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DEC 29, 2014
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Sermon Dr. Rod Bell's Testimony of Salvation | Dr. Rod Bell Sr.
Juan C. Fernandez from Greenville, South Carolina
"This man is one of the best examples of a transformed life and true..."
-22 hrs 
Sermon Five Great Necessities - 1 | Mark Fitzpatrick
Raymond from Mossley - Newtownabbey, UK
-36 hrs 
Sermon Making Melody In Our Hearts | Elder Thomas Ray Floyd
W. Fulton from Western North Carolina
-37 hrs 
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News Item10/22/14 9:52 AM
Karen | Fl  Find all comments by Karen
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I think we should not think about ourselfs and focus on those brothers who are suffering because of Jesus,let us pray for them as in the days of our Lord ...pastors need to get together for prayer for suffering christians ...

Blog9/28/14 11:38 AM
karen | florida  Find all comments by karen
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Mike, out of all the pastors on sermon. Audio you have the most view...and your church is not the prettiest or biggest or have the most people. And you attract the most people listening in...that is God making the least the best above all..I am amazed!

Blog7/24/14 9:58 PM
Karen  Find all comments by Karen
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Thank you for your hard work. Kindly please upload the rest of "
Woman in the Looking Glass " bible study series from James. The
study was only upto chapter 3, I am looking forward to finish whole
study of James. thank you.

Sermon5/2/14 1:10 AM
karen | NY  Find all comments by karen
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Great in-depth study on Godly Woman. I just finish the series and I think I would have to listen to it again. It is very informative, convicting, choke-full of information, very sound and timeless. Very much applicable specially in today's culture. It is such a blessing to be able to listen to all of them. Thank you for the hard-work to download Paul Steele's sermon. I've been blessed and I think others too will be bless when they listen to his sermon.

Sermon4/13/14 2:04 PM
Karen | Seattle  Find all comments by Karen
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Sitting Down They Watched Him
Dr. Bob Jones Jr.
“ Great Sermon! ”
Beautiful, powerful sermon, especially on Palm Sunday. I wish the announcer hadn't piped up immediately as the prayer ended-it left no time for personal prayer and reflection in response to the sermon and prayer.

Sermon11/12/13 5:34 PM
Karen | Rush City  Contact via emailFind all comments by Karen
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Footsteps of Christ
Mike Hoggard
“ Where is it? ”
This is such a wonderful message I heard live on Sunday November 10... but where's the recording?? :(

Sermon9/2/13 4:38 AM
Karen | Airdrie  Find all comments by Karen
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“ Seeing beyond our expectations, to His ”
If you are hurting, or have lost something you hoped God would save, or are still praying for something He has not given, this is the sermon for you. I've always considered this one of the saddest and also most beautiful and glorious stories in Scripture: and one of the most beautiful concepts. That God does not work as we expect, and that beneath the hardest and toughest and most hurtful things in our lives is a deeper, "God-driven purpose." Listen to this sermon: really listen. It could change your life, and your perspective on it. What a sermon. What a Saviour.

Sermon2/1/13 10:57 AM
Karen | Colo  Find all comments by Karen
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It Is Finished!
Chris J. Marley
“ Great Sermon! ”
Sola Deo Gloria. All Glory to God!!! Great sermon!

Sermon1/1/13 10:38 AM
Karen | Inverurie, Scotland, UK  Contact via emailFind all comments by Karen
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Is God Well Pleased With Me?
Mike Hoggard
“ Great Sermon! ”

Sermon12/16/12 1:56 AM
Karen | Airdrie  Contact via emailFind all comments by Karen
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“ Beautiful, beautiful psalms! ”
It lifts the heart to be reminded of the power of actually singing the Word of God - the psalms are greater than any other song written by man, and not only change your heart in worship but change the way you look at life during the week. Encouraging reminder of this gift of words and music that The Lord has given His people.

Sermon11/11/12 7:28 PM
Karen | Airdrie  Find all comments by Karen
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“ No excuses ”
Really thankful for this sermon on prayer. It's the kind that cuts through all your excuses and reminds you that though you might feel going to prayer is tiring or difficult, your entire life is far more tiring and difficult without it. There is no excuse, you don't even want to find one after this sermon. You just want to go to prayer.

Sermon9/17/12 5:12 PM
Karen | Airdrie  Contact via emailFind all comments by Karen
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“ Feeling discouraged? Listen! ”
For all those who are feeling weary, feeling discouraged, or just "having a Monday": this is the sermon for you. Lay aside whatever it is you're using to distract yourself from the hardness of life, and hear the Word proclaimed to your help and joy. This may very well make my top 10 of favourite sermons ever.

Sermon8/7/12 1:07 PM
Karen | Rush City  Contact via emailFind all comments by Karen
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Homecoming 2012, Session 5
Mike Hoggard
“ Great Sermon! ”
The 33 verses with QuickVerse / 32 verses with e-sword is explained by Quickverse including II Chronicles 20:22: And when they began to sing and to praise, the LORD set ambushments against the children of.... e-sword used exact phrase and quickverse included II Chron 20:22 with the comma "and to praise, the Lord set" Had to check. This stuff bugs me and can't let it rest until I find out. :)

Sermon5/16/12 4:28 AM
Karen | Airdrie  Contact via emailFind all comments by Karen
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'This light momentary affliction'
Kenneth Stewart
“ The Right Kind of Reminder ”
It's tempting to feel that a passage telling us about our 'light momentary affliction' could be frustrating for those going through very difficulty, heavy times. But this sermon opens up the Word in such a way that you come out incredibly refreshed, seeing your troubles in the right light. Highly, highly recommended no matter what kind of challenge you're facing. A reminder not to pretend it's not difficult, but to see it from the other side.

Sermon11/6/11 9:23 PM
Karen  Find all comments by Karen
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(This sermon is no longer available)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you for a great sermon. Many good points- Leadership and responsibiolity of the husband/father A heart for the next generation in our own families and churches True worship that God commands I would like to hear what Mr. Orozco can teach us on the worship God commands.

Sermon1/11/11 11:47 AM
Karen | Northern Ireland  Contact via emailFind all comments by Karen
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Wear What You Teach
Kevin Copeland
“ An encouraging message and great reminder! ”
This is a great reminder for every Christian to be a good example to not only the younger Christians but most importantly the world. I know from personal experience that watching and being around Christians who lived what they taught was a great help and testimony to me and my family.As a young believer I saw something different in their lives compared to mine and just watching how they lived made me want to learn more and change what i was doing wrong. I was saved but had to learn the right way to live by the Bible and seeing this in other Christians lives just confirmed that. The world needs to see a difference in us and what better way to show it than in our everyday lives. This message brought back alot of memories to me of when i first got saved and was a great encouragment and reminder for me too. Praise God for Christians who LIVE for HIM.

Sermon1/1/11 5:08 PM
Karen | United States  Find all comments by Karen
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“ Clarification ”
Also, these two people were Christians when this happened.

Sermon1/1/11 2:48 PM
Karen | United States  Find all comments by Karen
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“ Great Sermon! ”
What about 2 people who divorced their spouses to get remarried to each other and have been that way for 17 years. My ex-spouse has passed away, but his is still living and got remarried also??? What a mess we made, repented (or did we still being married??)

Sermon12/25/10 11:10 AM
Karen | Virginia, USA  Contact via emailFind all comments by Karen
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“ Amen! ”
Today is December 25th. I wish to celebrate this day as any other day... the day that the LORD has made. But this is not possible. Instead, I must entirely engage in this day in mourning and in prayer for my brethren, who exchange the truth for a lie. I expect the world to participate in these sort of activities, but not my Christian brethren, especially when they have been shown the truth and AGREE with it. Christmas is a stumbling block, and this alone should make other Christians flee from it. How seductive the pagan allurement of Christmas is! O, that God would give us more men like this, who would preach the truth from the pulpit without making excuses for sin! Thank you for posting this sermon.

Sermon12/20/10 10:21 AM
Karen | Virginia, USA  Contact via emailFind all comments by Karen
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“ Excellent! ”
Exactly, how can I, as a Protestant, celebrate a Roman Catholic holy day! Yet it seems as though most persecution for not celebrating holidays, especially Christmas, comes from Christians. O, that Christians would truly strive to be holy in all things and rip the idol of Christmas from their hearts! I thank God for giving me the grace to heed this truth and I pray He will show many more people the truth about all of our ungodly traditions.
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