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FEB 12, 2016
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Sermon God's Grace | Dr. Kenny Baldwin
Min. Roderick Owens from Baltimore, MD
"I'm patiently waiting for the play option. To God be the Glory!!! I love..."
-3 hrs 
Sermon The Forgiveness the King Commands | Julian Freeman
Grace from Mexico
-5 hrs 
Sermon Abide In Him | Mike Miller
Mephibosheth from The King's Table
-6 hrs 
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News Item9/13/15 3:40 AM
Julie | USA  Contact via emailFind all comments by Julie
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As a broadcaster on SermonAudio, you can upload your sermons once, and they will be available everywhere, automatically! They are available on your website, they are available on all major mobile devices, and they are of course available on SermonAudio for maximum exposure. We do the work of delivering your sermons to the broadest possible audience so you can focus on the work of your local church!
Julie, Essay Sales

Blog7/18/15 2:46 PM
Julie  Find all comments by Julie
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Love this! Anything can be an idol.

News Item8/27/13 8:33 AM
Julie | Leesburg, FL  Find all comments by Julie
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We did this for months in a large community in western Montana. We were asked to stop because it was encouraging more homeless into the area and the city began having sanitation problems in the areas the homeless began congregating in. We also had petty crimes increase - including our own house being burglarized. The church agreed to stop distributing food and instead joined the Salvation Army group who had a soup kitchen in a not-so-nice part of town. It worked well but we were terribly disappointed with how things had gone.

Sermon8/2/13 11:05 AM
Julie | Texas  Contact via emailFind all comments by Julie
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The Savior of the Woman
Mike Hoggard
“ Great Sermon! ”
One thing I would bring up, not in a spirit disagreement, but my husband left me after the birth of our first daughter. I owned a successful business in Cali and didn't need him financially or otherwise. He resented our infant daughter and all the attention she required. So I became the everything, father and mother to my child. I have to say I did very well. I provided for my daughter extremely well, spent time with her, taught her right from wrong. If men would grow up and be good fathers and husbands women wouldn't have been forced to become the be-alls to our children. And within that atmosphere I wouldn't have EVER let a man tell me what to do. Why would I? I got where I got by myself and God. No man did anything for me but drag me down. So that's the flip side of things for you. And PS my husband who has been a California Deputy all his life after the Navy, after he was shot and almost killed in the line of duty, he saw how life can end in a second, and he decided he wanted to be the father his absentee father never was. But if men continue to put the burden of their families on women, women are only going to get stronger and when they see their lives are better without all the crap men cause, this will never stop. So be fair about this.

Sermon5/28/13 6:01 AM
Julie | Nashville  Find all comments by Julie
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Ephesians 1 - (Part 2)
Paul Washer
“ Seriously... ”
Seriously one I the best messages I have ever herd.

Sermon5/12/13 4:10 PM
julie  Find all comments by julie
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Where the believer's heart is
Rev David Silversides
“ Great Sermon! ”

Sermon12/22/12 9:45 PM
Julie | Duncan, SC  Find all comments by Julie
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Anxiety, the Silent Killer
Dr. Jim Berg
“ Wonderful Message! ”
I have been going through a very deep valley. This message was very encouraging to me because I have been consumed with worry. Thanks for helping me to get my eyes focused on God and the importance of trusting Him.

News Item9/21/12 1:57 PM
Julie | Australia  Find all comments by Julie
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Praise God.

News Item8/10/12 1:21 AM
Julie | Australia  Find all comments by Julie
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Praise God for Judge Alan Kay's decision.

Sermon8/8/12 11:15 AM
Julie | Australia  Find all comments by Julie
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'Gabby, Stop Gabbing!' says Salon
William J. Sturm
“ Great Sermon! ”
Well said!

Sermon5/28/12 12:47 PM
Julie | Wheeling, WV  Find all comments by Julie
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Forgiven and Forgiving Part 2
Darrin Wright
“ Great Sermon! ”
I just listened to this and actually listened to the 1st part again before going on to the 2nd part. I loved it as I do all your sermons. Sorry I missed the past 2 weeks, lot going on with the kids being gone, and I'm just in a zone!!! Going to listen to yesterday's sermon later this evening. I always feel better after hearing a good sermon and I can always count on you to deliver one!!!

Sermon1/17/12 2:12 PM
Julie | Chester, england, uk  Contact via emailFind all comments by Julie
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“ much needed teaching ”
What an incredible and truthful reminder of the awfuljudgementt of god against sin. whilst it builds ones gratitude for christs sacrifice for us on the same time it motivates us to keep living for him and sharing the gospel with others. please lord pour out your spirit in these last days and snatch the lost from a godless eternity.

Sermon10/9/11 6:11 AM
Julie | Charleston, WV  Contact via emailFind all comments by Julie
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Please Pass the Salt
Darrin Wright
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thanks, Pastor for a great sermon! I haven't been reading my Bible as much as I should and have been losing some of my salt. I feel so refreshed after listening to this. I have no way to church again this morning but look forward to listening to today's sermon this evening. I know now, without a doubt, that even if I can't physically get to church on Sunday I can listen to your sermons and be transported their mentally and emotionally. It does my spirit good!!! Thank you, and so many others in the church, for being the salt when I needed it and for continuing to be the salt that I need. I really got a lot from this sermon and especially the getting bored with church, which I never do when at WFBC. I do however need to keep the excitement that I first had when beginning this journey with you all and more importantly with Jesus. Life for me gets crazy and while I still turn to God and trust in Him, I don't get so excited anymore. I think I'm going to start listening to these sermons more often and the Bible study sessions. As I said before, it does my soul good! Thanks again for everything. Take care, God bless and hope to see you all soon!!!

Sermon4/4/11 2:12 PM
Julie | Illinois  Find all comments by Julie
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you brother Don for feeding the true sheep of God with Truth, for the Glory of God Almighty alone! Everywhere we turn, free-willism is rearing it's ugly head. This message needs to be heard by everyone who thinks salvation comes by mans "decision". God bless brother Fortner and other faithful Gospel preachers.

Sermon11/16/10 12:25 PM
Julie  Find all comments by Julie
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Calvinism vs. Arminianism Debate
Rev. Angus Stewart
“ Great Sermon! ”
It is obvious that those who are Arminian can not get over their worship of man. They refuse to see God as Sovereign over His creation. These men will not bow their knee to the fact that there is NONE good, and none that seeketh after God. They believe that when one does seek after God it is of their own doing. That is where they miss the fact that it is God who is putting that desire in them! Salvation is of the LORD! Excellent stand in Truth Pastor Stewart!!

Sermon11/7/10 1:10 AM
julie | Santa Maria Ca.  Find all comments by julie
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“ Great Sermon! ”
So good to hear this refutation so clearly explained. I am in a bible believeing church, but due to harold camping my husband has left the church and follows h. c. H. C. has caused a great deal og confusion and to me the worst thing is he now says that Christs death on the cross is only symbolic. I will continue to go to church, but please pray for my husband. Thank you, Julie

Sermon4/9/09 6:36 PM
Julie | Houston  Find all comments by Julie
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The Ancient Church Calendar
Trevor Hammack
“ Great Sermon! ”
The color for Lent is purple.

Sermon9/3/08 4:41 PM
Julie | Houston, TX  Find all comments by Julie
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The Tragedy of the Mass
Denis Lyle
“ To Donnell: ”
My dear Donnell...Lance is correct. Were it not for the celebration of the Holy Mass every day, the world in its wickedness WOULD certainly have destroyed itself long ago. The Roman Catholic Church plainly teaches that Christ's sacrifice of Calvary was once and for all. Please keep in mind, however, that God is not limited by time nor space. Time was created by God for humanity. God is always present in the Eternal Now. Christ is always present to the Father in heaven presenting His sacrifice to the Father for our salvation. In the Holy Mass, we participate in the SAME sacrifice of Calvary. Christ is not sacrificed AGAIN; Christ does not die AGAIN. Christ died once. And yet, miraculously, Christ allows us to participate with Him in the self-same sacrifice of Calvary when we participate in the Mass. Miraculous? Yes. Mystical? Yes. Beyond human understanding? Yes. Requiring true faith? Absolutely.

Sermon5/10/08 2:49 PM
julie | Manitoba  Find all comments by julie
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thanks for the practical application of the Word of God;i really needed to be reminded that stuff needs to be given to Him more often than i do. To not sin and to bring Glory to God Almighty by the Holy Spirits guidance and by my actions. Thanks again.

Sermon4/3/07 12:56 PM
julie | Texas  Find all comments by julie
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Great sermon! My son was given the sermon and brought it home for us to listen too. I can't tell you how awesome it was. That sermon has spread to many people since then. My oldest son listened to it and God spoke to his heart in a great way. He began reading his Bible to learn more about God's Word and is on fire. Continue preaching the Word!

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