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APR 29, 2017
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Sermon The Wilderness Part 1 | Dennis Dills
Samantha M from Georgia
"God Bless you Pastor Dills, as usual Great Preaching!!!"
-8 hrs 
Sermon Where are you going - Heaven or Hell? | Gavin Beers
Todd W Keator from Vestal, New York
-12 hrs 
Sermon You Must Know This | Scott T. Brown
-14 hrs 
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Sermon6/17/13 8:54 AM
Jude  Find all comments by Jude
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Take It From Abraham
Pastor Wayne Sanders
“ Sunday sermon awesome ”
This was a very timely and much needed sermon topic, Pastor. The news is so frequently anything but uplifting. I was so shocked to hear this pathetic and clueless man so arrogantly crowing about his shameful behaviors. I was blessed to have Bob's and my three men of God and our son in law, jake, and of course, Ray ,whom the boys love and respect to pray a blessing over. In our home I always look forward the the boys for the prayer. But today I was so lead to thank God for them and to lift them up. I pray you had a wonderful day!

Sermon11/19/07 1:13 AM
Jude | Bhisbane, Australia  Contact via emailFind all comments by Jude
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The Conditions at Sodom
James R Hamilton
“ Great Sermon! ”
Makes me aware of how any can fall and be given over. How great our Fathers grace and mercy toward us, as in the deliverance of Lot. Also to earnestly pray for loved ones, and for ourselves, that we will not fall away. Thank you and bless you for your fervent preaching.

Sermon10/4/07 7:13 AM
Jude | Brisbane, Australia  Contact via emailFind all comments by Jude
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(This sermon is no longer available)
“ Great Sermon! ”
How tragic. The greatest nation that has ever existed, to bring in such a depraved law. Any blessing America had left, is now gone. There was a time when we had freedom to believe what we wanted, no more. What really annoys me, is that homosexuals, want to force everyone to believe and support them in their depraved lifestyle. Time for the churches to be cleansed. At least we will finally know the true believers

Sermon7/22/07 1:25 AM
Jude  Contact via emailFind all comments by Jude
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True Gospel -The Narrow Way
Paul Washer
“ Excellent Sermon! ”
After listening to Paul Washer, and John MacArthur, I cannot help but believe that not many of us are hearing the true Word, of our Father. The path is narrow, so very narrow, how many are really on it. I am so grateful to these men of God, for showing me how much junk I have added to my salvation. God bless you. The saddest thing for me, is I haven't heard and probarly never will hear this kind of preaching in church.

Sermon6/13/07 7:40 AM
jude  Contact via emailFind all comments by jude
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“ Great Sermon! ”
A sermon everyone should listen to. I posted your sermon on worldview weekend, on this very subject. thank you and God bless you Pastor Mike

Sermon5/24/07 7:49 AM
jude  Contact via emailFind all comments by jude
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“ Great Sermon! ”
This is a subject that has always worried me, I never understood it. Brilliantly preached, thank you Pastor Jeff. Whew, i havent commited this sin. I had never heard preaching on this before, how sad that people have reached the unpardonable state. Scary.

Sermon5/20/07 6:10 AM
jude  Contact via emailFind all comments by jude
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“ Beautiful in it's simplicity ”
I have never heard a gospel message preached quite like this one. There is nothing we can do to earn salvation. It is in Christ alone through faith alone, which is also not of us. It is a gift of God. I am so blessed, to hear this. All of mans ways does not lead to salvation. They are burdensome, and send us straight to hell. Truly amazing love. I will listen to this many times.

Sermon5/3/07 4:17 AM
jude  Contact via emailFind all comments by jude
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The One and Only Apostolic Gospel
Dr. Alan Cairns
“ Amen and Amen ”
I am doing a study on Romans, so decided to do it with Dr. Cairns study of Romans. What a blessing to hear such pure, undiluted preaching. I am so enriched already from first 2 sermons in series. What a blessing it will be to have such a love for gospel as Paul did. Thank you Dr. Cairns, I am really commited to this series, and increasing in my love and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It would have been better with study guide. Bless you

Sermon3/29/07 8:26 AM
jude | Brisbane, Australia  Contact via emailFind all comments by jude
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“ Challenging and convicting sermon ”
I have been very convicted by this sermon. Why can't more preachers get real, and tell the truth. Truly Father God is not that jolly, old man in the sky as most of us treat Him. Thank you Paul Washer, and God bless you.

Sermon3/28/07 5:24 AM
jude | brisbane. australia  Contact via emailFind all comments by jude
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“ excellent sermon ”
Thank you brother Stephen. Very deep, and thought provoking. How lightly do we take our salvation. I eagerly waited for part 2 of this sermon. It was worth waiting for.

Sermon2/12/07 2:38 AM
jude | Brisbane, Australia  Contact via emailFind all comments by jude
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“ Ouch! straight to the point ”
The title of the sermon caught my eye. I agree with all your points of who is to blame. How tragic this young ladies life was, and how sad like you said, that years ago her life wouldn't have been spoken about through shame and embarrasement. Shame on society, more shame on the church. We do not blush anymore, and nothing shocks. What an example to young people, of how sin will use, and then kill. Society shouldnt have anything to attract christians. Did she ever hear the gospel. What has really upset me, is thats it for her. No more chances. Thank you, we do need to speak out.

Sermon2/2/07 9:19 PM
Jude | Brisbane, Australia  Contact via emailFind all comments by Jude
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you brother Colin. I love this sermon and am listening to part 2 now. True in my life, that it is the little things in my life that spoil. I am constantly surprised at the things of the world that I cling to. The things I still love, that I shouldn' t. Thank you that now through your sermon the Holy Spirit has been able to bring conviction in my life of things that are hindering my walk with the Lord.

Sermon1/20/07 2:53 AM
jude | brisbane australia  Find all comments by jude
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I had previously commented on this sermon, around 9 months ago. It has bought lasting change into my life. I do not take my salvation lightly, now work it out with fear and trembling. I have become much more discerning and grateful to my Lord and Savior.I need the truth and the full gospel or I will die spiritually. Pastors please take note, preach sincerely the full counsel of God that will bring lasting fruit. NOTHING ELSE WILL. There are millions of people going to hell because they think they are saved, when they are not.

Sermon1/20/07 2:36 AM
jude | brisbane, australia  Find all comments by jude
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“ Great Sermon! ”
bless you, bless you, bless you Paul Washer. So refreshing, you really know the cost of your salvation. I love your passion, honesty, humility. The same passion Paul had. Also very intense. We dont need a user friendly gospel. We only need to hear the gospel preached by people, who live it. Bless you.

News Item1/5/07 8:00 AM
jude | brisbane  Contact via emailFind all comments by jude
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Well Pat, sometime you miss- makes 1 false prophet. You wouldn't still have had a voice in the church when they cared about God,s truth. You speak for your father the devil.

Sermon12/17/06 5:10 AM
jude | brisbane australia  Find all comments by jude
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What made Great Britain great?
Dr. David P Murray
“ Great Sermon! ”
What a thought provoking sermon. I humbly pray for my nation and today's churches for mercy. We surely only deserve judgement. Bless you brother David. How we all have despised righteousness, even christians

Sermon12/15/06 8:39 AM
jude | brisbane australia  Find all comments by jude
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Benny Hinn's Deadly Heresy
Pastor Joshua Wallnofer
“ Great Sermon! ”
How long will Christians be carried along with every wind of doctrine. Where is the discernment in the church. The problem is we are supposed to tolerate every kind of false teaching. If we say anything we are told not to be judgemental. Thank you Pastor Joshua, though I fear it will fall on deaf ears.

David Ridenhour
The World is Coming To An End

Studies In The Gospel of Mark
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Metrocrest Presbyterian Church
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