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AUG 30, 2015
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Sermon A Sure Word of Prophecy | Ron Davis
Ronda Lane from US-Ohio
"Thank you for uploading your sermon here. I'm disabled and no longer..."
-16 hrs 
Sermon Lord Hears When I Call Unto Him | Andrew B. Ray
Ronda Lane from US-Ohio
-20 hrs 
Sermon Death and Deliverance | Voddie Baucham
In Him Rahel
-20 hrs 
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News Item5/5/15 2:44 PM
JR | USA  Find all comments by JR
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The Bible says, "Judge no man after the flesh..."

However, judging after the two tons of fat surrounding that flesh IS ALLOWED!

Sermon4/1/15 10:56 PM
J. R. | South Central Iowa  Find all comments by J. R.
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A New Earth
Dr. John Wiers
“ Great Sermon! ”
Pastor Wiers, I have not heard preaching like this for a long time. You are easy to listen to. Grace Reformed is blessed to have you.

Sermon2/7/15 7:40 AM
JR | Cincinnati  Find all comments by JR
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Testimony of Andy Mikels
Andy Mikels
“ Great Sermon! ”
So good to hear Pastor again! Keep up the good work Mr. Mikels. We miss you and your wonderful family. .

Sermon11/20/14 7:32 PM
Jr | South Carolina  Find all comments by Jr
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Choosing a Local Church
Dr. Brent Cook
“ A must listen ”
Hallelujah for the Resurrected Lord.

Sermon8/26/14 4:28 AM
JR | Europe  Find all comments by JR
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Questioning Mark Driscoll
David McManus
“ Great Sermon! ”
Mark Driscoll has stepped down temporarily. He wrote a letter to his church to address the issue and inform them of his plans. I pray he uses this time to turn towards Christ.

Sermon7/23/13 7:06 AM
j.r. | Coldwater mi  Contact via emailFind all comments by j.r.
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you pastor Shawn and pastor Dave. when I met my wife two years ago she lived in the outskirts of Detroit. Though she owned a home and I did not we both knew it was not the environment we wanted to raise children in so we moved. We now live two hours west of Detroit in a small town called Coldwater. We were forced to sell her house for only $3,000 as no one wants to live there. I am against a bailout because I don't believe the careless spending would stop. They need to fix the problem before the help comes.

Sermon3/6/13 7:52 AM
j.r. | Coldwater, mi  Contact via emailFind all comments by j.r.
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“ incredible! ”
Awesome testimony!

Sermon12/27/12 12:44 PM
JR | central iowa  Find all comments by JR
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(This sermon is no longer available)
“ Great Sermon! ”
my kids are fascinated by this. i hope to see more.

Sermon6/16/12 7:19 AM
JR  Contact via emailFind all comments by JR
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Jonathan Edwards: Resolutions
Jonathan Edwards
“ Great Sermon! ”
Edwards' resolutions can largely be summed up in three words: Time, Death, and Eternity. Edwards lived his whole life in reference to these three concepts, knowing that time is short and uncertain, death is swift and certain, and eternity is unchangeable and for ever. Jonathan Edwards did not want to waste his time. He wanted to glorify God to the maximum, which is exactly, no less, what God desires and demands of each one of His children. The blessing is that He will give us His grace to meet those demands! So strive my brothers and sisters "to be the most complete Christian in your time"!! These resolutions have transformed my life. I have adopted many of them for my own spiritual guidance and I encourage every believer to consider doing the same. I do not see how sincerely adopting (at least some of) these resolutions for yourself along with the first paragraph on entreating God's enabling grace, will fail to accelerate your Christian growth. Your time is short!!

Sermon1/31/12 8:42 AM
JR | Internet  Contact via emailFind all comments by JR
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“ Scriptural and tactful ”
This class was well done. Dr. Beeke does a wonderful job addressing the highest calling of marriage--lovemaking. He gives many guidelines for married couples that are intended to help them be moderate in lovemaking--in that they should not completely abstain from each other (except for a short time for fasting and prayer), nor be excessive or sinfully over-passionate. I highly recommend this class.

News Item12/12/11 6:42 AM
JR | Internet  Go to homepageFind all comments by JR
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Pastor Mike wrote:
Everybody with half a brain knows you can't support a family of twenty one on a single paycheck. They're living in a fantasy world, purchased and paid for by a television studio. Before their lucky break, Jim Bob was no stranger to handouts and the food pantry. Life in the Duggar family is as fake as an episode of Gilligan's Island.
If they were black people, not white religious nuts, the media wouldn't be paying them big bucks in order to portray them as a "loving Christian family;" They would be calling Michelle a welfare queen and throwing Jim Bob in jail for being behind on his child support payments.
God has blessed them greatly, Pastor Mike.
And, just as a side note, your comments are not worthy of an overseer, whether deacon, elder, or pastor (and if not any, then they certainly apply to common laymen since the elders are to set the standard for their flock [1Tim 4.12]):
1Tim. 3.2-3 Therefore an overseer must be above reproach… sober-minded, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable… not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome…
Titus 1.7 For an overseer, as God’s steward, must be above reproach. He must not be arrogant or quick-tempered…

And lest you plead 1Tim 5.19 against me, I believe I have more than two witnesses…

Sermon12/2/11 10:55 AM
JR | USA  Find all comments by JR
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“ Outstanding exposition ”
"Jesus suffered the silence for us, so that we might never have to." I have always struggled with understanding this passage, but you have done an excellent job expositing it, and then an even better job applying it. This sermon was simply marvelous! Thank you!

News Item10/3/11 3:26 PM
JR | UNITED States of America  Go to homepageFind all comments by JR
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Praise Jehovah.

Sermon9/6/11 8:43 AM
JR | UNITED States of America  Find all comments by JR
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Love in Heaven
Dr. Joel Beeke
“ Great Sermon! ”
"We will be with Christ forever, face to face, in but a few short days!!!!" "In heaven, we will never grieve the Spirit, never fail Christ, never hurt each other!!" "The love of heaven will NEVER grow old!! We will be HOME!!!!!" Dr. Beeke, this sermon has changed my life. The Spirit is now active in my life as never before. Indeed, I believe I experienced an extraordinary witness of the Holy Spirit as I sat in the pew watching and listening to you preach the beauty and glory of a Christ-centered heaven. Before, I was spiritually dead, but now I am alive!! Thank you for your faithful ministry of the Word. I pray God's blessing on you, and the Spirit's working in you. Come soon, Lord Jesus!! JR

News Item7/25/11 7:17 AM
JR | UNITED States of America  Go to homepageFind all comments by JR
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Question: What does raising Bibles in worship have to do with this article?

I'm just a little confused.
I highly suggest that (at least) Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Street-Preacher acquire the other's email address. That way the "Comments" of almost *every* article won't be compromised with irrelevant discussion.

I don't have any problem with the discussions, I just plead that they be "taken outside," to a more appropriate place.
At the least, I beg that you two adhere to the original purpose of the "Comments," and keep the discussion, as much as possible, centered on the news articles that are immediately imminent.

Thank you both for your consideration of my suggestion!

In the infinite love of Christ,

News Item6/12/11 6:28 AM
JR | UNITED States of America  Go to homepageFind all comments by JR
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Frank Dombrosky wrote:
First, this:
There's far too much straying from the subject matter in these discussions. I tire of the same silly back and forth arguments about things that have nothing to do (except in certain minds) with the news item. At times I've seen as many as 80-90% of the posts completely removed from the original subject. In my opinon, this should not be.
Now, this:
I'm glad that there are some men left that are not afraid to take a stand for what is right. Many preachers won't call homosexuality sin because they'd rather be pleasant and popular. I salute Mr. Cain for his boldness.
Recently, I emailed the CEO of a large company that supports the homosexual agenda. I told him that his company is not "inclusive" as it claims to be. If he was really inclusive he should also support incest and sex with animals. After all, some people think such things are normal. Don't stop with sodomy, include every form of perversion while you're at it. No response. I don't expect one.
We need to be aggresive when confronting those who support such destructive vices as sodomy. They don't have the truth. We do!
Right on, Mr. Dombrosky!! Both on your first and second paragraphs!!

News Item6/1/11 6:59 AM
JR | UNITED States of America  Go to homepageFind all comments by JR
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Michael Hranek wrote:
Eric Ludy author of "The Bravehearted Gospel" …address a youth gathering on the subject of purity because of comments he made of loving a wife he hadn't even met yet and keeping himself pure for the one Christ would give him.…
If you would like to get an idea of his teaching, the teaching of a man with a heart after God he has several videos on YouTube and at
I trust what God speaks to your heart through this man will be a blessing and an ecouragement to you. I hope to see him on SermonAudio someday.
Mr. Hranek, I echo you. Mr. Ludy spoke at MassHOPE, a Christian home-schooling conference (one of the good ones), and he really blessed my heart with his addresses. I hope to hear him again some day. He did really change my view of my (Lord willing) future marriage and my unknown wife. Thank you for sharing about him on here. Indeed, it would be very wonderful if he made it to SermonAudio.

News Item3/29/11 5:39 AM
JR | UNITED States of America  Go to homepageFind all comments by JR
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Michael Hranek wrote:
This is only a short step away from ECT
It is shameful when pastors don't educate and warn their members of all this.
That is not the pastor's duty. His duty is to preach the gospel of Christ crucified and our duties as God's children. Not about shunning bad conferences. That WILL come in the package as long as their congregation applies the gospel preaching to their own lives.

kenny wrote:
I can assure you from first hand experience that these homeschool 'conferences' are nothing more than organized opportunities for charlatans and fly-by-night companies to exploit (mainly) Christians with gimmickery and silliness for profit.
I have to speak up for MassHOPE, a homeschooling conference in MA. This is indubitably a godly, trustworthy conference. I've attended once and have many friends who have attended many, many times. I already knew of almost every business or college that is represented there--they are all well-known and definitely Christian; and the speakers are all theologically sound (nobody complains) besides the fact that what they have to say is spectacularly helpful.
By no means are all homeschooling conferences bad.

Oh, and BTW, Van Til didn't slander--he spoke out against untruth.

News Item3/20/11 2:49 PM
JR | UNITED States of America  Go to homepageFind all comments by JR
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Forgiven wrote:
I made the biggest mistake of my life and went through m-f surgery. My transition was so complete that no one can tell. However, 7 years later, I repented of my sin, and the Lord gave me a new heart. He changed my desires and now I serve Him only - and I've been celebate ever since. Even though I'm stuck with the body I have mutilated with the persona I have created, not knowing how to change back, He has forgiven me by His grace alone by faith alone in Christ alone. I live to glorify Him only and anxiously await that day when my resurrection body will erase all the damage I have done to this one. I have repented and turned from every known sin, and live in union with Christ - but the consequences of what I have done will continue to haunt me until He takes me home. Forgiven, yes - but living out the consequences of my sin.… But thanks be to God, and the Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, that all things are possible through Him, and that He CAN turn ashes into beauty.
That is a beautiful resolve, Forgiven. I praise God that He has brought you to the level of spiritual maturity that you seem to manifest.

News Item2/22/11 4:08 PM
JR | UNITED States of America  Go to homepageFind all comments by JR
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Ernoue wrote:
"Dr. Philip Ryken said it well when he wrote in Discovering God in Stories from the Bible:
“Whatever else it may be, evolution is not a theory of origins. It is a theory of changes. It tries to explain how one creature evolved into another. But it cannot explain why there should be any creatures in the first place. Or why there should be anything at all, for that matter.”
Indeed, I believe that evolution that “explains” development of things visible, apart from God cannot therefore be true. Moreover to introduce these ideas brings despair in the human heart and mind. And it brings something worse: it dehumanizes a person."
Absolutely. Good point, Ernoue. Especially your last sentence. Because the world believes in and teaches evolution, the world accepts euthanasia and abortion. That is an indubitable truth.
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