly as you just did.
Great job

News Item8/30/11 5:39 PM
Major Payne  Find all comments by Major Payne
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jpw wrote:
anything to keep Bach in the news.
Well; if it ain't Baroque, don't fix it!

News Item8/7/11 10:46 AM
Major Payne  Find all comments by Major Payne
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Bibliophile wrote:
Atheists are in the minority but they have the U.S. Constitution on their side.
Although many of the Founding Fathers were Bible Christians, they didn't embed even one verse in our Constitution. Not even John 3:16.
We've truly been a secular nation from the get go.
Atheists, of late, are merely pointing out this fact to us and our courts.
Really? Sounds like your a product of Historical Revisionism. You might want to check out:
And by all means, check out the Original Sources your self. Then see if you want to post the same thing, or if your opinion has changed.

News Item8/6/11 11:22 PM
Major Payne  Find all comments by Major Payne
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Bibliophile wrote:
-Reformed Sunday School teacher,
First Baptist, 1996.
Yor getting as bad as tony, answering your own posts.

News Item8/6/11 11:19 PM
Major Payne  Find all comments by Major Payne
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Tim F wrote:
The Afghanistan/Iraq Debacle (built on lies & deceit surrounding WMD and 911) has been the ruination of America not only economically but also morally - over 0ne million soldiers & civilians have died and many more are dying slow deaths from depleted uranium poisoning ‚Äď prior to our invasion of Afghanistan the Taliban had almost completely wiped out the Opium Poppy Industry and caused a worldwide scarcity of heroin
Ah yes. It's the Evil American military that's bringing God's judgment. Couldn't possibly be Abandoning the Bible.
Murdruring the Unborn.
Reveling in Fornication.
Promoting Abomination.
Turning God's Church services into Worldy entertainment enterprises.
No concern for the lost.

Yep! Has to to be the Military. Or Colonialism.

By the way;

Abbie Hoffman
Jack Kerouac
Jerry Rubin
Saul Alinsky
Are all gone!

But you still have;
and the emergent church.

News Item5/18/11 11:11 PM
Major Payne  Find all comments by Major Payne
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jpw wrote:
There is one salvation for the Jew and the Gentile. There is one hope. There is no distinction in Him!
The Gentiles were grafted into God's plan, how blessed we are. Since He created the earth and all things, this was His plan.
Are all earthly Gentiles or all earthly Jews saved? No...only those who have been saved by the blood of Christ, a free gift.
The desire of the Christian would be foremost that their fellow human beings would know Him. That simple.
Eternal life is forever. There are no shadows with Him.
Christians throughout the world worship this Messiah, those of many tribes and backgrounds. Many are persecuted. Many are in hardship. But nothing will separate them from the love of Christ. There is no distinction. The true circumcision is of the heart.
I know I give you a hard time about some subjects, but I have to agree with you 100% on this.
Everyone that has ever been saved, Old Testament or New,has been saved through the redeemer and substitute; the Lord Jesus Christ.

News Item4/26/11 9:24 PM
Major Payne  Find all comments by Major Payne
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jpw wrote:
ho hum! I guess Jesus only inpsires post-industrial fast food restaurants.
You are begining to sond like one of those men hating, socialist feminists of the sixties.
Either that or an effewminate Emergent. I heard smoking Pot lowers testosterone.

News Item4/11/11 6:31 PM
Major Payne  Find all comments by Major Payne
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jpw wrote:
guys, you can't defend undeclared wars that kill millions, putting boots all over their sovereign lands, and then turn around and say "we are for you".
Those Guys didn't defend undeclared wars. What blog are you reading? You havn't been smoking that stuff again have you?

News Item3/19/11 3:24 PM
Major Payne  Find all comments by Major Payne
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jpw wrote:
when all these violent things happen overseas, the Western world sends in missionaries or bombs the bleep out of them.
Maybe young people just frustrated there aren't any jobs, the jobs are all overseas presently getting radiated.
rapping to the devil and truly rapping to God would be entirely different I think.
Until anyone on this thread can convey their meaning only using the psalms, and never inserting their own voice or experience, then perhaps we can demand that of the young musician as well.
Have you been smoking that pot again? That made no sense.

News Item3/10/11 6:12 PM
Major Payne  Find all comments by Major Payne
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I would tell ya'll the truth, but tht'd spoil all da fun.

I wanit to be a surize...He! He! He! He!

Seemd like what we haz is a Falure to Communicate.

News Item12/24/10 3:49 PM
Major Payne  Find all comments by Major Payne
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jpw wrote:
the seeds of the earth can be used for good and can be twisted for harm. just like the grape seed.
today, man genetically alters a seed and gets a patent. A seed that belongs to God and mankind is stamped with someone's name on it and is no longer free. He owns it and is demanding payment from farmers across the globe. this seed makes people sick.
if you want just laws, you must know the times you live in.
trivia question: what was the rope made of that was used on colonial ships?
Ropes were made from Hemp therefore people should smoke Pot?

I guess since baseball bats are made from wood we should hit ourselves on the head with them.

Take it from someone who used to use pot; nothing good ever came of it. If someone is in pain, there are better reliefs. If medicine can be derived from it, it can be done without the deliterous effects.

You obviously havn't smoked any today, or you wouldn't have had the presence of mind to write so extensivly. If you have smoked some and want to tell aboput it, I might have some DEA and Secret Service friends in your area that would be interested in hearing about it.

News Item8/30/10 11:12 PM
Major Payne  Find all comments by Major Payne
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Randy wrote:
I ran a red light that had cameras. They sent me a picture of myself in the car, my tag, me going through the red light, and they sent me a picture of a ticket.

Well; I sent them a picture of the money the ticket was for.

They sent me a picture of an arrest warrent.

I paid the actual ticket with actual money.

I had to stop a fellow for not coming to a complete stop at a red light.

He wanted to argue, saying that he slowed down.

But I told him he didn't stop.

He wants to know what's the big difference between Slowing Down and Stopping.

So I pulled him out of the vehicle, and started to beat him with my nightstick.

The I asked him if he wanted me to Slow Down, or to Stop.

News Item6/17/10 9:17 AM
Major Payne  Find all comments by Major Payne
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JonnyB wrote:
Jim is absolutely right! Politics is a God-free zone that is totally exempt from the Lordship of Jesus Christ. God's not concerned with little things like politics and national righteousness. And besides, the Bible isn't even sufficient to address such things. Right Jim?
We should all stay away from churches that think that Gods Word is sufficient for every aspect of life.
JonnyB Good! Great response.

News Item6/15/10 6:32 PM
Major Payne  Find all comments by Major Payne
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Tony Lopez-Cisneros wrote:
Don't Mention It "John UK": As You Have FULLY DISQUALIFIED Yourself From EVER Teaching &-Or Instructing Me (Or Anyone Else) On The DEEP & DISCERNING-DISCERNABLE Things; Sound Doctrine, Spiritual Insights &-Or The Knowledge Of GOD, THE HOLY GHOST (SPIRIT) Via THE HISTORIC AUTHORIZED HOLY JUDEO-CHRISTIAN BIBLE SCRIPTURES !

"John UK": It Appears That You & Your "REFORMED"-Roman-"Catholic"-Cultic & "JESUIT(IC)" Ilk Will STOP AT NOTING To Get US

Well Tony; it look like you have insulted even the people who would have supported you on the Authorised Version issue. John UK is a firm supporter of the AV. Be happy all by yourself, and enjoy you own company. Maybee you can console yourself with the idea that you are the only one right on Earth. That must be why everyone else dissagrees with you.

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