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APR 23, 2017
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Sermon God's Smile and His Taught Law (190) | Rev. John Thackway
Jim landis from Missouri-USA
"...For your labor of love, the Lord has blessed you to be part of his..."
-16 hrs 
Sermon Prayer and Fasting | Mike Allison
Rev.Frank Shie from Nigeria
-23 hrs 
Sermon Fifteen Words of Hope | Pastor John MacArthur
paul n from australia
-25 hrs 
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News Item3/26/16 11:10 AM
Jeff G  Find all comments by Jeff G
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What everyone has said to you is so true. I am an example of a life transformed by the grace and mercy of God. I am still married and my wife has forgiven me and our marriage is better than ever because of Jesus work in us. But, this takes time. I pray for you too. Lydia from UK talked of her husband being freed and mentoring men. I am one of those men. God used Lydia's husband and today he is my best friend. We stay in daily contact and God has healed my life from sexual sin, and still continues to do it. Do you have someone to help you? You need a friend(s). Please be encourage, Chris. The sun is not setting on your life if you are returning to Christ, it is rising!

News Item9/1/12 2:02 PM
JeffG | CA  Find all comments by JeffG
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This is what the California Democratic Party has become: Opposed to traditional religious and American values. They have set themselves up as the arbiters of the family. They truly undermine the citizen to favor illegal immigrants. They undermine the family to favor homosexual marriage and oppose treatment for minors who experience same-sex attraction. They also want to reduce parental rights through their various bills in the Legislature. The California Democratic Party is running the state into the ground. The people seem to be happy overall with it because they keep voting the same type of people into office. Yet, they are taught nothing in schools of sound cultural values or economics. The National Democratic Party is not far behind. The Republican Party seems to be on the same path by about half. Our Nation needs Salt and Light. Too many churches have presented a weaker more sinner friendly way as the Gospel. We are called to repent not blend in. Sin is wrong and not to be accepted as right. This is hate speech to the enemies of God. To say that homosexuality is a sin is hate speech to the Democratic Party and slowly becoming so to the Republican Party.

News Item2/29/12 7:14 PM
JeffG | CA  Find all comments by JeffG
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Apparently it was perfectly fine for the same US military to burn Bibles at the same base in Afghanistan. How many Christians rioted and killed people? None!
Was there an apology given to Christians?

I suppose these two approaches to the two religions illustrates which religion is a religion of peace and which religion the government bends over backwards to accomodate.

News Item2/24/12 7:28 PM
JeffG | CA  Find all comments by JeffG
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There is a misunderstanding and I suppose a willful ignorance about God's Election and Man's (Free)Will. Why is it so hard to understand that the Fall did have death dealing results to our wills? The death spoken of in Scripture is not just a bodily death but also spiritual. And so, people, left by themselves, are not willing to come to Christ. What does spiritual death mean? We have the analogy of bodily death. What can a dead person do? Rot and stink!
Some here have mischaracterized the view of God that Calvinists have. They are also willing to create false views of Election. They cannot combat the truth of Scripture so they resort to emotional appeal and superficial exegesis. We are not saved by our wills; we are saved by Christ. Our wills(minds) are at enmity with God. How then can we "choose" Christ?
So, then how did you come to choose Christ as your Saviour? Why were you willing and others are not? Is God waiting around for people to believe in Christ? Does He wring his 'hands' in anguish as people reject the only One who can save them? No. The FreeWill God is passive. The God of Election is a God who is engaged and active in the Salvation of those He claims as His Own. Why is it so hard for people to believe that God, as Creator, can do as He wants?

News Item2/17/12 3:08 PM
JeffG | CA  Find all comments by JeffG
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YouWhat wrote:
"Shouldn't you start all over instead of being wedded to the false doctrines of the one John Calvin?"
Other names for Calvin's Theology are the 'Doctrines of Grace' or 'Biblical Theology' in either case why would you villify someone who has given their life to understanding God's Word in a comprehensive way? Calvin sought to hold God in highest regard as Sovereign, not Man. The "Free-Will Theists" do the opposite.
Election, Foreknowledge, and God's Grace for sinful men are taught in Scripture clearly as something apart from Man but from God. It is God's Choice (that's what election means) in the matter. If you attribute any of our Salvation to anything that we have done or anyone other than God Himself,then you are replacing 'Free Grace' by 'Earned Grace.'
A simplistic view of God's Foreknowledge and, hence Election,and the desire to make Man better than he truly is has weakened the message of the Gospel and the impact of Christianity.
The cry of "Human resposibility" does not excuse mankind of our sinfulness but nor does it enable Man to respond to God's Call. It is the work of God that makes us willing to believe. Jesus says "... no one can come to Me unless it has been granted to him by My Father." John 6:65. This and other passages cannot be discounted.

News Item2/10/12 7:30 PM
JeffG | CA  Find all comments by JeffG
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It's funny how these Pro-anabaptists are criticizing the roots, reformed, of the Southern Baptists. The Southern Baptists have their roots in the Particular Baptists later known as the Reformed Baptists who hold to the 1689 London Confession. The Calvinistic Denominations were instrumental in the formation of the US and for Religious Freedom in the US.

News Item9/12/08 1:59 PM
Jeff G | Colorado  Contact via emailFind all comments by Jeff G
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To Democratic Conservative...your technical slant is a sad indict on so many not willing to see the reality of things as they are.

Technically you wrote the truth about our Lord. Sad you can't admit the deception openly about Obama.

Robert Rubino
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