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APR 30, 2017
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Sermon The Wilderness Part 1 | Dennis Dills
Samantha M from Georgia
"God Bless you Pastor Dills, as usual Great Preaching!!!"
-20 hrs 
Sermon Where are you going - Heaven or Hell? | Gavin Beers
Todd W Keator from Vestal, New York
-24 hrs 
Sermon You Must Know This | Scott T. Brown
-26 hrs 
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Sermon11/27/16 4:08 PM
JT | Minnesota  Contact via emailFind all comments by JT
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“ Powerful ”
I can't begin to express what a blessing this sermon was to hear. This is not just a sermon of hope for the spiritually burned-out but also for people we know who are going through such times. It is filled with deep insight into this condition which entails much more than what we think. Pastor Reed accurately describes the symptoms of burnout and more precious than that is how he goes through 1 Kings reference and applies it to those experiencing dryness and burnout. This message is genuinely a gift of grace to those who listen to this and find themselves tired, weary and worn out in every respect. It is easy to forget that there are seasons in the Christian life. We tend to think of it as always spring and summer -- full of life, victory and joy, yet forget that it also entails times of fall and winter that is dry, empty and exhausting. May we heed the wise advice that Pastor Reed provides when we find ourselves in our own spiritual winter, and let it help us know how to help those we know who are going through their winter. Thank you Pastor Reed for such a God-sent timely and Spirit-filled message. May the Lord bless you.

Sermon3/31/15 8:49 PM
JT | Minneapolis, MN  Contact via emailFind all comments by JT
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Doubting God's Promises
Voddie Baucham
“ Great Sermon! ”
Pastor Voddie once again gave a powerful message. I appreciate how he tied together Pharaoh and us today. This is so applicable to what we face today. I appreciate how real he gets in addressing what we experience with similar questions, situations, heartaches. Very powerful and to the point.

Sermon3/31/15 7:29 PM
JT | Minneapolis, MN  Contact via emailFind all comments by JT
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Trusting God in the Desert
Voddie Baucham
“ Wow... a Must Hear! ”
This was simply outstanding. This is the BEST sermon I've ever heard on this subject. Thank you Pastor Baucham! Who is it that ultimately provides for ALL our needs? I am on SSDI and lost my p/t job last Oct 2014. Finding the right p/t work has been difficult because of my physical disability. I deeply want to find work so I can be self-sufficient. That is why this has been so hard. I have been at the mercy of God and people to help me through this time. I deeply dislike being dependent on anything... anyone... including the government. I’ve been forced to depend on Him for ALL my needs. Most humbling. He has showed Himself faithful in ways I never, ever expected & continues to do so. I have even sometimes felt guilt wondering if I've stolen from those who have graciously helped but in the end am learning that ultimately everything I receive and have is from GOD. He may use people as hard as it is to accept at times. This has freed me to know that it is not in my strength and ability but in HIM. This was unbelievably refreshing and helped me to remember it is HE who is my provider, not people, not savings accounts, IRA's, stocks, investments... no, all that I have comes from HIM. He ALONE deserves the glory & praise for all that I have. I am humbled.

Sermon10/17/14 6:02 PM
JT | Dayton, MN  Contact via emailFind all comments by JT
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Where Are You, God?
Don Green
“ Ideal Sermon for Trials! ”
This could not have been more timely. I have often referred to Ps 13 during times when God has been silent. He just broke the silence in my life showing me that my lengthy waiting to see His answers for provision and intervention is not in vain. He has not forsaken me or you. Praise His wonderful, faithful Name. I am deeply encouraged. If you are struggling with "where are you,God?", then this may be just the message you need to hear. Take heart, that silence will end.

Sermon4/3/14 10:11 PM
JT | Minnesota  Find all comments by JT
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True Prayer -- True Power!
C. H. Spurgeon
“ Great Sermon! ”
How I would have loved to sat under this great man's outstanding preaching. This was most encouraging at a time when I really, really needed it. I have been encouraged to RUN to Christ in prayer.

News Item7/27/13 1:38 PM
JT | UK  Find all comments by JT
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The journey to Sodom is generally a matter for the individual. Not so Mr Cameron. Hardly content taking the nation there he wants to turn the world into one big Sodom! Compare Sodom and Gomorrah before and after. Before, one big fornication fest, after . . .

Go figure, Mr Cameron.

Sermon9/4/12 1:33 PM
JT  Find all comments by JT
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The Wheat and the Tares
B. B. Caldwell
“ Great Sermon! ”
Wow! If you want to make sure you are ready for the return of Jesus Christ listen to this sermon. At times it is uncomfortable to listen to because B.B Cadwell holds a blaring light into your eyes, as a faithful prophet, but it is so worth the discomfort. If you want to truly examine your heart to see if you are in the faith, listen to this sermon.

Sermon9/3/12 11:51 AM
JT  Find all comments by JT
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Plagues of the Last Days
B. B. Caldwell
“ Great Sermon! ”
This is a very good listen. I am looking forward to listening to more of BB Caldwell's sermons. Thanks.

Sermon10/22/11 11:23 PM
jt | idaho  Contact via emailFind all comments by jt
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Stink'n Think'n
Reg Kelly
“ Great Sermon! ”
Life saving!

News Item4/17/10 11:57 PM
J.T. | northern New Jersey  Contact via emailFind all comments by J.T.
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David1960 wrote:
The fact that Rick Warren wrote the forward should speak volumes to true Christians everywhere.
It should also be a warning to those who support John Piper, who has decided to endorse Warren by giving him a platform at Piper's "Desiring God" conference. Does Piper consider a man to be theologically sound who could write a foreword to a book that so blasphemes the ALMIGHTY and exalts the finite, fallen creature?

Yet given Piper's shocking, disgraceful comments about the impeccability and moral glory of the Lord Jesus Christ several months ago, I shouldn't be surprised that he would endorse Warren. See Ralph Ovadal's interview (on SermonAudio) with Stephen Hamilton re: Piper.

No Christian should have anything to do with Piper or Warren. That they are increasingly popular among my generation of Fundamentalists and Reformed folk is tragic. It does NOT bode well for the future of Fundamentalism in America, when one of the most popular writers/preachers for the college age-early 30s demographic is a blasphemer (Piper) who can endorse a manpleaser (Warren) who writes the foreword to a book written by a man who is two ticks short of being a Deist (this apostate "pastor" in Virginia). Jeremiah 23:21 seems very appropriate.

News Item6/26/09 8:47 AM
JT | N.Ireland  Contact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by JT
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Jarvis Cocker wrote:
"My actions were are form of protest at the way Michael Jackson sees himself as some kind of Christ-like figure with the power of healing. The music industry allows him to indulge his fantasies because of his wealth and power. People go along with it even though they know it's a bit sick."
Jarvis, let the death of Jackson be a warning to you. You blasphemed the name of Christ a number of years ago by referring to Him in your ungodly songs. Jackson is now in God's eternity. Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

News Item11/30/08 9:15 PM
JT | alabama  Contact via emailFind all comments by JT
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Just because your a preacher doesnt mean you are exempt from illness. You should have heard what REALLY happened to him the day of the surgey like I did his first day back in the church. Christians are not exempt from illness but we have someone who can carry us through the bad times and heal us when the time or curcumstance is right. So before you go off on your atheist views on here at least have a little knowledge of what your talking other words..keep your stupid opinions to yourself.

News Item10/14/07 1:26 AM
J.T. | northern NJ (USA)  Contact via emailFind all comments by J.T.
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What a wonder that the Lord has been so longsuffering--yes, toward you and me. I've now been saved 10 years. I thank the Lord that He didn't return before then, else I'd be lost forever.

Do you doubt His love for sinners? Consider that this nation has not yet been consumed by fire and brimstone (as Sodom & Gomorrah), and that the gospel of SALVATION FROM SIN THROUGH THE BLOOD OF JESUS--"sovereign grace" for "whosoever will" receive it--is still sounding forth from heaven (though it's harder and harder to find it maintained in consistency and purity).

"The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up" (2 Peter 3:9-10). Unsaved friend, don't sin away God's day of grace. You needn't perish, for a Saviour died and lives!

"Passing onward, quickly passing,
Time its course will quickly run;
Still we hear the fond entreaty
Of the ever-gracious One;

News Item12/29/06 1:31 AM
J.T. | northern NJ (USA)  Contact via emailFind all comments by J.T.
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James from New York,

People may be saved before knowing of the Bible's existence. However, they cannot be saved apart from faith in Christ.

The apostle Peter made this very bold claim before the New Testament was even written: "Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, WHEREBY WE MUST BE SAVED" (Acts 4:12).

If people could be saved without hearing and believing the gospel, then it was absurd for our Lord to command the church to preach it to "every creature" so that they might be saved by believing it. On that occasion, He Himself said, "He that believeth not shall be damned" (Mark 16:15-16).

If you read the third chapter of John's gospel in its entirety, you will further see the force of the Lord Jesus' argument. We are all born in sin, under the righteous condemnation of God, so we must be born again by the Holy Spirit's power, looking to CHRIST'S BLOODY DEATH ON THE CROSS FOR OUR SINS in order to obtain pardon and everlasting life.

Go to SermonAudio's ONLINE BIBLE SEARCH option, look up John 3, and read the whole chapter (it is short--only 36 verses, not even a page and a half in my Bible), and you'll see I'm not taking Jesus' words out of context. E-mail me if you'd like and tell me what you think.

News Item10/28/06 8:22 PM
J.T. | northern NJ (USA)  Contact via emailFind all comments by J.T.
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Steve from Florida,

Away with the idolatry that you have posted in that link. Shame on you for bringing such wickedness into a website designed for the propagation of the Gospel of the All-Holy God, Whose Name alone is Jehovah.

"His Name is Jesus! None beside
Can do the sinner good;
Far off was I, but Jesus died,
And I have peace with God.
His Name is dearer to me now
Than every name beside;
All glories beam around the brow
Of Jesus crucified.

The Holy One Who knew no sin,
God `made Him sin' for us; (2 Cor. 5:21)
The Saviour died our souls to win
Upon the shameful cross.
His precious blood alone availed
To wash our sins away;
Through weakness He over hell prevailed,
Through death He won the day."

(Hannah K. Burlingham, alt. by J.N. Darby)

Sir, your Hindu idols are no gods at all. They are dead wood and stone. The eternal Son of God was manifest in the flesh that He might bear the wrath of God against sin in His own body on the tree, and He is risen from the dead, "able to save to the uttermost all that come unto God by Him, seeing He ever liveth to make intercession for them" (Hebrews 7:25).

REPENT, AND BELIEVE THE GOSPEL before you burn with the devils behind your false "gods" in an everlasting lake of fire.

Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley
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